Digimon Ghost Game

A Special, "A Strange World as Told by Takenaka Naoto", airs in 20 minutes. Yes, it's probably a clipshow. But at least we have Naota Takenaka.

Special preview: youtube.com/watch?v=30Pfyuev-t8

Special synopsis: Ghost Navigator Naoto Takenaka guides you through the strange world of Digimon and their friends. They are right by your side.

In addition to this week's special episode, we have information of the next four episodes...

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Episode 25- Crimson Banquet (May 15)
Using crimson as its image color, the comprehensive brand "Esse Vu" has rapidly gained popularity for its accessories, clothing, sweets, and so on. However, the CEO of this company, a man named "Kyogoku Aviel" is actually a vampiric Digimon named Vamdemon. Esse Vu was the "bloodsucking tower" homebase of Vamdemon's, with the purpose of gathering beautiful women influencers to suck their blood and manipulate them through his bats. Ruli Tsukiyono, invited to Esse Vu's headquarters as a popular influencer, discovers this fact. While Ruli evades having her blood sucked, she manages to escape to the roof. Hiro Amanokawa and the gang enter Esse Vu's headquarters to save Ruli when they are attacked by Vamdemon.

Episode 26- Hungry House (May 22)
One day, Angoramon reunites with Digitamamon, who was his best friend in the Digital World. Digitamamon tells him that he lives alone in an empty house. Angoramon immediately brings Ruli with him to visit. At first, the conversation is friendly, but Digitamamon's behavior gradually turns strange. Meanwhile, Hiro and the gang learn of an eerie rumor about the vacant house where Digitamamon lives.

Episode 27- Essence of Beauty (May 29)
While looking up urban legends on the internet, Hiro comes upon a post titled "Called by Water." It is said that the sound of water dripping is heard, as though beckoning a person, and people who have been "called by water" several times have disappeared without a trace. This event gradually grows more frequent, until Niijima, the caretaker of Hiro's dormitory, is "called by water." Hiro and Gammamon, who are there when it happens, see Splashmon turn Niijima into a ball of water. They chase after Splashmon, who can move freely through the water supply, in order to save Niijima, but...?!

Episode 28- Face-Snatcher (June 5)
Hiro and the gang, concerned that their classmate Kotaro Nomura has been holed up in his dorm for several days, go to check on him. They find Kotaro languishing in darkness in his room, wearing a mask that covers his face from the nose up. The bottom half beneath that mask was a featureless face. It was Asuramon, a grotesque-looking Digimon, who was attacking people and taking their faces. Asuramon wears the faces it steals like a mask, in order to taste human emotion. Its evil actions escalate, and as its victims grow weaker and weaker, Ruli and Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai also fall prey.

>recap episode right after hackerman
>no plot progression on sight

yeah, dead season

>>no plot progression on sight
It's almost as if this is supposed to be an episodic season

>right after
Stop exaggerating.

3 weeks after hackerman
hackerman caused a hiatus of 4 weeks

YT stream: youtube.com/watch?v=vFDoD5CNKQw

You're acting like we had episode 21, then the hiatus, then a recap episode. We did not have that.

This season being episodic has really upset some people.

These are just stand battles, which makes me wish they could instead do every case as a 2-parter with some plot progression stringing them alone.
This is so close to being great, but I can't give my seal of approval to a fully episodic show. It stands to see where it goes, but it's so close to the Jojo formula without quite getting there.
That water stuff would make for a great 2-parter, that's literally how Part 4 starts.
Or any of the other mysteries. You start the mystery / they encounter the bad guy in the first one, they defeat him in the next ep. Give all characters a motivation to go against the main villain who is sending them. Something like that.

>muh Jojo
Fuck off.

That's quite literally the shonen that created the wacky powers formula. We didn't quite have that in previous digimon seasons, only in the game's Pokedex descripitons, but now they're truly making use of their gimmick abilities as part of the plot.

After the horse shit we've had that was colon I'm fine with this approach

>I want a Digimon season that's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

It's just a way of improving this one, because GG already has the base. It works, they're a little mystery group like Part 4 Jojo or Persona 4 (which has the same formula), flesh out the enemy attacks and mystery by turning them into 2-parters.
And add a main villain of the season.

It's that easy to make the season feel more worthwhile.

>it's a clipshow
yeah, worse than hunters


Stream killed. Just as well, it was a clip show anyway.

It’s already a far better season of Jojo though

It's one retard.
Kill yourself, colon was good.

Stop being an idiot.

Colon wasn't good.

>colon was good
Gave you stockholm syndrome, did it?

>couldn't even put effort into a clipshow
bravo toei

EPISODE 25 PREVIEW: youtube.com/watch?v=dF__HN4D42E

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Gulus has been revealed in the Card Game. See you next week.

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It’s the best Digimon series for now and you think it’s dead. Plotfags are utterly atrocious

>nothing happens
Pick one.

Your version of plot is where a villain group shows up, jobs, and the status quo never changes. What was your point again?

At least a villian group showing up would be a change to the status quo in Ghost Game. GG keeps showing things that have the potential to be the start of a running plot and then immediately ignores them by the time the next episode rolls around.

>It’s the best Digimon series for now and you think it’s dead
Yes, and I'm tired of pretending it's not. It can have the best writing ever and it's still going nowhere so far, that might change at some point and I'll give it a thumbs up but for now it's kinda crap how you can skip all the non-Gulus episodes

Is CR gonna have this if it is a recap?

Plot is one of the main reasons people even watch Digimon.

I like how the cope's gone from

>It's always going to be episodic and you're a retard if you don't like it.

