Trust me, it's different

>trust me, it's different.

When I see word "different" I expect some well written shit like overlord, Tanya, or re:zero. Not some bland isekai with even more fagot MC.

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>ever being well written

Another bait thread do you ever get tired of making the same thread every day.

one piece is better

Checkmate atheists

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the author is way better at writting erotic scenes than writting isekai, he also hit the jackpot by making a top tier girl like Roxy

the fact that OP used the name field to write the thread topic title, and all those spelling mistake makes it look like this is just a bot thread.

look at the man hating feminist cry
every day she weeps because shes not a guy
she watched jobless reincarnation
nor her impulse control is on vacation
she rants and bicthes because of pantsu
thats how you know shes at least half jew

>well written shit like overlord, Tanya, or re:zero
3/10, you got me to reply.

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You think Rudeus is worse than Subaru?

Why do isekais have to fight each other?
Can't we all just get along?

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based i agree

That just means it's a genuine idiot

He's a worse person, but a more entertaining one.

Imo Rudy is more perverted in a conventionally criminal way while Subaru is a schizo that's fine unless he has a breakdown.

Idk I havent watched MT but subaru is a fucking idiot that regresses every arc and his backstory is shit
>I wanna be the center of attention
>oh fuck nobody gives a shit guess I'll be a neet then

Rudy put hidden camera in bathroom so he could watch his sister taking bath and then jerk off to it.

Subaru killed a kid and hid the body.

What's wrong with that?

What's wrong with the camera?

>some well written shit like overlord,
he's literally the king of "trust me, it will get better later" yet never does.

You hate something. You had to tell the internet that you hate something. And?

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More like way better at alluding to erotic scenes. The actual sex is skimmed over in a roundabout way or straight up fade to black, but the flirting, anticipation and references are more titillating than actual smut.
What a man of culture.

yeah same

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>fucking overlord of all things
t. cum gargling mongoloid

>finish vol 16 of MT and the wait begins
>try to read R:Z in the meantime
>writing quality of a teenager's first fanfiction
recc me something better my man, this is painful

Read Myne's book. It's only natural.

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>finish MT
>try to read another isekai
>it feels bland
Every single time.

prince of nothing by scott bakker

>I just finished this indulgent, escapist weeb fantasy and am looking for more
>here, have this grim dark philosophical fiction
user pls

mushitku tastemyanus

>well written shit like overlord, Tanya, or re:zero

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Good idea to drop Re:shit it just gets worse with every arc and there is no end in sight.

it was inspired rance and sounds interesting

good to know that OP didnt watch a single episode before making this thread

I mean, at least overlord, tanya and re;zero do things differently from the average isekai, even if you think it's bad too. MT gets shilled but it is barely different from the usual formula at all lol, it's just isekai they like

whats enjoyable about it is that its more of a pure fantasy isekai, and not a video game rpg power system isekai. and while rudy does have great power, he genuinely makes mistakes and cant just waltz through every problem like a fucking god.

and yes, i did respond even though your post was clearly bait because you called overlord and tanya well written.

>whats enjoyable about it is that its more of a pure fantasy isekai, and not a video game rpg power system isekai
It's sad that this makes an anime exceptional nowadays when it used to be the norm for classic isekais like Inuyasha and Digimon.

>well written
fucking kek

>Implying re:zero is well-written
>Implying overlord is well-written

Either this is bait or you're amazingly retarded.

