What the hell happened to shojo? Is it just completely dead at this point?

What the hell happened to shojo? Is it just completely dead at this point?

Romcoms these days are gender neutral (Kaguya, Komi) at best, and blatantly male-oriented (Bisque Doll, Rent A Girlfriend) at worst. And the magical girl genre is just plain nonexistent at this point.

Why is there no relevant shojo anymore???

T.frustrated female anime/manga fan

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>What is yuri? The superior evolution of the shoujo genre that removed the unnecessary aspects out of it.

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Dividing the audience neatly by gender is a very low-resolution perception of the world.
Once you learn more of people, you begin targeting different things.

Girls in Japan are still reading manga, but they are now catered for better than when they were all considered just "girls."

You could start dumping shoujo manga here and see if anyone bites. Because all the shoujo discussion is also in the jdrama circles and girly spaces that Yea Forums doesn't like touching

The market realized that shonen is more popular with women than shojo these days.

if you are a female you should be sucking my cock not watching anime

Demon Slayer is the most popular anime among females. Ever.

And it's a fucking Shonen.

What the hell do we need Shojo for?

I think just like how fantasy stories all have to be isekai and wish-fulfillment for men, almost all material aimed at female otaku nowadays have BL/yaoi elements (Yuri on Ice, Free!, etc.). The anime demographic has become a lot more hardcore and studios have gotten a lot more cynical about what series they create.

Kisekoi is pretty much if a shoujo romcom was written to attract men with its fanservice though.

Anyway upcoming shoujo/josei anime:
>Koukyuu no Karasu
>Seijono s2
>Niehime to Kemono no Ou
>Endou-kun to Kobayashi-san
>Mushikaburi Hime
>Sugar Apple Fairytale
Most of this is just Kadokawa filling up their 40 anime a year quota though.

IIRC some CR exec recently stated that "the female audience is a growing demographic" as if there weren't plenty of shows before the whole thing died off.

>gender neutral
>seinen and shounen

>gender neutral

Sure buddy. Kaguya has very few male fans, and they're all pathetic losers. Vast majority of the fans are female.

Most likely true due to how people here only find the most irrelevant excuse to shit on the series because they are upset the MC had sex, even though Kaguya it's at it's peak quality now that it abandoned the silly stuff.

Not OP, but I usually lose brain cells every time I read a shoujo manga thread on Yea Forums so I just never bother going out of my way to discuss it.

Forgot to note that we don't get shoujo manga adaptions aimed toward the grade school audience anymore because the toy companies have figured out that it's more profitable to just run their own franchises (Bandai with Precure and Aikatsu, Takara Tomy with Pretty and GirlsxSenshi, etc.).

In Japan, maybe. In the USA, the entire fanbase is the same fat male autistic virgins who watch isekai.

There's still just as many women reading manga they're just reading shit for men

Let's be real, it's not like these series were ever intentionally divided beyond just what they're target audiences are. And to say they're "catered" to better since the series most popular with women don't cater to them whatsoever beyond having hot dudes fighting all the time.

Why does everyone here constantly pick on isekai? It's not a bad genre.

There is Heroine Tarumono! this season but literally nobody is watching. Those anime-original all-male sports shows are also for girls, like Gunjou no Fanfare

Found the tranny.

Shoujo posters on Yea Forums are just annoying as fuck because they always have some sort of chip on their shoulder and incessantly shit on anything that's not a shoujo or josei. I have nothing against shoujo or people who like it but discussing it here sucks cause everyone has autism

The genre itself is not bad, but since it got popular it just made publisher try to push every single author on doing it, so unfornately isekai is getting the fame of being trash anime because most authors only do trash that follows the most basic tropes and checklist their editors give them.

This is exactly what happened to the SOL peak we have almost a decade ago, everyone was doing it and suddenly they realized no one cared anymore because every series looked exactly the same

>Why is shojo dying
>proceeds to mention Komi and Kaguya, aka the 2 shows female audiences are watching right now

You answered your own question, OP

Funny how this is the argument of shonentards against everyone else
>I have not against the genre... only the people who like it
Pathetic child

This season: Heroine Tarumono, Gunjou no Fanfare
Next season: Tokyo Mew Mew New
Fall: Akuyaku, Cool Doji Danshi, Eternal Boys, Koukyuu no Karasu

Heroine Tarumono! is most definitely shoujo, but it unfortunately is only able to exist because it's related to a popular franchise.

Adaptions and non-fujo joseimuke anime rarely ever get funded nowadays.

Literally this. The girls were watching Demon Slayer while the guys watched AoT and Dress Up Darling. Now the girls are watching Kaguya and Komi while the guys watch Spy X Family. Girls just watch shonen now, so there's no need for shojo.

shut up dyke

The Kaguya meltdown was artificial as fuck. I won't deny that series has an awful fanbase, though.

