Does Yea Forums prefer demure shy girls or yandere girls

Does Yea Forums prefer demure shy girls or yandere girls

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Demure shy yandere girls

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I prefer demure shy girls who are secretly yandere

Yandere girls who are actually very shy person then they grow up to become honest with their feelings

Wait she's not yandere, she's just a cunt

I prefer yandere girls pretending to be demure shy girls

I dropped this series when she shittily cut out pictures of herself and pasted it onto pictures of him to act like she was there with him at that moment in time, it just became too cringe for me to handle.

Now I am interested

still hasn't been topped

When do they fuck?


Koharu no Hibi

Wouldn't be suprised if they're fucked before, but got bored of it.

More likely that Maragry tried to seduce Alistair but he thought she was trying to trick him and kill him

I love Yandere girls!

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Demure shy girls, though both are annoying though

>Yandere girls

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Seems more like a tsundere

What do you mean? She's very Yandere.

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Don't bother she never goes nuts and murders the other girls she's just a weird stalker gf.

The former, obviously. Hajidere is the best kind of girl. If she were to be driven yandere by her surroundings, though, I'd be happy to support her.

I want zoomers to leave

yandere obviously. any mango recommendations for that?

How would you feel if your childhood friend kept you in the dark about a lover's holiday just so she could monopolize you every year.

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It is rare for my pp going hard with such a trash woman? I just can't help it bros.

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Can't fight the smugness.

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oh god not those people

>Don't bother she never goes nuts and murders the other girls she's just a weird stalker gf.
There are lots of ways for a girl to be yandere. Your focus on a single worn out, cliche model is unnecessarily restrictive.

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>TFW no cunty CF in my life

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You don't like Yankee-DeresDere?

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Are there even any series where the yandere doesn't job hard by the end?

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yandere fags are mentally ill

>Crazy people like crazy people
News at 11


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How did she get him to fall in love?

Bloodsign, huh? Thanks, I'll check it out.

Fair warning the summon system is incredibly autistic and it pretends to be a normal LN for the first chapter and a half.

does this have an ln

How complex is the writing? It'd be my first LN

Demure. I would rather not want someone that has a high likelihood of committing violence upon me.

It has a finished wn, it had a ln but it seems it got canned due to COVID way back when. Although the manga is following a different direction than the wn so don't know how it will go.

Is it translated? If s I'll read it. I like the scummy MCs and their dynamic.

The WN is.

What happened to chapter 18.2? It's just a repeat of 18.1.

Two characters who really hate each other, ladies and gentlemen.

Their whole dynamic makes me go diamond, for some reason.

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I like both desu

From reading it, especially a fter the previous chapter and them being comfortable being around each other naked, they are something between lovers and siblings.
They are both very comfortable with each other because they know the other well and they can really only be their true selves around each other. It would be easy to see them be in each other's lives t=until t hey die.

yandere all the way

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>checks novelupdate tags
>no yandere
fuck you, OP

Based taste

There are few things better than shy girls going yandere because of their shyness clashing with their desires.

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Exactly, there are plenty of yanderes that avoid violence and can even have normal interactions with people they don't consider the threat to their love. Pic related has four yanderes talking to their former rival they stopped considering a threat.

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Yandere cuties

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One of my favorite handling of yandere was actually in Oreimo.
No, Ayase was always a fake yandere. The series was rather self-aware of cliches and characters, as it was a celebration of those things, so Ayase was a fake portrayal of the most common and cliche kind of "possessive, murderous stabby stab" yandere" as a joke.
No, the real yandere was always Manami . However, the main character is an unreliable narrator with the story told from his biased perspective so you don't get to see it all at once as she has manipulated and controlled him already. Bits and pieces of it are hinted at throughout the story with her working to try to turn others against each others, portrayed initially as "well meaning meddling or accidents" and when other characters describe her in very, very different terms it seems like exaggerations of chuuni-ness on those characters part. It's only toward the end that you realize how manipulative, controlling and poisonous of a person she is and has always been and the lengths she will go in her obssession.

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Wasn't Ayase an actual yandere in the VN?

Yeah, manipulation is very underused part of yanderes' toolset. This is why one of my favourites is Rin from Naraku no Futari, who actually turned everyone against MC and forced him into relationship without having to stab anybody or threaten anybody but the MC.

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Only in one of the alt-routes, alongside the other what-if or joke routes.

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Which flavor of yandere is your favorite?

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i need yandere series where mc is a yandere enjoyers, they fug and live happily ever after.


Yandere girl sniffing her lover's clothes.

>STILL no Yamakaze

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In this order: 2,8,7,9,5,1,3,4,6