What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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Oh my seven quirks

Absolutely nothing

deku and bakugo existing.

>villain is literally Hitler
>chosen one protagonist: "I can fix him"

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It's kind of baffling how bad the series has gotten since that solo Deku arc

Same friggin league villains for 6 seasons/300+ chapters and any new potential one like Overhaul get defeated in like 5 chapters.

seriously why is a literal schoolgirl still a threat? the heroes in this are all incompetent

Best villain coming through!

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Season 3 killed the hype. Season 4 was the final nail in the coffin.

Deku is one of the worst shounen protags of all time.


Not enough Rumi

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Too much time at school, that shit should've been over at season 3 at most and showed us everyone a bit more grown up.

Editor change and Hori very clearly bring completely checked out and not giving a fuck, I'm honestly amazed the sales haven't tanked because it's extremely obvious dude doesn't give a shit anymore and just wants to be done

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more popular than your favorite thing

All memes aside, I think one of the biggest problems from the very start is that the cast is too big. At UA so many characters are introduced, and the vast majority have little to no overall relevance. Class 1A could be easily half the size and class 1B barely has any reason to exist. This means a lot of time is wasted on characters that don't matter at all.

Also it often feels like Hori tries to write a strategic fight but fails. Plenty of fights boil down to
>Haha I have exactly one plan based on your quirk having X limitation!
>Oh yeah? I actually trained really hard and now my quirk has that limitation to a much lesser degree!
>Oh no, I've been bested!
It boils down to "just [quirk] harder bro!", rather than any actual intelligence. A noteworthy exception is Deku's fight against Gentle, where the key was remembering where Gentle placed his "trampolines" and using them to shoot a long distance attack from an unexpected angle.

Speaking of shooting, Shooting Style is the best example of a failure in strategic writing. "I can't punch so I'll kick" is treated like some breakthrough thinking out of the box moment.

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the author never had a clear idea of the story he wanted to tell because his previous series got cancelled quickly and so he never planned for a long running series

>main characters are completely reactive until the final arc leading to a really meandering plot with no clear sense of progression
>main plot is about chosen one vs the ancient evil demon lord, but the story introduces literally hundreds of characters who contribute nothing
>and one of those characters who contribute nothing, Bakugo, is literally the rival and second character with most panel time
>the main villains get beaten far too much by the main cast greatly reducing their sense of threat
>a lot of themes and social issues get touched but Hori refuses to make statemets more poignant than "family abuse is bad" and "if we were all good all the time, then there wouldnt be a need for a grey area, actually"

Did they figure out who was the traitor because i finally dropped it at

no chapter this week? what happened?

I saw it was a bellybutton laser guy from a preview in catalog once

This. The Eri arc was awful imo, then it just threw everything out the window with muh 7 quirks. I'll never understand why they did that.

>family abuse is bad
This pisses me off. Shoto's mother mutilated him, and she's treated like the 100% innocent victim while Endeavor is held entirety accountable because he was overbearing and that somehow justifies burning your son? I could understand Shoto thinking like that and exclusively blaming his father, but we as the readers are supposed to think like that. Even if Endeavor is partially to blame, that does not change that an allegedly mentally sound adult made the decision to harm her own son.
>inb4 she's institutionalized
Yes, in universe this makes perfect sense. However this is only in the story to make Shoto's mother even more of a victim.

This. And also because Hori simply doesn't know how to write. The fact that Hero Academia discussion has died down even on Yea Forums lately is proof of how bad the plot is

Not even close lmao

>"family abuse is bad"
he doesn't even own up to that because of the way he turned the character that's supposed to represent the consequences of endeavor's behavior as an unlikable irredeemable murderous loser

in fact hori's incapacity to commit to anything is one of the worst aspects of his storytelling, it gives the impression nothing matters and that reading his story is a huge waste of time

*turned into, had a brainfart here

>First half of the series constantly introduced side characters who all had more charm than Deku or exemplified certain characteristics of his better than him
>In turn, refuses to change anything about Deku's personality, and when he did make the most shallow change by having him go edgy and try to leave UA, spent like 7 chapters of the entire side cast sucking his dick and asking him to stay in UA.
>Spent some 80 odd chapters setting up Shigaraki as the main antagonist of the series and formulating his own motivations to be villain, just to get bodyjacked and reinsert AFO as the main villain of the series
>Despite all the touching on systemic issues within the world building, dozens of backstory chapters insist again and again everything bad in the world is simply the fault of AFO's schemes
>Wastes the women in his cast again and again for no real reason

In essence, Hori is a hack who can't write and every good part of My Hero literally comes off as stumbling into good writing. That or an editor actually told him to change the direction of the story mid arc, because that's what feels like happened back in the 1st war arc.


