Look up online people's opinion on the ending

>look up online people's opinion on the ending

Why are people so dumb? Westerns are raised in a society with christian values yet can't understand something as simple as hating the sin not the sinner? They literally spell it out in the anime.

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Christians are #1 in history for killing sinners so it looks like not even Christians themselves understand their values. Older Christians would've burned Miranjo alive for far, far less

I didn't complain I was only reeee'ing because they haven't saved the retard, to whom I relate.

the old testament (an integral part of christianity) says you should kill anyone who worships another god

Really? Even Islam at least offers them a chance to convert

In Deuteronomy it says you should kill your neighbor or friend who professes love of another god

>who worships another god
Satun should have won.

Because nobody like being reminded that most people like her not only get away with it but get rewarded

>Does the most heinous shit imaginable
>gets /ss/'d and becomes the new queen

She didn't get away with it. Her acts weren't out of malice or self interest and because she's a genuinely good person she feels real guilt for her actions. That guilt is her penance and is the purest and truest form of justice.

We never left the pitchfork and witch hunt culture.

>Her acts weren't out of malice or self interest and because she's a genuinely good person she feels real guilt for her actions
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one and if so that makes her even worse than someone who's just a psychopath and her lack of punishment even worse

I don't give a shit if she gets forgive at some point in the story but they did it way to fucking soon it comes off stupid as fuck. Season 2 should have been bojii and daida trying to find a way to rescue her from the demon dude and then they can have her be forgiven and shit.

She even gets a new body. Like, fresh from the oven body.

Spotted the idiot.

You dropped these, cattle.

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Naw fuck Miranjo it doesn't matter how sorry, how bad her life was or not bad she really is she cause untold amounts of damage and is instantly forgiven, she never even had the chance to actually work her way there we're just told it's gonna happen. that being said Bosse is the real bastard and everything is his fault, Miranjo and all her crimes are a symptom of his indecisiveness, permissiveness and selfishness

It's ironic because this retarded mentality of wanting to persecute people and thinking vengeance is justice is what cause Miranjo to break down in the first place.

People like you are the actual villains of the story.

But what did Christ have to say about it, user? Be honest.

ESL go back to running over other bugmen.

Yeah, if you have to trip over yourself to justify your beliefs I'm not going to take them seriously.

fixing and dicking evil women is hot

Listen if you want to redeem a character you have to actually show it and actually have them go through shit or it doesn't matter. How can you be sorry for all the suffering you caused if you don't fucking work for it

New and Old Testament contradict each other so much it's strange they're both essential to the Christian lore.

So is there really nowhere you can go to read the series instead? It seems like my only options are between a translation that releases sporadically and a translation that started somewhere in the 100s.

Okay, what would YOU deem appropriate penance then? Perhaps have her hands and face cut off to teach her a lesson?

>christian values
fuck off retard

But he is, he saw the problem coming a mile a way and did nothing. And once she actually started her plan he just sat there and let her despite having numerous opportunities to clean up his mess by either talking her down or using force but he chose not to.


They do not contradict each other. You just don't understand what you're reading. If you read it at all. More likely you heard it's contradictory from someone else and just go with it.

Now say that to the people she killed.

>would YOU deem appropriate penance then? Perhaps have her hands and face cut off to teach her a lesson?
No you dumb faggot despite having Diada's backing she shouldn't be instantly accepted, EVERYONE around Daida with the exception of Apsis should be ice cold and wary around her. She should actually have to work to gain peoples trust maybe have her go and try and heal her demon friend she fucked over.

if you make deals with devils, you get the pit

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I think Bosse was honestly at a loss for what to do. Bosse was strong, but having only raw power doesn't actually amount to much for helping people become betting or healing them in a real way. He spent his life pursuing only power and thus had nothing to give Miranjo. He even admits his failings to provide her what she really needed the whole time.

And the fact he admits he's just 'going with the flow' in a conversation with another character. He was stalling for time hoping things worked out somehow. He nearly killed Miranjo himself. He KNEW it would come to that if he had to intervene and was desperately hoping something good happened against all odds.

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She literally consorted with a demon

>murder a bunch of people
>get away scots free
she should have been tortured and murdered

So did Desha who everyone loves

I'm not sure what you saw, but I didn't see them all immediately throw their arms around Miranjo and cheer and throw her in the air like they immediately did for another character. It looks more like reluctant acceptance of Daida's decision and respect for his desire. A lot of characters in that final scene had also become aware of what she went through.

I'm not sure how it escapes anyone that the point of the show is EVERYONE is just kind of a fuckup and not actually a bad person. The opening song even says to abandon the power of malice and that power isn't what the hero needs. It's love. All these fuckups just need love and understanding and a chance for things to heal and be set right. Not just kill them in a fit of selfish rage.

>nooo it's not contradictory at all! you should just kill everyone as told if you were born before Christ told you not to, after that it's ok to not kill, no contradiction, see? :^)

What the fuck are you trying to say with that poorly put together word soup?

>the old testament (an integral part of christianity)
Almost no christian sect uses the Old Testament over the New Testament as a foundation. You don't know jackshit and probably grew up around american ""christians"" who are all descendants of retarded puritans.

Christianity is the only monotheistic religion in the world that tolerated non-believers. Also witch burnings and similar stuff was 99% done by retarded peasants where the church actually had to intervene to stop them from killing random people.

>the retard, to whom I relate.
Which one?