I think the problem with shoujo threads is that it's the same "holy shit teens love is cuh-razy" quote templates. The shoujo discussion that does happen in other threads is at most, a few posts, because if we're being frank there aren't a lot of people here that read from shoujo manga even though some of the fluffier shounen romcoms and telenovela manga are regularly followed here

>Bisque Doll
>blatantly male-oriented
Are you sure about that?

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>Why is there no relevant shojo anymore???
Because you have a retarded definition of the word "relevant".
What you want to write is "recent, and also I like it," but for some reason you regurgitate meaninglessness.
Ironically, you also posted CCS, which is still relevant to this day and will forever be relevant as long as little girls go through puberty and discover romance. It's also visually gorgeous and represents the peak of cell-animation's beauty.
Go back.

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>Bisque Doll
>Rent A Girlfriend

What??? ALL of those except RaG are predominantly watched/read by females.

I'm so excited for the monkey's return next season.

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Why is the female species like this?

>magical girl
They still exist, but it's all Madoka clones now

I seriously doubt there are any biological females ITT

>Romcoms these days are gender neutral (Kaguya, Komi) at best, and blatantly male-oriented (Bisque Doll, Rent A Girlfriend) at worst
You are an absolute FUCKING retard, Kaguya and Bisque Doll are serialized in seinen magazines and Komi and Rent-a-gf are in shounen magazines.

>T.frustrated female anime/manga fan
Feel free to die.

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And that's the problem: they're the ones getting animated and are getting massive fanfare. While shojo manga has become irrelevant aside from franchises like CCS that have been around since the 90s.

That's so hot, I want to make her cry too.

Bisque Doll is about an autistic male loser who somehow gets his own harem. And it's jam-packed with fanservice. What self-respecting female would watch that?

The author is a fucking woman you retard.

Move to k-shit like most female anime/manga fans already did

There's no harem in Bisque Doll, idiot. Did you even watch/read it?

Marin is the heroine who gets a tall, handsome, skilled, but socially awkward boy to support her hobby.

What harem?

Bisque Doll is definitely gender neutral. The only anime/manga you listed that's blatantly male-oriented is Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Name field exist for a reason, faggot,

Let's put it in another way. Is there any reason to adapt shoujo? The anime industry is an industry and it's more soulless than ever. The money entries are the local no-life otaku market or streaming. The no-life otaku market is the safest market and it get more brainless every season, hence easier to exploit. Women properties are a normie thing, better suited for J-dramas, movies and their inevitable K-drama remake. Adapting an isekai novel bring tons of related merchandise. And then it's the streaming service. K-dramas took the female audience on the streaming side so the anime overseas audience is overwhelming male, overweight and smelly, so they prefer romcoms aimed to them along with moeshit and isekai. The final nail is that the few female-aimed titles are completely ignored in the west and they never made big numbers in Japan anyway so why try

>blatantly male-oriented
>Bisque Doll
Are you retarded, OP? Not only is that a huge fucking lie, but if Bisque Doll was written in the 90s or early 2000s, guess what? It probably would have been a josei.

>Not OP, but I usually lose brain cells every time I read a shoujo manga
you could have just stopped here and you would have been correct

OP is a Fag

What's your point? Not only it's published in a seinen magazine but it's haremshit. This isn't personal expression, this is business. Not art but McDonald. Besides, the gender is irrelevant unless you're from twitter. For example Marmalade Boy's author, a woman, originally wanted to write about a shy sweet boy and a manic pixiv dream girl that help him to break his shell, hence Marmalade Boy, but her editor, a man, told her that women don't like weak men and he was right. So the man understood the female mind better than the woman. Checkmate tumblr

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And then, why the fanbase is over 90% male otaku?

This. Reskinning the same shitty isekai over and over again is much easier than actually working on new series. And they still make money because weebs are fucking retarded.

How the FUCK do you get so off-model? They don't even look like the same characters anymore on the right.

Huh? Gojo is a sperg with a harem.

Marin and the Inui Sisters.

Exactly! Thank you.

Jesus Christ, for the last time, it isn't a harem. The sisters just become irrelevant after a while.

It's basically a cosplay tutorial shoujo manga in disguise, with fanservice to lure in more sales. And it worked.

Can we please go one thread without shitting on isekai?

because the couple on the right is the 2nd couple of the series, not the main couple

Why not? Isekai deserves it and this isn't your safe zone

I know we hate women because they're whores and pick assholes instead of nice guys like us but it's a little sad to think that during the anime boom around the early-to-mids 2000s, the proportion between males and females fans in the west was around 60/40. Fangirls were everywhere, dancing the Hare Hare Yukai, fawning over Lelouch and actually believing Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle was going somewhere. The only women left seem to be bitter feminist bloggers

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