Dabifags wanted him to be Itachi, but the real Itachi was Endeavor all along.

good thing we had Rei owning her bullshit and admitting she was the one who gave Shoto his scar

>An entire arc dedicated for a concert that accomplished nothing
Does anything in this show even happens?

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Villains were never a threat outside of all for one. 6 of them couldn’t even recapture Bakugo during the AM and afo fight.

Doesn’t help that Deku is an incompetent crybaby for half the series. Dunno if it’s changed now since I quit keeping up like a year ago


>awful pacing
>awful worldbuilding
>awful endgame
>awful villains
>still no stakes
just about everything went wrong

a schoolgirl with no training and whose only ability is to shapeshift that can also outrun and out maneuver profesionals

Too many characters, only very few do anything remotely related to the main plot, and the refusal to make the villains do anything to permanently impact the heroes in a negative way, it's ridiculous, they are going into that last fight and it's giving me the feeling that the villains are the underdog

This and that most characters are pretty much bums. The fact that deku, Bakugo, and shoto are stronger than the vast majority of heros in the show kinda shows how shitty of a power system quirks are.

>reducing their sense of threat
If we count all those paranormal liberation characters that were defeated by the villains league, then I believe we saw the main antagonists killing/permanently injuring more villains than heroes, besides, they are the only ones who had an important member of their main team actually killed, I feel no sense of threat

Another thing I hated was just how world buildings concepts weren't developing. One example being how the lives of heteromorphes are affected.

That tenticle guy (idk his name sorry) always wears a mask to hide his face and it was hinted that it causes problems for him. Even spinner faces issues with his lizard appearance.

This is never touched on an the closest thing we got to a villain that delved into this was that genie from Aladdin looking dude. And that movie sucked.

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For a battle shonen, it's severely lacking in the "battle" departent. DID YOU KNOW BAKUGOU PRETTY MUCH HAS NO FIGHTS IN THE ENTIRE SERIES? I mean fights that matter, actual nice duels against a villain.
Nope, not in this series despite supposedly being the rival and one of the strongest main characters.
He does wipe out nameless fodders at times or helps against some bigger threat in team battles, but I don't count those.

In any other anime he would have defeated a powerful League member alone making one of the best episodes in the anime but that doesn't happen here.
And Deku's fights are mostly about
>Muh fingers, muh hands ,saving the 100% ofa punch for the right moment

I don't know, I liked it at the start, but the series really lacks more kung-fu battles like Naruto, or just sword slashing like Bleach... the meat of a fight is usually those exchanges.
I don't know. I just think the BNHA fights aren't that good, Hori didn't make a compelling setting for fighting.
>But user, only superpowers matter, that's why the fights mostly focus on the abiliti-

Oh also this the actual best choreographed fight in the entire manga was just beating up a youtuber who was making a prank


Why was he so based gentlebros?

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Such is the life of the secondary star of the series. It's not uncommon for those who are forever stuck in the shadow to never really have their own time in the spotlight because most of the time they would end up overshadowing the main character.

So retarded.

Deku not fuckin Ragdoll

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Vegeta, Kaiba, Inosuke, Hiei... I think every single rival character in shonen anime history has had their moments to show off except Bakugou.
I can go to youtube and look up some nice battles from those. The fuck would I even google about Bakugou? Bakugo vs Uraraka?

Too much crying.

In a series where major battles are not integral to the plot, it's not a surprise that Bakugo never really had his moment outside of his little spat with Deku. Hell, do you not realize that if Bakugo was given a time to actually go all out that Deku would have to step down from being the MC?

>main plot is about chosen one vs the ancient evil demon lord
Thats what baffled me. At the end of the day its such a generic crappy premise

Bakugo being given OfA I guess. But that isn't canon.

Mc being a fag doesn't help

>One example being how the lives of heteromorphes are affected
Nah. This was felt like an issue that felt forced in. We've seen tons of mutants in Japan with no issue, and several in high places or positions of power. Spinner and Shoji feel like small outliers when looking at it as a whole.

Female characters being so underused and left behind that sometimes I even forget that Uraraka was once part of the "main" group of Deku's friends and allies.

Yet somehow still better than 98% of One Punch Man's female characters.

Good, it’s make westerners mad. There is Shoujo of they want female characters.

I mean... look at it

deku should have never gotten any quirks

>Why was he so based
Because he was down to earth and had relatable issues with the protagonists, which is something that Hori threw out the window to circle around the same few villains thereafter until the end of his shitty manga.

not enough time at school, you mean. school stuff is the only intesrting bits

lol, ok retard

I think I watched the first three seasons and haven't picked it up since, got kind of boring.