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There’s been multiple villains and several plot threads brought up across the season. Being impatient is not a good reason to criticize something

If you don't like it just don't watch it bro

>IP didn’t change
You got to stop samefagging plotfag

I used to like it and I want to like it again. Ghost Game has the potential to be one of the best series. But after waiting 23+ episodes and having almost no development is atrocious. And I think it's valid to complain while still hoping for things to get better.

Yeah, or at least watched since it's been kinda dead for 10 years, but the reason we're here in this thread at all is because Digimon used to have a story as opposed to Pokemon.
These people defending the episodic nature of GG (assuming it's eternal) are just shitting in the thousands of Digimon vs Pokemon discussions from the early 2000s.

Though Ghost Game is still great because it goes darker than Pokemon could ever dream, or at least it matches the Mewtwo movie

The fucking directors said from the beginning it was going to be episodic.
Your fault you have no reading comprehension skills.

What sucks is that the material is there, we just got Arachnemon posing as Hiro's mom's friend, and now apparently Vamdemon having a human life as a businessman.
Those are 2 villains that could have stayed through a dozen episodes in the series since they're posing as humans, would give some moral dillema to the MCs once they fight.

But they seem to be episodic, Arachnemon was at least.

There's a weird reversal though. Digimon is now an episodic anime with little progression. Pokemon is now an anime where Ash has won a League and legitimately has a chance at being the number 1 trainer in the world.

Ghost Game has better writing than any of the Pokemon anime seasons, though. As dull and frustrating as it can be sometimes, Ghost Game excels in terms of writing.

I'm sorry I didn't read some fucking. interview/tweet/whatever in order to watch a show. I thought it'd uphold the whole reason why people watch the series in the first place.

And even if they were episodic, you can still have plot development. The other seasons had filler or episodic plots, and things still moved forward. Fucking Pokemon is episodic and has had more plot and character development.

>Pokemon is now an anime where Ash has won a League and legitimately has a chance at being the number 1 trainer in the world.

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FUCK! I forgot today was a clipshow.
Oh well, at least I can go to bed now. Good night fags.

Dark Lizamon's fire was pretty much a stand ability.

Along with that we still have no idea what the episode count is even going to be. Could be the halfway point, could be 1/3 of the way through. If you say you don't enjoy where it's currently at that's valid criticism, but for those who do the eventuality of what it could become is icing on the cake. I enjoy how the characters have been treated so far and the consistency of how the horror themes ramp up in surprising ways.

Currently ranked 8th in the world and has all the battle gimmicks at his disposal.

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Yeah Yugioh GX gets a real plot at like Episode 30 with the shadow riders, before that it's just small plots like a little tournament and progressing character arcs here and there but Ghost Game is also doing those.

And even when Yugioh GX gets that plot, it's still mostly episodic. The actual real good plot starts at episode 100. Yeah.

>And even if they were episodic, you can still have plot development
Gulus and the mystery niggas. But GG isn't about some big bad evil Digimon wrecking shit, it's more about Hiro and the gang dealing with problems caused by the coexistence of humans and digimon.

So Digimon Ghost and Ex-Aid have no plot, Build does.

I really hate the shilling of ranking them up with the dude from the newest game being #1, that should have been Lance or Cynthia's place to respect their place in the franchise, hell MAKE IT ALAIN'S PLACE since you know he's fucking busted and pretty much the equivalent of Red in the anime, Alain is a game protagonist using the most overpowered stuff so no one would question it if he was the #1. Adds up to the rematch.
But no, it's that literal who Leon.

My hope is that the plot will actually start. Given how poorly the show is treated by Toei and how the franchise feels like it can die at any moment, I feel like it could always get screwed over. And if/when the plot even starts ramping up, much of the time we spent now could have been used to improve the story.

There's definitely an expiration date on this show, and I doubt we're going to have Yugioh or Pokemon-tier length to get everything done.

It is based on the Galar games, so Leon will have the highest rank.

>how the franchise feels like it can die at any moment
We just got the release date of Survive and both the card game and Vital Bracelet are selling like hotcakes

Yeah and that plot is GOOD and ends in the best way possible. No sign of that in the first leg of the series at all. Not saying that GG will turn out like that but the writing has been better than anything at that point in something like YGX. There's a tremendous amount of consistency in the significant things so far.

Toei can be weird like that. Also that user is probably talking about the recent Digimon Live in which the devs talked about how little budget they have, preventing them from several projects.
Digimon Merch has always sold well.

Cynthia definitely deserves it more. But I can understand the shilling, at least. In the games, Leon has gone undefeated for about 10 years, and a big part of the game is that he's this big, almost insurmountable wall for the player to overcome. You just don't really notice because his games are shit and more time is spent on him talking about Charizard or getting lost.

My heart will always belong to Alain though.

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No you retard. He isn't allowed to win by the writers. Gimmicks don't matter. It would have to be literally the final episode of pokemon.

I actually forgot about Digimon Live and Survive kek. But I was concerned about how the show is infamously underfunded and the franchise has a tendency to go semi-dormant at a moment's notice.

Cute Ruli who is about to get the succ

Eh, I don't know about that user, it might as well be. And where will the plot go anyway, even if he loses?
This is the world league with every single character from all previous seasons competing for the Pokemon Master title.
What's there to do? Ash loses and we re-do Digimon Journeys 2.0? This will be the biggest Pokemon plot ever considering it's paying off on the 20 years of franchise.

Ash either gets his title here or never because they're not redoing this.

It will be, Pokemon has to end so Pokemon 2 can start.