Shana bread

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That's some nice bread.

Shana olev bread

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But only if it's melon bread.

Where's that one user who always wants to make out with Shana's butthole?

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Why would you make out with a butthole when you could stick your dick in it instead?

Quality thread.

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cleaning up anons sloppy seconds with my tongue!

Shana wants you to have some too!

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I hate the third season.

I would eat Shana's tasty melonpan.

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melon pantsu

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Shana is hot.

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That's not the only thing of Shana's that I'd eat.

Kotsu's Shana is so manhandleable.

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So petite and small, cute as fuck

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Isn't it great?

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She's so little!
>roughly 37kg

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It's amazing!
Shanas stats...

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I miss the late 00s

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It was a special moment in time.

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God I fucking love small girls.

That and Mami Kawada.

God I love fucking small girls.

The reason I like the tsundeRie girls, and Shana in particular, is because their attempts to project a strong, independent self-image, combined with their almost immediately obvious frailty and weakness, arouse a powerful urge to protect them from harm, and along with this an urge to change, to become someone strong enough to protect them. A lot of modern female romance leads don't cause this urge - for example Marin or Shikimori seem almost to exist just for the sake of the literally-me male lead, who remains mostly passive while the manic pixie dream girl throws herself at him for existing.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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This is also the reason I like visible ribs, it makes me want to cook them dinner even though I dislike cooking.

I always loved them (I first watched Shana in particular when I was 10 years old, and she was one of my first anime crushes) because of the fact that there's this cuteness and femininity to them, but they are also really strong and tough. I always get really envious of the male leads in these shows.

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fuck, just take me back to the simpler times

We were younger then, more carefree, with fewer worries.

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Yea Forums...Who is...
1.The Biter
2. The Screamer
3. The Moaner
4. The Squirmer

>bites you

Fingers some out and stares at it in fascination
Sniffs it and starts to laugh
Rubs it on yours and hers face
Eats it and then kisses you and tries to feed you it.

What the fuck is this referring to

Yuuji did nothing wrong.

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>eternally 12 years old
Yuuji is a lucky man.

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Is it scat?...

...omg, really user? No, I am not spelling it out for you.
Q:What fluid do you pour into the girl you love?

OH IT'S SEMEN those sentences confused the fuck out of me

Now I want to fap to Kotsu's Shana doujins
>that bit where she goes into Flame Haze mode and he nearly splits her in half with his massive erection

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Shit... Me too


>when you're an awkward kuudere who gets remembered as a tsundere because you spawned louise and your catchphrase is "shut up shut up shut up"

How would Iori react to being creampied?


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Whine, spread herself open and as its dripping out, demand clean up


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I want to smooch Gojo's cheeks!

imagine forcebreading shana

Do you mean forcing bread into her or breading her like a piece of chicken before frying?

>We were younger then, more carefree, with fewer worries.
Give that guy a big hug

I love Shana/Raildex crossover art.

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>JC Staff
>none of the staff are JCs
I feel misled and betrayed

She'd mostly just be confused as to why it wasn't an anal creampie.

As an addendum, Shana shows up in Railgun as a background character.
So in my mind, she's a Level 5 Pyromaster.

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Shana and her clones/tsundries are for impregnations and pregnancy sex!

who is the closest to being the shana of railgun/index?