Dragon Ball Super

Do you like Dragon Ball Super? I sure do!

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Is it possible to outgrow Dragonball? The fights in Super just don't make me feel anything

That's because SHITper is trash that was purposefully made to be watched by japanese toddlers. DBZ and the Z movies and are still good.


You have shit taste I'm sorry to say. It's incurable.


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>purposefully made to be watched by japanese toddlers
So is the rest of the franchise.

I like the canon manga.

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Pardon me Mr. Goku, I wanted to apologize for my fans for insulting you so much. They just don't know how much of a swell guy you are like I do. Please don't hold it against them. Thank you for taking time out of your training to talk to me, have a nice day.

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No, Z was for young teens or young adults. When I say SHITper was for toddlers it's actually for toddlers. Why do you think DBS has shown no blood throughout its entire run? Not even in the Broly movie did they show any.

That's also why the writing for the anime was so shit and why 2 out of its 3 original arcs were tournament arcs. It's the quickest and easiest way to give an in-universe reason for characters to fight each other and show flashy shit on the screen for children to enjoy. It aired on Sunday mornings in Japan. It's quite literally a Sunday morning cartoon. It's the Eastern equivalent of Looney Toons.

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Thoughts on Young Jijii's Dragon Ball AF?

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Why does Super act like this has always been an ability that all Saiyans have when pre-Super only classic Broly ever grew in the middle of battle?

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Me too.

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no, i like dragon balllz

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God these threads are boring now.


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Hello fellow Canadanon
Nice dubs

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Coolest transformation hands down.

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Super Broly and Jiren fights were kino af dude

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Ahahahaha fuck off

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Vegeta will lick Goku's ass sooner or later

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Is that fighting talk or are you still holding out for a Yaoi end.


I meant kick. sorry hehe


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you mean...蹴リ?

It's over!

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Sorry but I can't read Japanese

google is your friend

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I though Scottish-Chan was a bot.

She posted her selfie before, she also drew BejitaxHoppu iirc

Didn't follow the manga for a while now. Is it still about that midget edgy kid? Grano or something his name. It's really boring.

what does she look like

Supposedly this but who knows.

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I love K-On!

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I believe it. Fits her style of posting.

pretty cute

>that pic

Might be referring to Zenkai boost

Well lads, /dbs/ is officially dead. We have actual women here now.

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would berry my Welsh spear in that Scottish flower

Funny that you use his husbando