The weak should fear the strong

the weak should fear the strong

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The feeling I get from Fuma is that her design is too good for the series she's in. She mogs all other Tenkaichi contestant in terms of design. And it kills me that she has no chance to win the whole thing.

>She mogs all other Tenkaichi contestant in terms of design
Nah, Honda also looked coool, Kojiro too. Stop thinking with your penis user

Imagine her thirsting for Musashi after the inevitable beat down she'll get. Those hips will never let go of him anymore

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>god i wish that were me
you want to rape men and then kill them?
live the dream, I guess.

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I don't know why there's been so many new Kotaros lately even with her fight over for months, but I won't complain.

Do you think the author was planning on killing her early but now is going to make her survive till late in the series? Does she have a chance of winning through dick energy?

There's no way he's not the protagonist who's gonna beat everyone and face Sasaki at the very end. That or this is the biggest red herring ever. Which I'm hoping for. Not because I dislike Musashi or anything but I just want this story to live up to it's premise of not following history as we know it instead of half-assing it to tell a off the beaten path but same result version of Musashi's legend.

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She's arguable the strongest competitor thus far next to Yagyu as she surpasses even Honda in everything except durability and has one of the stronger backstories, so I don't think she was written with the intention of being killed early on at all unlike, say, good ol' Willy Adams. That said, she still has very high chances of being the next 'meal' for Musashi to evolve to his next level regardless.

sorry user but the story is fucked from the moment it lets major figures like Musashi and Kojiro join as contenders
If they actually want to change shit they should kill Musashi off quickly (which will tank the sales obviously), or let them be cameos only
the moment Adam got flayed like some third rate fighter I lost any hope of this manga having a unpredictable plot

>the moment Adam got flayed like some third rate fighter I lost any hope of this manga having a unpredictable plot
This. Moment I saw the roster I figured he was losing to Yagyu, and when he was written as crazy gaijin rapist I figured it was going to be kind of a stomp, but even then I didn't expect how ridiculous and onesided it would be, story didn't even pretend for a moment he was a character with a chance of winning. Or hell even a character at all since he got no backstory.
I'm less mad about Adams himself than I am about how it killed the illusion of unpredictability. Only possible way to come back from that is if the sumo actually pushes the old man to his limits(not even going to pretend like he can win).

>There's no way he's not the protagonist who's gonna beat everyone and face Sasaki at the very end.
Ehhh might be a fakeout. The whole premise is to do fights that didn't really happen

>kill Musashi off quickly (which will tank the sales obviously
The only character who creates any sales is Kotaro. She's what sets this apart from the usual run-of-the-mill tournament manga.

I feel exactly the same way, but next time post a picture of Musashi


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He was wasted because of retarded coomers.

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Seigen was cool but being wasted because of that implies he stood an actual chance when in truth Kotaro just pretty much hard-countered his insane abilities. And honestly, it was probably necessary because so far it looks like no one else besides maybe Honda could have done anything to the guy.

I bet she's gonna fear Musashi next round.

Lol no

NTA but she's definitely the standout character and is gathering more and more attention to the series than anyone else we've seen so far. There's a reason a lot of new fans seem to be of the 'came for muscle lady stayed for the awesome fights' variety

Anjin got it worse.

Anjin got worse is an understatement. They writers clearly liked Seigen making him sympathetic, capable, intimidating, and tenacious as fuck with a very respectful death despite his loss nearly taking down an obviously superior opponent but still making them sweat and feel fear for the first time in their life to the point they compliment him sincerely. Adams on the other hand was treated with so much contempt I don't know why he was even put in this manga aside from just serving as stupid gaijin fodder for Yagyu the beautiful symbol of japan to shit all over.

It's either the author wanting to 'subvert expectations' by having the fight be even more one-sided than everyone knew it would be, or standard nipwank yamato banzai.
I'll wait and see how Yasuke turns out, even if he's also almost certainly not making it past round two.

These complaints are so stupid considering Japan are the only ones that give a shit about Adams to begin with.

>standard nipwank yamato banzai
I hate that Anjin got shafted as much as the next guy but Japan made an entire game about him beating the shit out of every Sengoku hero so I doubt that is the case.

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So? It's not like the author of Tenkaichi had any hand in that game. For all we know, Nakamura might be a complete xenophobe.

Who knows for sure, but the "anti gaijin piggu" sentiment isn't as prevalent as a lot of people like to believe.

Not really. Getting beaten one-sidedly is one thing. I don't mind that. Adams being turned into a vile, cartoonishly evil savage with no redeeming qualities who can't shut up about raping all of Japan however paints a very clear narrative when the beautiful but ruthless 'symbol of Japan' massacres him to 'drive this vile demon out of this proud land'. It just reeks of the usual nationalism. Now none of the competitors have been saints but they all have been portrayed as sympathetic and none of them seem to be awful people outside of battle or when they're provoked. Honda was well-loved by his people and a hero. Musashi was just some young dispassionate punk who lost his drive. Toda was a loving grandfather and family man who hates Oda and his people because what they took from him. Kotaro is chill to everyone but the 5th who killed her friend. Yagyu is a psycho but he keeps himself in check as best he can even if just for appearances. Meanwhile I can't say anything of the sort about Adams.

Again, I'd hold off on saying anything definitive until we get to see how they handle Yasuke.

He will be the noble black dude
Bonus if he say sth about only the Japanese treating him like real humanbean unlike his white slaver

>Bonus if he say sth about only the Japanese treating him like real humanbean unlike his white slaver
Isn't that, y'know, what actually happened in real life?

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Yeah. He was actually given plenty of respect which only went up as Nobu admired his strength and prowess in battle along with Yasuke's way of carrying himself and adjusting to the culture well so I can see if they keep that in Tenkaichi though I feel like I'd be even more pissed considering that they couldn't give Adams similar treatment and I'm actually black. I'll try to chalk it up to favoritism for Yagyu since he's an obvious creator's pet but man that shit will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Didn't someone in the threads post a page saying that whoever wins is determined by a vote between people who were working on the manga or something? I do find it weird that they made Adams a cartoonishly evil since I thought Japan actually liked the guy back then.

Adams is generally liked and as it's been said in this thread, Japan might be the only country that really gives a shit about him today. Him being the way he is in this manga is more likely a subversion than an attempt at aggrandizing Japan's heroes at his expense.

That's a big girl!

IMO, whoever draws these pictures(most of her fanart too) can't draw her face right. her face is manga is kinda unique. in a playful, cheeky kinda way.

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There is no way she survives, right
imagine creating this and the killing her off.

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azuma draws really fun, expressive faces in general desu, but yeah hers has a lot of personality that usually isn't quite captured

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