Spy x family

Next week everybody will be shipping Danya

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Yup, this is the end of the pedophiles. All the SpyXFamily lolicon artist will move to the superior lolisho. Lolis will always being only for shotas

Kyubey is voicing Becky

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Shota lewds when

Damian is some rookie girl seiyuu

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Imagine how big his penis already is at that age. Will Anya be able to handle the dick?

>the chapter where she tries to seduce Loid won't be animated until 5 years from now

I'm sorry, I will eternally ship Loid and Anya

They Could end season 2 with Loid’s past


>just watched new episode after getting off work
>been enjoying it a lot so far, making urge to have a nice family of my own grow
>t. 30 yo boomer
>oh hey let's see if there's a thread up on Yea Forums about it
>loli and shota conversations

I dont know what I expected

Nips ship it already.

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What do you call an anime that is so wholesome it almost becomes depressing?

Property of Franky's big Ostonian cock

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Mangafags spoil me. Is there any other sort of espery going on in the world? Because it seems totally out of left field that like "oh it's just a normal vaguely european city with normal folks and oh also there's this girl that can fucking read minds"
She's like Mantis in MGS where is like, oh they've got psycho abilities? Care to elaborate? No? Oh okay...

We know, tumblr females

The people who experimented on Anya made other experiments, too...

It's kinda unfair. Loid lost everything, Anya had nothing, but Yor still has Yuri.
Loid and Anya need a family to heal their broken souls. Yor doesnt

There's a dog who can see the future, implied to be from experiments similar to the one that made Anya.
People have also speculated the big bad has powers too, given some suspicious scars and demeanor.

Can see some of the actor from Boys Before flowers in Damian’s design

But what about onee-sans user...

Lolis who couldn't get their shota will continue to be on the prowl for one as they grow up.

What chapter do you think the anime will stop?

It's okay. Yuri and Fiona have a master plan to rescue Yor from the family so that the siblings can be together forever while Fiona takes the wife role.

Bond hint will probably be end part 1

imagine how ungoldy tight Yor's pussy must be
she could probably kill a man with hit

Lloyd is going to be in a wheelchair after their first night

I'm not gay but Loid is hot

this is worse than perry platipus

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The big thing I want from the manga that it hasn't really done yet is to play up the dramatic irony secret identity stuff with Yor and Loid. They're working for secret agencies on opposite sides of a cold war and they have a ton in common but absolutely no idea. Have them get independently sent on the same mission working at cross purposes and have no idea that the enemy agent that almost killed them is their spouse. Have them agonize over the need to keep their spouse safe from their dark and dirty secret lives. Emphasize all the parallels between them and make them fall in love at the same time that they're getting closer and closer to destroying each other. There's so much potential here

Why would Yor hit you? Just treat her right.

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Calm down Franky

We all agree manga pacing is too slow right?

I don't think they have much in common. Loid prioritize world peace over family while Yor prioritize her family over everything else.

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I feel like Loid would choose Anya over the world at this point

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I mean they're both war orphans who became ruthless killers to survive. Loid's fighting for country and Yor's fighting for family but their circumstances and histories match

Not a rookie. More like not well-known. If you watched 86 she voiced Theo.

what's with this unfunny filler episode...

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He's never actually been put in that position. So far he is still planning on leaving after the mission.

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>the protagonist of a popular ostanian cartoon is based on the legendary spy from westalis

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Reminder that if you are not watching your shows on a reel-to-reel VTR connected via an EIAJ 8-pin to CRT, you're not doing it right.

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I think Loid is just coping with the fact that he's a family man now. We all know he's never leaving them.

that dude failed as a spy if he's famous enough to be called legendary

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Marrying Anya and loving her forever.

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Just post cute Damianya

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We know Damian

t. Damian

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A mere simulacrum cobbled together from the tales of his exploits.

I await the fanart explosion

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Getting Yor wine drunk until she attempts to mating press me but she trips and just falls asleep

Yor's back holy FUCK what a lewd woman

That's what he says to himself, but basically all other characters notice how he acts differently around his family, which is the main reason why Fiona seethes so much at Yor.
By now, Yor is basically on board with having Loid and Anya as her true family, and you can bet the flashback is the setup for Twilight's mask falling for good.

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What is with all this "aged 10 years older" art from women? Post some loli x shota or go home

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She just laying there... all defenseless....
Come on boys!

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A mind reader gf would be terrifying. Imagine going out and seeing someone else who's attractive, then glancing back to her glaring at you.

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I want to make love to Yor

I don't think female artist are into the loli/shota thing. They must age up for prime sexy Damian.

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How would Plan B of Operation Strix work if Damian lives at the dorm and doesn't come home to his father anyway in addition to seldom meeting with his dad?

Still waiting for a textless webm of pic related.

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We know Yuri

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in what way?

Why is Loid a tsundere towards Anya?

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It's still an in. Presumably Twilight would then work on mending the relationship between Damian and his dad while grieving over his own relationship with his father

He's tsundere towards everyone

Because females love tsunderes

>female artist are into the loli/shota thing
What about Sakura and Syaoran?

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I'm just gonna consider that there was no episode today to be optimistic about the future.