Is Araragi a lolicon?

Is Araragi a lolicon?

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His wife looks like this.

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Hachikuji has a very good desing.

No he's a pedophile.

No. He didn't like Nadeko

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nadeko is shit

didnt he specifically say multiple times that he is not?

t. Bat

Are you seriously asking? He made it clear multiple times that he's not.
He was only attracted to Hachikuji for her adult curves

Too old.

Kill yourself and stop making these threads.

Eventually, they'll run into something that turns her into a loli.


Yes, and a manlet too.

Anyone who says yes hasn’t watched the show close enough.

shit series for retarded, horny pseuds

Same thing.

then why did you watched it?
ah I see

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Didn't know Meme was a hebefag

literally me

No he just has impeccable taste in women.

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His soulmate is a blonde girl that looks like a child most of the time, so yes.

t. Delusional batfag

Man, I browsed through the manga when I found it in a store and the artwork looks straight out of Kizu. I've watched the anime and I'm reading through the novels and now I also want to check out the manga.

The manga is good, too bad it won't adapt the full series . . but then again the same could be said about the anime

Does he fuck little girls?
If no then he isn't.
Simple as that.

Off Season SOON

What if a little girl has a body pillow with Araragi.

What is a lolicon? What is a loli? Is atraction to underage girls? To pubecent girls? To prepubecent girls? Is the bodytype or the age? Where is the line?

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Can we discuss Monogatari?


sure, but you have to post at one cute Monogatari girl for every 1.75 posts you make. Those are the rules, I didn't make them, but they must be followed.

First time I'm hearing about it

No of course he isn't, why would he be?

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i like that dj where he gets ass raped by her


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What the hell does the guy even do all day? Ive only the bat trilogy and bits and pieces of the rest.

arararagi will then finally walk her home properly

shes more of a kid entering adult life

He is not a lolicon. He is ALSO a lolicon.

Armpit chads cannot stop winning

I like the doujin where she gets raped by cat

He's just 1/16th Italian. You're being really insensitive, user.

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No. His sexual harassment against Hachikuji is just joking around because they're close friends

EVERYBODY would become a lolicon if there was a loli only you can see

Since the book lolita is about some 12 year old i would say loli is a term for hebefags, not pedofags, considering sexuality, but lolicon culture is not exactly about sex but the culture of cuteness and youthfull purity.


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That's about as believable as him being a siscon.

Lolicon includes both pedophilia and hebephilia. The current definition of the word pedophilia also includes hebephilia, since it's defined as sexual attraction to children aged 13 and younger. Lolicon is a sexually charged term and lolicon culture is all about sexual fantasies involving young girls. Only an ironic lolicon would say otherwise.

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Lolicon is a loan word that means something different in the west and on Yea Forums. Don't like it? Then fuck off.

"bit old for my taste" said araragi

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Nadeko was too real for him. Araragi is scared of real relationships and flees to hanging out with supernatural kids-but-not-really so he can be more casual and not get hurt.

It's not lolicon, it's feminist!

This. He failed the test, now he's doomed to a life with hags for eternity.

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Same energy

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Yes, dude flat out wants to lick a little girl

Heh, is this from the manga? Is it good?

Araragi molests everything

We all do. Does it mean Yea Forums is full of lolicon? Of course not.

Araragi, stop posting

Im' not me.

I'm not araragi koyomi* I means. haha yeah I'm totally not him. Don't we all like to touch our sisters right nothing pedo in it.