Why aren't you watching AOTS Paripi Koumei?

Why aren't you watching AOTS Paripi Koumei?

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Is that a Yume Nikki reference?

I disliked the last episode. The rapper kid is forced into the story and I can't bring up any sympathy for him. When they had their battle, I was solving a nonogram on the side.

i hate when characters start singing in any piece of media

The girl is cute but I don't like this 'becoming a celebrity' shit.

Attack on Titan Shippuden?

>le flavor of the month

No and also, I'm not a vtuber simp.

I hate rap

Because it's rap episode got overshadowed by Kaguya a day later

Vtubers??? is it cuz she looks like Demondice a bit but not chubby.

Is this a troll? At this rate girl will be looking for her samurai all across japan.



I am and I like it.
I just hope that rap isn't going to be a major part of it from now on.
I mean, it's okay, but I really prefer to see more Eiko.

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Doesn't look like my thing, honestly.

because it's cringe

I'm reading it.

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Dancing is shit. Fictional chinese persons are cringe.

Main girl isn't cute enough

The person who does her singing voice (96neko) is whatever it is the japs call the people who do covers of vocaloid stuff on niconico, uta-something but she's sung several anime OPs/EDs.
He's just a salty fag, I don't like vtubers/whatever but her voice has an impressive range.

Oh lol.

I am watching it.

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OP wise sure, we'll se about the rest. Enjoying it so far though.

a cute girl isn't enough to carry an anime i'm afraid

I'm not a bandwagonfag
Maybe months from now if I feel like it. The OP is good.

Same. These kind of shows are just not my thing.

This is why we have Koumei

But I am

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Kabe has ruined it. I knew rap would be the death of it.

implying some shitty noisy pop is any better lol, music is secondary in this show

It's okay the rapping crap should be over now. Honestly there hasn't been a single moment in anime where rap didn't ruin the scene. I hate the fact that rap is a thing in anime.

Not after the last 2 episodes.

I genuinely don't understand why there's so much hatred for rap.

most rappers are annoying blowhards

Have you ever listened to it?

Looks niggery

Because it's a cringe cartoon.

You are on a board dedicated to them

Why even get a rapper involved in this? The bitch wants to sing, not jive.
I'm terrified of what the final side character will bring to the group.

because it's shit

>half the episode is a nobody asked backstory for some literal who character

I skipped most of it. I'll give it one more episode to redeem itself before I drop it.

>Why would they use an already famous person for a project when they need to get a shit ton of likes
Gee I wonder

because this is a trash anime starting from the beta rapper episode, this is utter trash that got overhype by reddit faggots

I really wish the OP of this show hadn't exploded so you obnoxious retards wouldn't keep shitting up the threads. You faggots even scared off the Three Kingdoms fans with your shitposting so all that's left is you morons circlejerking about how much you hate rap.

if I can I will kill the faggot rapper myself, too cringe and pathetic, hope he die in later episode

the op of this anime is mediocre at best, nobody watching this anime because the op except for reddit fags

Me neither, admittedly the overlap between anime and hardcore rap is very small and does not have the best reputation.
Pic related; rap artists whom have made public that they watch anime and use references to such in their music.

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>nobody watching this anime because the op except for reddit fags
So you? Since you seem to know so much about them.

The Sanguo fans left once they realized this has little to do with Sanguo other than the isekai protag being Kongming. Very little about his life is actually used. Reminds me of another isekai that does something this superficial.

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>The Sanguo fans left once they realized this has little to do with Sanguo other than the isekai protag being Kongming
Except they stayed past episode 1 so that's not the real reason.

This is why I hate the use of historical characters outside of their historical setting and knew the anime would be or become shit. At least fate turns half into girls and I can fap to them.

Last episode was good.
Only episode 5 focused too much on Kabe

But these are all very famous and popular artists?

This was not a rap anime. It started with a cute girl singing non-rap music.
And then a wreck of a loser boy takes over the anime with a sob-story that you have to force yourself to care about at all. With rap music.
It's such a complete break from the draw of the series that they are bound to alienate the majority of the audience with it.

No it started with a guy being reborn in the modern era. Eiko was never anything but a vehicle to make Kongming need to execute different strategies.

this girl 90% of the time sings in background while kongming does his shenanigans

rapper was cringe. kongming destroyed him and he's supposed to be super rapper. just random cursing american "culture" no one likes or wants. he has had more screen time than eiko in her show. its retarded. and he's just an autist and all his problems are his own fault. he should have had some honor and killed himself.

I confess I took some time to get in because I'm always suspicious of Music tags. I'm sick of Lovelive and idol garbage. Also, PA Works isn't a studio with a good track record of masterpieces, and many of their works are failed drama-baits by Jun Maeda and Key.
I was impressed, it's the director first debut. I will keep track on his works from now on. It seems some good directors are coming up, like the other one who did 86.

It was interesting before they introduced nigger rapping to it. Hell even the ED got worse afterwards.

Imagine thinking a show about music and Japans night club scene wouldn't involve rapping. We can really tell you retards don't get out much.

tell us more

new manga chapter is out.
is KABE gonna change side?

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On 3rd episode and loving it. Why Eico wears cap with troon flag?

I watched the OP out of pure curiosity, and the song has been stuck as an annoying ear worm all day today.

She said she want to be on a big stage. She didn't say she want to do it alone. Kongming probably thought her only shot is to be a Black-eye peas thot with a rapper