Who's the target audience for this?

The MC is too faggy for this to be your typical self-insert romcom for losers, so who's the target audience? Are there really women who want boyfriends who aren't just losers but also useless and a little faggy?
What's Abe's endgame here?

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>The MC is too faggy for this to be your typical self-insert romcom for losers
I think you're over-estimating the losers here, plenty of them seem to be enjoying it.

the same people who watched dress up darling last season

>the MC is too faggy

You can never be too faggy

>guy actually has a gf
>has a friend unlike most harem losers
>is Chad enough to live with a curse that tries to kill him

the target audience is me so now stop making this thread

But Goujou was a Chad tho? And Marin was fap bait.

Mfs who want to get pegged

Herbivores and fujos

gojou was also a lonely faggy loser that suddenly had a bombshell of a girl suddenly become his gf

Some girls are into submissive guys (to peg or cuck) so yeah that's the audience

>Suddenly become his girlfriend
Damn you didn't even watch the show.

Retarded take, they're hardly even similar.


she's madly in love with him at the half way point of the show

I like a few shows like nagatoro and bokuyaba but they are all literally "what if I had a girlfriend" the animated series


MC wasn't a raging homo

People who aren't totally insecure in their masculinity.


he's literally me

Izumi isn't a weirdo loner for starters, he's pals with bakubro

>they are all literally "what if I had a girlfriend" the animated series

If it surprises you that this is popular you must be out of touch with reality.

>every show with romance elements is the same

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A super hot girl liking some scared meek faggot that wouldn’t even say boo to his own shadow isn’t good or realistic
Go back to fucking twitter or youtube, you shit taste having nigger!
Make up darling fucking SUCKED
I couldn’t even finish episode one because of that soft spoken pussy having MC
How did it get popular?
Fuck you! Now I have to take my meds to calm down!
Shit taste having seasonal waifu casual fags need to LEAVE THIS BOARD
Yeah, I’m a schizo
What of it?

Why is it so hard for incels to accept alpha women?

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>Gojou looks like a decent well-adjusted guy
>lonely guy with social anxiety and zero friends
>Izumi is submissive, weak-willed, and unlucky
>has friends, a caring GF, and a decent social life
At least, I truly see...

>isn’t good or realistic
Anime is not meant to be realistic, it is meant to be aesthetic.

Too much focus on realism derails into purely intellectual scepticism that causes art to degenerate.

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I wouldn't describe Gojo as a chad but he's not as bad as the MC of this show. At least Gojo had some qualities that made him stand out as a character when it comes to romcom stuff.

this shit is so BORING
im not such a edge lord where gore and NTR ever scene but girl already going out with the guy just doing cute things is just ANNOYING.
This is why no one likes being the third wheel in social situations and find couples flirting in public is annoying

>so who's the target audience?
"This one girl who likes me acts like a cool dude sometimes and that makes me feel safe and loved even if it is a little gay."
"Her eyes are pretty."
"Mom x Girlfriend porn."
"There's no niggers in this anime, thank god!"

Take your pick.

>qualities that made him stand out

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>Mom x Girlfriend porn

The dom girl with a submissive bf has been a thing in anime/manga for a long time you retard

>girl already going out with the guy just doing cute things is just ANNOYING
Unironically this.

It would be more satisfying to watch if they weren't yet a couple.

over half of modern romance anime can be described with
>loser average joe meets quirky girl

>Starts posting nigger cuckshit from his folder
Go back to your groomer discord, tranny

it's almost as if the anime audience consists of loser average joes

I usually see people preferring the opposite. Maybe the dynamic between the main couple in this show is pretty weak.

it's so far off from reality that it becomes cringe, even making love with elves in issekai seems more realistic lmao

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I'm okay with alpha women since having one throw herself at me is the only way I'd ever get a gf, but Izumi is too gay for even them to like, unless she's the type of menhera weirdo who'd like pegging him behind the scenes while doing mommy play or something.
Dude is completely useless and feminine. What kind of woman would self-insert as her outside this fringe demographics?

>Are there really women who want boyfriends who aren't just losers but also useless and a little faggy?
How retarded are you? Who watches this and thinks it's aimed at women?

We need to start filtering people on this board by IQ

It's honestly more common to have loser under average joes nowadays

I think instead of "realism" you should be discussing "internal consistency". There's plenty of unrealistic compelling things in anime, but a story that is not internally consistent is dumb.

Which is best?
>girl who doms in public, but subs in bed
>girl who doms in public, and attempts to dom in bed, but loses badly to the dick
>girl who doms in public, physically subs in bed, but continues to verbally dom

Most people don't have a problem with alpha women, or Shikimori in particular. The problem is that the male lead is such a disgusting unlikeable cuck that he ruins the show.

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Man i remember when people complained about harem mcs getting hot girls because they risked their lives for them and they fell in love with the mc because of that and people complained about it.
Now we have reached a point where they just fall in love just because the MC exists, fucking modern anime is awful.

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Girl who doesn't dom in public but yes in private unless you want to be even less respected than currently

This, I don't understand the point of duos where only one person carries the interaction and the other one can barely stand on there own as a character.

Now that i think about it the mc is basically an incel realistic self-insert

>an incel realistic self-insert
No, that would be Eren, because he doesn't even get the girl and ends up self destructing achieving nothing

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>I usually see people preferring the opposite.
I don't think that's the case. It's more that shows where people are already a couple are less common and people who prefer this kind of romance are therefore more likely to vocally complain. But they wouldn't be less common if they were not less popular.

Ultimately, it's fairly obvious why they are less common: the typical male viewer of romance anime doesn't have a girlfriend, so a show about a guy who is literally him getting a girlfriend delivers a wish-fulfilment fantasy. A show about a guy who is literally him who already has a girlfriend leaves out the essential part.

Those two manga aren't alike either. Things can have similar premises while being different from each other you realize?

eren actually had special powers and fought a lot trying to achieve his dream
incel would observe and judge the situation he is in as hopeless and give up without even trying

Look, I'm not the biggest fan of the manga, but have we REALLY reached the fucking point where people actually want things to go back to when couples took forever to get together because of bullshit? I like how modern manga already has couples together these days. This is truly contrarian



I like the old saying
>neat on the street
>freak in the sheets
Easy as that

In terms of plausibility it's apparently plausible enough to find an audience. It is fairly obvious that romance anime targeting male audiences is about people who resemble the audience getting/having girlfriends. Coincidentally, most of these people don't have girlfriends. So if the plausibility of the story required the MC to be the type of person who in real life would have a girlfriend, you could stop making male oriented romance anime because your primary audience wouldn't watch them.

This. I'll take shikimori over kaguya and komi where they still haven't confessed and either won't confess for another 5 seasons in komi's case or break up immediately after because 'muh family that I just remembered' and other bs cheap drama. Not to mention that most of the characters (Izumi excluded) are actually good and they put some effort into making this anime look good

Yup. Say what you want about Dress Up Darling, but Gojou was 100x better than Izumi. He has completely ruined Shikimori's show. The kino romance anime of the season is Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de

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>The kino romance anime of the season is Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
Sorry, but I only watch romance anime if it's about literally me.

How is the weirdo girl a good character besides being a better self-insert than shitzumi?

Red is retarded too it's just that his autism is 100% focused on /fit/ shit

>weirdo girl
Gonna have to be more specific user. Anime characters are inherently weird