Itt I can fix her

characters that make you whisper "I can fix her"

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I cant, rather I want her dead.
I kneel, also

>I cant, rather I want her dead.
Good thing war crimes are still somewhat valid in that setting compared to the shitty Geneva suggestion we got nowadays. Mary got a smoking hot body, though I preferred her with long hair.

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I fucking love the Empire uniforms!
Also how you're gonna fix her?
>I kneel, also
Salaryman was an asexual entity in his previous life, its only fair he gains knowledge of the pleasures of flesh as a woman.

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all comes down to daddy issue as usual

you can't fix Mary Sue (yes that's her name and the new protagonist of Youjo Senki Saga of Mary The Saint)

I can fix her.
And her.
And her.

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He wanted to have kids as a salaryman.
I hope she makes kids in her next life!!

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>fix the kaiser Degurechaff
>not following her for the glory of the reich
>think he can fix her anyway

I'll gladly be her "daddy"
Why not? She hasn't even been dicked down yet and given her faith, would make a great trad wife or at the very least a hot prisoner of war
Delinquent girls need to be disciplined!

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the ending of both sagas was already mentioned on the movie.


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that's a 40 years old salaryman

Oh I know, I'm a fan of it. I'm still sad about Tanya's fate.

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Not anymore, its just two souls riding in the same body given how his personality is getting overwritten into that of a religious fanatic.

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well we still have to see how we reach to that point

I want to save her!

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Whats this from?

I know I can fix her, or at least make her suicidal a lot faster than Shinji did.

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>normalfag meme

I want her to cure my virginity

Satou lovingly taking care of your virginity with her hand before chopping your dick off with a knife.

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You just know...

>those quints

You can't save her - J Cole

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I want to fuck Mary's bullet hole!

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I didn't even notice.

Daddy issues are my fetish

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Those are the best kind of girls

Mikadono Sisters.

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I don't like it.

As many Daddy issues as they probably have Mommy issues

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I can fix him

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I'm so mad that this great manga got axed after only two volumes and then the author moved on to adapt some shitty isekai.

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Looking back, i wished she was more prominent with the allies, i mean her name is fucking mary sue i thought she was gonna be legend or at least "idol" like with the troops.

They're the polar opposite of delinquents, they're autistic hyperachievers

Hayama is a fag for ignoring her

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I wouldn't be able to though

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i NEED to become her father figure
i CAN fix her

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I think that's meant to be the author's joke. The hero fated to defeat the devil is a mess and quickly erased from history and dies a dishonorable death.
Not so different from Tanya's fate all in all.
I had no idea!

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I've been convinced I can fix Misato since the first time I saw Eva at 18 years old.

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well you already spoiled me, might as well tell me how she died

She also got daddy issues, so chances are she can be fixed.

Well if you really wanna know, Mary Sue is obsessed with killing Tanya and keeps pressing the war effort and disobeying orders which get some of her comrades killed. Since everyone is too exhausted to keep fighting, the countries start a peace effort. Tanya and Mary fight one final battle to end the war and it causes Tanya to finally pray with all her heart, to Being X's mocking joy. He gives her one last miracle she uses to defeat Mary and leaves Tanya alone. Tanya and Mary double k.o. each other. Then Mary is recovering and the governments, knowing how bloodthirsty she is and that she may try to reignite the war in the future, order her comrades which hate her already to kill her. They ambush Mary with knives and cut her to pieces, not before telling her that she's going to be recorded as dying a dishonorable death and her name will be erased from the records. Tanya doesn't die but her records are also erased so she can live in peace and defects to America in operation paperclip

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Well that's kinda dark innit.

Well the author wrote since the beginning that it wouldn't be a happy story. The Empire got what they wanted as they kept most of the territory and avoided a huge defeat that would breed desire to get revenge and avoided the birth of Hitler as Tanya intended. But Tanya lost the ideological battle. I wish she did, after all she had gone through

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Need me a battered unknowingly war veteran devil of the rhine wife......
or is she still with moomin and ambigiously yuri?

Well in the web novel epilogue she marries an american and has a family, so you got a chance, user!

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I need someone to fix me

a sexy one

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bros... I can make her worse... and I also want her to step on me

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>Implying is broken

I'm guessing the ln isn't finished? I've always wondered why no one bothered to tl it like overlord, less popular i guesss.

I had such a crush on Mamimi after watching FLCL for the first time

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Ahem, tanya is for rerugen/lehgren