Villain is evil because... he's ugly

Villain is evil because... he's ugly

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Very true, it is impossible for unattractive people to be good, or noble. Ugliness is inherently a detestable trait.

Ugly people are naturally villainous

ITT: ugly people posting weird self hatred

>Seethes at chad

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He lost.

>incel villian but his hot imouto would be his gf for tonight
What did Gotoge mean by this?

This is just bait for Gyutaroastie isnt it.

Dont worry i miss her too

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He just sat inside of Daki and listened whenever she was getting railed

It was the abuse from his mom that turned him evil, not being ugly.

It was both

>The Narakas of Buddhism are closely related to diyu, the hell in Chinese mythology.
>A Naraka differs from the hell of Christianity in two respects: firstly, beings are not sent to Naraka as the result of a divine judgment or punishment; and secondly, the length of a being's stay in a Naraka is not eternal, though it is usually incomprehensibly long, from hundreds of millions to sextillions (10^21) of years.
Did they really deserve this?

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>Kill who knows how many people

Come on, trillions of years (minimum) getting endless tortured? That's way too fucking much, have a heart.

many such cases

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By the time Muzan gets reincarnated the Earth will be gone

Winnie the Pooh sucker punching Tatsumaki?

>there are ugly people itt right now

Hurry up Nezuko! We have to go to the bad guys that are cold blooded murderers so I can have a stupid pity speech to remind the audience how fucking goody two shoes I am and so they can get their stupid flashback that humanizes them like literally every single fight in order to properly finish this poorly written arc!

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They deserve some punishment.
Muzan deserves it.

The punishment should be according to the lifetime stolen from the victims but mercifuls gods says "fuck you" be eternally damned.

Muzan did nothing wrong, should have went to heaven

Seethe more

daki is a virgin though

Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff

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She's literally the top prostitute of the district

I don't think I even finished this arc I knew exactly what was coming and got bored.


yeah see yourself out user

Truth is beauty

So you can kill the boomers for a discount? Based

still better reason than being evil just for the sake of it

Did you know that if I dye my hair green, I'm in this photo and I (don't) like it?

If you are young and ugly you are evil more often than not. Beauty is a choice, at least at that age, if you choose to be ugly it shows a lack of empathy.

just like me

if an attractive person smiles at you, you instinctively think "oh, they must be nice." but if an ugly person smiles at you, you think "wtf is their problem? whats wrong with them?"


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Even in ancient times, you can choose to clean yourself and try to make yourself look nicer with zero comestic and simple effort.

Or you don't want to.

It tells everyone the type of person you are.

as rance said even if an ugly person isn't evil the treatment they recieve will turn them evil so it's justified to beat them

Yes, this could be true to some extent, but viceversa if you are born ugly there are no happy thoughts that can save you.

Sometimes ugliness depends on physical problems, health issues and such. Acne for example is hard to hide, and when it overstays its welcome, the person comes off as unhygienic and filthy even if they regularly take care of their body.

I think high level Geishas don't have sex until they are 'bought' or 'adopted', was it?

>but if an ugly person smiles at you, you think "wtf is their problem? whats wrong with them?"
Now you understand women.


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You don't get to the highest level of Geisha without going through the lowest levels of Geisha first

Wouldn't you do the same with a beautiful woman and an ugly woman?

>Villain is evil because... he's ugly
You can thank nietzche for that

He also said that attractive men shouldn't be trusted, then again, Rance also rapes women and kills people on a whim so i don't think anyone should listen to what he says.

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The "prostituton" that came with being a geisha is highly disputed, being a Geisha doesn't mean being a prostitute. If you want a contemporary comparison, a Geisha was more of a Hostess than a prostitute, they were taught how to play instruments and be informed of various things to be able to keep up a conversation with customers.
I haven't watched Kimetsu, but by the looks of it that chick looks like an Oiran, a high ranking geisha of sorts, Oiran were incredibly expensive to contract and were more often than not hired by incredibly wealthy people to show off their wealth (hence why the Oiran were paraded around the streets as they went to the customer's house), i also believe they had the freedom to choose a lover and reject the advances of others.
All of this said, I don't believe the Daki is a virgin .

He doesn't look very ugly.

>Gyutaroastie still isnt here yet to defend her man

Is she banned again

I remember that he had far more reasons to be a killer than just his looks.
Based Hephaestus poster.

He's evil because he eats people retard

>Eating whores

Can relate.

I would genuinely be more suspicious of an attractive woman smiling at me than an ugly one.

Every guy who thought was fucking her was just railing Gyutarou's ass.

The world doesnt end in Buddhism. Also time in Hell doesnt flow 1:1 with human realm

>Also time in hell doesn't flow 1:1 with human realm
As in slower or faster

>He also said that attractive men shouldn't be trusted
Unless he personally approves them that is

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There is some truth to this. Not every attractive person has healthy thoughts either.
This, and the village killing his sister, and then killing him.

You'll experience all the billions of years of torture in Hell but once it's said and done, it's probably like a few years only passed in human realm

>Villain is evil because... she likes human cock

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