Easier said than done, but it's still incredibly unsatisfying the kind of shit you see in real life where you just have to accept it. With fiction you can have people sit down and air out their shit and the audience was denied that. You can't just go from zero to love and acceptance without a rocky road between. Bouji didn't just accept Domas with open arms despite him being suicidality apologetic, he had to put in work and we saw it and even then it didn't fix anything.

I'm saying it's still lame and contradictory, af.
>tell people to kill in century 1
>noo but they didn't tell people to kill in century 2
There's still something obviously off about it no matter how many mental gymnastics you do, lol.

you can't forgive someone until they get the appropriate punishment

The Old Testament has largely been abandoned by almost all christian sects for hundreds of years now. Get a basic theological education, even a simple Wikipedia article would explain this to you, you braindead mongoloid.

>americans still think the church teaches the old testament
Kek, you people are literally stuck in the 17th century.

Hell you don't even need to punish them from a narrative standpoint but have the character show genuine contrition and have them try and make some sort of penance. Say what you will, despite his incompetence at everything even fucking Toyataro understood this

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>he had to put in work and we saw it and even then it didn't fix anything.
If you could wave a wand and poof it better, there would be no point in forgiveness in the first place. There would be nothing to forgive.

I can tell you where to read it in Korean or Chinese. Or you can buy the raws for cheap.
If you want coherent English, you're SOL.

>you people are literally stuck in the 17th century
That's a complement we're closer to the 14th century

Why is it unsatisfying to see misguided genuinely good people be forgiven while dealing with the guilt of their actions by themselves?
Have you considered that maybe you're just a horrible person? Punishment is not just justice, it's just cope and damage control.

From a narrative stand point it helps, it's good for the story and character, yeah Domas is not forgiven by Bouji but he's making moves and putting in work and audiences love that

In this series, the pit is a pretty nice place.

So then why is it still in the bible, hmm?
>still in the sacred, super holy "The Bible" (most top-selling book in the world)
>still revered as the Word of God
>has God appear many times through it
>b-but we don't...talk about it in our sermons anymore i guess?
Well, at least you admit it's been retconned. I mean, what a mess that was, amirite?

You only care cause she's a chick you like or nut to. If she was a man, you wouldn't give a shit.

>Have you considered that maybe you're just a horrible person?
Ah good the ol Ad hominem. You obviously didn't even read a goddamn thing I wrote.

Your issue is you seem to think a situation can't somehow change for any reason at all. Have you never in your life experienced a situation where context changes how people are expected to behave? Never? No?

Beyond that, Christ came to set the record straight with words DIRECT from his Father for a reason. He set out, unambiguously, what God actually wants from everyone. Free from the human twisting any messages. You should note that Christ did say to respect older scripture... that comes from Moses and the line of prophets directly. He spent an incredible amount of energy pointing out the Pharisees were leaning on their biological parent's traditions and NOT the ones God had given them. The Jews were implicated directly by the Son of God in making up a bunch of extra rules to deliberately hinder the situation and PRETEND to be obedient.
>See see see? I don't eat this or that and I wash my hands for several minutes in this very specific ritual fashion. This means God is pleased with me and will ignore the fact I suck widows dry and use their wealth to make my life pleasant and easy!
Nowhere did Christ call for you to murder others for any reason. He even made such calls to restrict yourself from violence even HARSHER by extending it to internal mental violence against someone. Or even unreasonably holding contempt for another. He considered that breaking "thou shall not murder!" too.

I know it can be confusing, but the OT is a recording of history leading up to Jesus. It necessarily tracks the activities of a lot of terrible people too. Jesus named respecting Moses and the Prophets very specifically for a reason.

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>genuinely good
>Have you considered that maybe you're just a horrible person?
>You're a bad person for wanting to see criminals get punished for their actions.
Go kill yourself, redemptioncuck

Nah, I prefer the rope. and
How rich, considering you're probably talking from your dick while defending her, like other people in this thread.

You have the theological education of a 8 year old.

Miranjo became torn apart by what she had done even in the name of love for another and even condemned herself to being EATEN BY A DEMON FOR ALL ETERNITY OVER AND OVER AND OVER to set the situation free at last. She KNEW that would happen. She even mislead Bosse in to letting go of Daida and didn't tell him that would happen. Likely knowing he would object to it if he understood her fate. She even expended all her strength to help herself on helping the others get through the situation she set in motion. Becoming utterly dependent on how the others chose to judge her.

Daida and Bouji both are some of her primary victims and both stuck up for her in the end. If not their right to forgive her, who? What more do people want?

I wonder where all these people are on the entire society of people willing to cut the face and hands off a little girl.

>People like you are the actual villains of the story.
People who want to punish other for their unspeakably heinous acts?

You are aware that there are no "literal" translations of most of the texts in the Bible, right? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Yes, wanting to see criminal being punished for their actions for the sake of it is evil. To be good is to hate the sin, not the sinner.
There was no point in punishing Miranjo there. She already faced penance for her actions in form of genuine guilt and her previous experiences, plus, the people whom she hurt the most forgave her. Punishing her would not bring people back or revert the suffering she did.

We punish criminals in barbaric ways because we have no true way to force them to feel guilt for their actions. Incarcerating and inflicting pain on someone doesn't make them regret their actions, it makes them regret being caught, it's a flawed punishment to being with.

Shonen villain redemption is just the funniest shit ever.

>he doesn't know what scripture is
Please, just stop.