Hololive manga announced

Hololive manga announced, post your honest wishes and expectations, no shitposting

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>no shitposting
impossible Yea Forums is filled with SEA

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Thread got archived, move on

I don’t get why you are asking people to not shitpost. you are posting this here to rile up people. if you truly wanted to discuss this manga you would have posted it on your board where people who are actually interested will be able to discuss it with you.

Fuck off.


>second thread right after the first gets archived
This is now officially a general thread.

Matsuri is still the prettiest Holo IRL.

She should be the main character of the manga

Fuck off

Sure, she's pretty, but she's also a hopeless wreck.

Post about it in /jp/

Yeah, they're essentially trying to set up shop on Yea Forums now after mods let the other thread slide. You give these people an inch and they take a mile.

Lots of cute pages, frequent new chapters and naked holo feet that keeps to character of holos despite following their lore
Dies after two chapters due to Mio putting it in her fridge

>Goblin Slayer manga artist
>Not the Brand New Day spin-off artist
You had ONE fucking job you absolute holoretards

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They should have got Wagashi or Atte Nanakusa to do the art.

Wasn't there already that Hololive Alternative manga whose first chapter came out a few months ago? Is this a different one?
>honest wishes
Nene being a cute dork
Series gets axed or put on indefinite hiatus after ~10 chapters

smol ame manga doko?

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kill yourself retard

this looks nowhere near as good as one piece

>good as one piece
>one piece

This is an attempt at shitting up Yea Forums with a pseudo general that will not talk about manga. Fuck off.

IIRC, Mizuryu Kei sperged (literally) out because he said the offer is too low for his art on the project. If he thinks he earns more from hentai of all things, then he really is being underpaid.

Yea Forums is a one piece board newfag if you don't like it go to reddit

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I wish everyone who watches vtubers would go outside and spent their time more productively

one piss are worse than DBSpics

>nooo they didn't deleted the previous thread, I know, I'll make another one and this time they will delete it gottem


>newfag tell others a newfag
one piss is a joke most of the time on Yea Forums nigger

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Why delete it?

one piece is the greatest manga of all time as evidenced by its massive success retard

If you know it's impossible, then just go back to /vt/.

Go back to your containment board.

the difference is one piece is actually good

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Of course you like it only because of it's popularity, thanks for proving you're a newfag

>saying one piece is good means your a newfag

What is the appeal to v-tubers when they are essentially just e-celebs with an anime girl sticker slapped onto them?

It's camwhoring without the porn. I thought humanity can't get any lower.

>What is the appeal to anime waifu when they are essentially just e-celebs with an manga girl sticker slapped onto them?

I wish I NEVER saw what Polka and Okayu looked like irl.

hope they background checked the artist(s) this time

okayu's roommate makes my pp tingle

This but unironically

kurose kousuke is a vtuber too.

you could've use anything as an example, yet you're using the literal mario bros of manga that is one piss is a proof you're a newfag.
Also liking shit because it's popular instead of liking it yourself no matter how shit it is to anyone actually puts you even below newfag.

Dumb retard. Let me guess your next move: pretending to be retarded.

Not too surprising. Woulda happened by now if the guy who was gonna do the Alternative manga didn't chimp out and ruin his career.

>posted it on your board where people who are actually interested will be able to discuss
They're shitposting about native isekai there.

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That's a good thing about vtubers, you'll be dissapointed for worshipping them. At least voice actors actually look as pretty as their character.

I guess /vt/ isn't too far from Yea Forums after all

the shitposter fucked off.

no I like it for tons of other reasons besides it being popular like it's massive world and fun characters also its anti-goverment themes. it's pretty much the modern day odyssey how could you not like it.

>mizuryu kei
Imagine being a run of the mill h-doujin artists, finally have the chance to become legit mangaka and you just burn all the bridge to any entertainment companies because you didn't understand the concept of NDA.

All of us can shitpost.

i love you user

I just want a 4koma about EN.

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>no shitposting.
Consider the following the manga hasn't been released, what else people gonna post about it?. Anyways this thread gonna get pruned due to spam.

holobronies forever trying to shoehorn their shit into everything then get mad when they get a negative response


He rejected their shitty proposal and hololive fans insist he ruined his career or something. He's still making books and has sites like fakku doing translations for them

>Cover gets Kei to sign a deal to work on a manga
>The Hololive Alternative trailer comes out and the reaction to it is much bigger than Kei expected it to be
>Kei thinks "oh fuck I'm missing out on a ton of money" so he wants to renegotiate his contract with Cover, including royalties from future Hololive Alternative projects
>Cover tells him to fuck off
>Kei spergs out on Twitter and fucks off

not too familiar with the hololive side of it, but
>something goes down between him and hololive
>chinks jump in on it because they were butthurt from someone in hololive saying taiwan or something
>they find out one of his older doujins had something about the nanking rape
>they turn on him and he's forced to put out an apology
you can still find a lot of those salty comments on that doujin in sadpanda

>Hololive announced a multi-media project, it will include games, manga and anime.
>Any artists can join the project because the premise was "made by fans for fans".
>Mizuryu kei joined the project because he's a fan of one of hololive's talent and the same talent recommended him.
>Fast forward, hololive become really popular.
>Mizuryu Kei wanted to change the contract to be more lucrative to him and hololive said no, because it was one-off deal.
>Start bitching about hololive on twitter and his fans from china fan the flame by turning the issue into japan vs china.
>He deleted his tweets and make an apology, then hololive publicly canceled mizuryu kei's one-shot because of breaking NDA.
Now hololive is huge name, recently they collab with shueisha and square enix.
Being known as artists who break NDA is literally a death sentence to career as mangaka.