Good isekais:
if you can into Russian.
>"Меч Без Имени" trilogy

Out of the Japanese one, those are the "proper" stories, with most of the remaining being derivative garbo (which I still read in embarrassing amounts.
>Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
A Tenchi Muyo! spin-off that predates the isekai popularity spike hence doesn't actually rely on the overused cliches.
A great shonen story even if you aren't into isekais in particular.
>Mushoku Tensei
Said to be the pioneer of the modern isekai formula, hence the only one of them that doesn't utilize said cliches but rather invents them.
A good overall story and one of the very few that isn't paced on the assumption that "everyone already knows how this shit goes, let's skip to the part where the MC becomes overpowered".
>Re: Zero
A very different approach to a typical isekai world, as the MC's "cheat" doesn't make him "powerful".
One of the best isekai stories and has a great anime adaptation.
>Youjo Senki
A completely non-typical isekai story with an amazing lead. The anime seems to have a retardedly high budget.
Probably my personal favorite out of the bunch.
>No Game No Life
Probably the OG "MC is overpowered because the rules of the world fall into MC's specialty" isekai story.
The anime is very well put together and highly enjoyable. Season 2 never ever though.
Probably the best execution of a typical isekai powerjerk with no stakes.
Anime is high quality and is generally enjoyable.
De-facto The parody isekai story. Its humor either works for you or it does not. Worth checking out.
The anime is incredibly low-budget that's being salvaged by horny animators who care.
>Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
Another "proper" and in-depth isekai story that is well worth checking out.
The manga adaptation is great but I'm yet to see the anime. It has a pretty good (for an isekai) rating though.
>Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
Probably the best semi-parody semi-serious isekai story.

Slime got such a filthy rich high-level manager/CEOs/business owner core target audience that they can afford to buy the LN, manga, anime BDs, Slime Diaries spin-off, Travel Guide spin-off, Trinity spin-off, corporate drone AU spin-off, tenchura AU spin-off, and now also Clayman AU spin-off, and still have enough left over to buy figurines AND whale on the gacha.
Though in order to like it you need to be able to enjoy pure FUN, and/or have high IQ, and/or be a high-level manager yourself.

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>It invents them
Stop propagating this utter horseshit lie

its not isekai, they want to go home. Modern Isekai, is a genre, its not just shit in different worlds. It has to have all the gay wish fulfillment stuff or videogame features, and the people need to not be trying to get home. So stuff like Digimon, or Now and then here and now dont count. Something like Zero no tsukaima would be a proto isekai.

baiting used to be a craft, nay, an art
now you can just write random crap and reach bump limit

that's what happens when artful bait gets modded

>>Mushoku Tensei
>Said to be the pioneer of the modern isekai formula
what is that "formula"?
modern isekai are nothing like MT

>doesn't utilize said cliches but rather invents them
Ah yes, "invents" them.
>MC dies by being overrun by a vehicle
>... reincarnates as a baby boy
> part of a noble family
>... and has great talent for magic
You mean the ideas that it stole from Knight's & Magic, or what?

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>You mean the ideas that it stole from Knight's & Magic, or what?
Maybe, I didn't fact-check it.
That being said, I've read the manga adaptation for K&M and it doesn't have the same general flow as MT. It's pretty good though.

Entertainment? No, Rudeus is boring as shit. Righting wise? Hell no, Subaru is super well written. As a person? Even when he was a dumbass in arcs1-3 he still willingly sacrificed himself for others. Subaru is pretty much a Saint at this point in the novels.

Lmao, of course Yea Forums would desperately defend the show with a pedophile MC and a fan base of pedos and degenerates.

>K&M and it doesn't have the same general flow as MT
Nor do the "millions of isekai" that MT allegedly "influenced".
But let's be real for a second. If you actually ever bothered reading WNs and LNs of isekai and not just their manga/anime, you might have noticed that the only similarities they share are at the beginning. By volume 5 (out of maybe 20-25) or so, there's usually no overlaps anymore as the so-called "isekai tropes" are usually checked off by the end of volume 3 at the latest, most of the time.

What’s this shit about MT pioneering Isekai? There are a number of examples that are older - hell Re:Zero’s Aeb Novel Predates MT’s iirc.

In fairness, a lot of that sacrifice came from self hatred, which leads to an interesting question; Who hates themselves more, Rudy or Subaru?

Subaru has nearly lost his mind at this point in the novels, and believes himself to be absolutely worthless. Nigga even self-harms. I’d definitely say Subaru has more self-hatred.

Shut the fuck up. You don't make the rules.
Isekai is just being transported to another world.

>Wish fulfilment
>Videogame functions

I guess under your definitions Re:Zero isn’t an Isekai, then.

Yes? How the FUCK is this a question?

Fuck no, if anything, most stories use up their one original idea from their premise at the start and then just turn into the few standard types that everyone complains about.

Wish this was more common, the tension is always the best part of erotic works or the erotic parts of non-erotic works.

I don't think actual sex can be written in a way that doesn't sound like a Kinoko Nasu sex scene, not even writers of actual literature can pull it off.

> muh soup
> muh hairstick