One Piece

Love Nami
Love Robin
Love Vivi
Love Pudding
‘ate Yamato
‘ate Carrot
Simple as

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Cannibalism is wrong.

>is the most beautiful woman of the samurai country
>incredible charm and charisma, everyone loves her
>has learned for a decade how to behave as the perfect woman, she's basically an idol
>is the daughter of the legendary samurai Oden and so has his crazy genes
>understands swodsmanship more than anyone else and instantly recognized Zoro's worth after his fight against Killer
>can cook
>can entertain him with her shamisen
>can treat his wounds
>already saved his life
>gave him her legendary sword that belonged to her father
>they took a nap together
>she loves to rub her cheeks against his chest
>saved Zoro's life a second time by helping him awakening his CoC

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>‘ate Carrot
That's cringe, bro.

Also is weak as fuck

Sword autist like him.

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and of course it’s an itoddler

She's supposed to be his wife, not his rival or something.

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Canon even

Pedro was better character than carrot and yamato, but honestly I want cat and dog to join, fuck coomer brains we need cool characters in the crew

he has to ban evade on his phone to schizopost and bait for (You)s, please understand

I don't know, Zoro doesn't strike me as the type to want to date someone so weak they can't even kill a guy who can't even fight back

Zoro doesn't have time to waste dumping his seed in inferior receptacles.

>shipping strawhats with anyone

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Hiyori shippers:
>she pretty and sleep with zoro
Tashigi shippers:
>haha sword goes cut

Law shippers:

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>we need cool characters
We got plenty.
I want cute, eye candy, young, and full of wonder.

Perona shippers

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Zoro is secretly a romantic guy, but he is just too obsessed with making Luffy pirate king and beating Mihawk right now.

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>‘ate Carrot

Eh...What's up doc?

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sanji and zoro are racists

Keep going.

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So is Marineford 2 directly after Wano or do you think the Sabo storyline can wait?

I say we still got Elbaf and Lodestar before. Not sure if this battle will take place post or pre-finding One Piece.

Ew phoneposters

>So is Marineford 2 directly after Wano
Luffy hasn't found the one piece yet.

I unironically have a feeling that Oda shows how the whole crew love Jinbe because people hate him, this shit never happened and is so fucking forced

This makes me wonder who of the three has more "bitches" in their harem; Luffy ,Zoro or Sanji

Now why are we sure that Elbaf is happening?

luffys rubber mouth could definitely give you an insane blowjob

Sanji has the biggest by far
If you include trannies

>because people hate him
user he has been in the top 10 in the last poll and is in the top 20 in the current one, above Brook and Franky. The only place he's gets any hate is here

I hope Yamato joins. The crew needs more girls.

who actually likes Pudding of all characters

Correction, Its only 1 person here who's the same monet/carrotfag that's been pushing "jinbei will die" meme since Punk Hazard.

Zoro lost to Denjiro
Luffy and Sanji actually have bitches

>Zoro lost to Denjiro
Is this your final cope?

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Best underrated One Piece girls, go!!

>who is kaya
>who is tashigi
>who is hancock
>who is milky
>who is pudding

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why did Roger destroy the crew of some innocent pirate

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Breasts way too big for my tastes

Nami's body count is higher than Zoro's. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.
People have wanted him in the crew since the end of Marineford

You are now aware that Zeus will be present during their bedroom escapades...which means he was present for BM's as well. Jesus Christ, Zeus has seen some shit.

Last Road Poneglyph and the build-up since pre-skip like Wano. Usopp recently reinforced he can't wait to go.

>Lost childhood friend to stairs
>Lost Persona to Mihawk
>Lost hiyori to Denjiro
Zoro is a loser.

We will never have this level of artistry and soul ever again.

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Oh, fuck magic trips of truth.

He can't lose Hiyori if he already has her

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No cope in sight except yours

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Luffy's got the Kuja.

>Denjiro doing his job
I don't know user

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Based. All happening.

>yamato knows advanced COC but not advanced COA
>if chinjao knew that he could put his COC on his head he could have murdered Garp and Doflamingo
>if Katakuri knew you could COC on donuts, he could defeat BM
>if Ace knew you could put COC on your body he´d have wrecked BB
>if Doffy knew you could put COC on your strings he´d killed everyone in dressrosa and all emperors

how is this even possible?

Ignoring okamas



>>yamato knows advanced COC but not advanced COA
Different fields is my guess.

>>who is kaya

>Kaya rejects several handsome and/or rich people and preserved her virginity for Usopp
>Usopp announces he's coming back home
>"I can't wait to meet Usopp-san again! Butler (forgot his name), let us prepare a feast to celebrate him becoming a great warrior!"
>*blush* "A-and also... make up my bed, so that I can... spend the night with him"
>The day of Usopp's arrival
>Kaya wearing her best dress and hired the best stylists and salons to make herself as beautiful as possible
>Sunny-Go arrives
>Usopp's head peeks out, "Hey Kaya! Long time no see!"

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>One Piece written by Hana Hook

What position will Usopp put her in for his final cumshot?

>people hated the awakening
>now they love it

weird fandom

Lesbian sex with Bonney

>when Hiyori continues to stand there doing absolutely nothing while Orochi is giving her a whole speech while he's on fire
Again, what the fuck was her plan? We had, what, like 3 different chapters of this exact scene, just that Orochi wasn't on fire yet, instead she was the one giving a revenge speech and expecting the fallen debris and seastone cuffs to somehow kill him.