What was the biggest FUCK YOU to the fans in manga/anime ever?

What was the biggest FUCK YOU to the fans in manga/anime ever?

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Look up the ending to Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa or whatever the hell it was called sometime.

The Naruto Anime having shit pacing

it's your own fault for watching that shit

No, nothing tops killing the main character because the toys sold poorly.

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If I remember correctly, the mangaka just gave up

Space Runaway Ideon? Director kills ALL of mankind and the known universe just to spite his own animation company and anime consumers.

AOT final

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What was that anime where main boy and girl were clearly meant to become couple but writers decided to marry girl on another character only because they wanted to subvert expectations?

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>read comedy series
>it ends with a joke
>get mad
Prison School had lots of issues in its second half, but shippers being btfo wasn't one of them.


The ending sucked because it was a shitty joke, not because of shipfaggotry. The main problem was the series was how shit it got in the second half though, not just the ending.

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>Space Runaway Ideon
what joke?

Stop making shit up faggot. Everything in ideon needed to die.

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What manga was that where the author completely sucided his manga because of some kind of beef with the publisher? I think it was a harem manga, it started out normal, a shut in gains a harem, starts coming out of his shell and being social and getting friends, then when one of the girls confesses to him he has a sperg out shuts himself in his room refuses to answer her feelings, refuses to talk to friends, eventually the girl and the rest of the harem give up and part ways with MC, his friends completely move on with their lives and MC is once again a friendless NEET who hates himself and wants to die and he probably will commit suicide as some point

Like I always wanted to see the girls in a harem get fed up with the MC's wishy washiness but not like that

Stop that!

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Ok, it somehow related to Pokémon/Digimon or similar shit



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Requiem of a Phantom, Eureka AO, tons others its just been ages since I watched these shows so I don't remember.

That would be this

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Sounds like the Tai, Matt, and Sora triangle from Adventure 01

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Name a more worthless MC, i dare you

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Man, the Eureka 7 dude's autistic rage has been burning for years and years every single new thing to he original anime shits on the series harder than the last thing and Eureka herself is effectively held hostage by this guy's angry boner you're better off never ever looking into what he's done to the franchise since the original anime


Imagine being that delusional

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A shame, but would you rather have things cut short because the author realizes he's uninspired to keep things going, or would you rather have rotting corpses like Kaguya or Komi? (only going off hearsay for the latter because I've never read it).

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You know you have a turd MC when fucking Rito of all people has some degree of character and personality development over him.

Let's look at what Tsuna was at the start of the series

No friends
No girls hot for him
No respect from anyone
Not skilled in sports
Not skilled in knowledge
Not skilled in history
He's trash all around

Let's look at him at the end of the series
Tons of friends
Two girls are so hot for him they don't even mind being in a poloymogous relationship with him to the point they don't even mind who gets to be the wife and who gets to be the mistress
Has the respect of several psychos and mass killers
Parents have come to see him as a man now

Then right at the very end of the manga that page

I still think the biggest middle finger of all is Shokugeki no Soma. I've yet to meet someone who wasn't pissed off at how bad that manga got once they started focusing on Erina's Telenova bullshit family dramatica

Nardo should have married Sauce.

I agree, tragic sequels all around. I still remember getting chills after seeing Renton in AO for the first time.

This shit was pure gold

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One Piece
>mc is a rubber kid for 25 years
>actually no he's a sun god

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I will never forgive the Japanese for the ending to Psychic Academy.

I honestly don't get what drives this guy's rage. How can one man be so angry for that long? He's still seething to this day.

Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte
He gets better and properly dates main girl

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The champion.

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I doubt this had any non-ironic readers in Japen.

Is there a single soul who likes this outcome?

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Homos, so 99% of its reader base.


The moment before this where Bakugou tanked OFA punches from Deku was when I knew this series would go to shit.

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Boku no Pico?

The finale of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

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>Is there a single soul who likes this outcome?
me, it makes total sense.

defiantly erased

Naruto and sasuke were supposed to end up together

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deviant art tier art

the moment I saw that picture of one of them with a chainsaw in their hands I quit reading the manga. Didn't even bother to see what bullshit they used to justify something so ridiculous

Can you elaborate a bit more about this? You're talking about the director?

Mashiroiro Symphony?

Tbh Bakugo already did that with All Might

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>completely missing the point of Ideon
jesus christ the IQ in Yea Forums got even lower than ever