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Anime just started Roof Piece. What parts will be dragged and Shida'd and what parts will be kino?

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Yea Forums hates Shida?

>What parts will be dragged and Shida'd
All of it.
>and what parts will be kino?
None of it.

One of the most awkward and forced animation styles to date.

Everyone looks like a muppet being yeeted at mach 10

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Yeah, the flapping mouth shit is weird as fuck, but the animation looks fluid.

>None of it.
Was last episode, the Yama-O episode, not kino enough for you? If so, why?

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>but the animation looks fluid.
It looks like oiled balloons. Hardly "fluid". Episode 1015's movements are fluid and natural, Shida's is cheap and plastic.

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What is Roof Piece?

Well first of all Yamato's gay Ace flashback isn't roof piece and secondly Yamato is pure garbage.

The Kaido free for all raid that happens to take place on the roof of Onigashima. We've been stuck in it for over a year.

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Roof piece stopped being a thing when everyone split up and it just became another "luffy solos the big bad" part of the arc again.

You're right about Ace & Yamao but no one can stay it wasn't masterfully animated.

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Time for some schizo kino.

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So was Queen's funky golden festival but unlike Yamato and Ace he's actually a good character.

Need more Spazdo

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I've a mighty need for Alabastan Princess.

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>5 Posters
Stop bumping your own thread retard

kaito is a shitty villain desu even doffy had more personality


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why Toei loves to do that shit with the face? It looks like shit. I see it a lot in Dragon Ball Super too.

You say that like it's surprising Doffy had personality, he's been the most charismatic villain in the series.


Why does he animate everyone as if they were dunked in cooking oil

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Dofladongo sucks

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I also hate the way he draws smoke.

Now stick them together so it looks like he's arguing with himself

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imagine sucking on yamatos horns

>yfw ZKK

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No theories on the masked character?

imagine sucking on Bonney’s toes

I got your ZKK right here, ZKK-poster.

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That is not Zoro Kissing Komurasaki

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Looks trippy-er than envisioned

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Literally who

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Thanks man.

Put this Luffy in betwhen

Oda will pull off the boku no hero asspull and the gomu gomu fruit will have the consciousnesses of all people who have eaten it.
How badly do you think the thread is going to seethe when it happens?

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end goal for Yamato

i havent seen the yamatofag in days

Kuina needed correction.


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If you can't enjoy retarded looking shit then can you really call yourself a One Piece fan

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Above you!


>Zoro Kissing Komurasaki
Why the hell would Zoro do that?

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>is the most beautiful woman of the samurai country
>incredible charm and charisma, everyone loves her
>has learned for a decade how to behave as the perfect woman, she's basically an idol
>is the daughter of the legendary samurai Oden and so has his crazy genes
>understands swodsmanship more than anyone else and instantly recognized Zoro's worth after his fight against Killer
>can cook
>can entertain him with her shamisen
>can treat his wounds
>already saved his life
>gave him her legendary sword that belonged to her father
>they took a nap together
>she loves to rub her cheeks against his chest
>saved Zoro's life a second time by helping him awakening his CoC

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oooooooOooOOoOoO nikkas

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Such great artwork ruined by Kaido's legs. Damn perspective is hard.

The orgies on the Sunny are going to be wild.

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There's goofy kino and then there's shida. Big difference.

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I like Shida.

What was that you double nigger?

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Guys, I like one piece

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>Guys, I like one piece

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Does this person have a cheek fetish or something

Someone asked last thread why Roger killed Squard's crew

Honestly considering Squard attacked Whitebeard with no actual proof, just conjecture from Akainu, tells me that he and his crew did something retarded to Roger and deserved their fate

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When did Legdo become Manletdo?

I like to think that Roger didn't actually kill them, just tried to attack him head on with the ship and all went off a waterfall or something.

If Luffy is Roger reincarnated you know Roger won't have a death count.

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His reaction to Luffy is gonna be kino. Maybe he'll defect from Kaido and join the Grand Fleet.

>Roger reincarnation
we’re at THOSE hours huh

Roger and Garp killed Rocks.

>lol, look at this tiny bitch

based faget

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too long ; didn't read

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