Gyarus mocked the dude in isekai

>gyarus mocked the dude in isekai
>he tried to blow them up
What do you think about his action?

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Where is the rape?

They deserved it. It was legitimate self defense.

It's me or the art quality of doodles keeps getting worse and worse?.

This shit sucks, typical revenge bs from a limp wristed faggot

hm, i have to pick up the WN for this again sometime, once i find where did i left.

Same. I recall he joined Dragon's Heart in a raid on the palace and got his revenge by killing the princess and wiping out the entire palace. Dropped it there because I had no idea where the story wanted to go after that inital plotline.

does he rape her?

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It screams "this is what I would have done to my bullies at school if magic was real!".
If the only way you can think of people hassling you is going columbine on their ass you deserve all the bullying you got.

i miss them

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Well, user?

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That guy is the Chad though, he just got redpilled when seeing MC get sent to his death

Something about nito making his own countryu where demihumans can live in peace and screen al humans who enter. That and drama with the original dragonheart team who started everything because one of their members was a seethign incel. That and a prophecy concerning saeki killing toa and nito finding a way to prevent it or he'll erase the world in the future.

Is there isekai where fem MC gets brutally raped and tortured?

leave saints klebold and harris out of this

Can't believe Golden Wordmaster still handled the "kicked out of the castle for being useless" plot point much more nuanced than 99% of the stuff that came after it despite the fact that those 99%'s authors had all the time in the world to come up with something that was at least better than that...

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Pretty sure there's a bunch of "this king is dubious as fuck I'm heading straight for the border" stories. Tondemo skill MC does the same for example.


Can anyone recommend me an Isekai where the blood related sister of the mc has sex with him? Basically incestkai
Manga, anime or light novel/web novels are accepted

>cultivator protag goes into a rare high-ranking inheritance together with some mooks and a beautiful, talented, named female cultivator
I can see where this is going.

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Sisters who aren't linked to his past life are basically NBR

It might be semi-NBR but it makes up for it by being grooming.

He kills her for benefits?

This, incest shouldn't be a taboo.

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No some ancient being makes them fuck (for benefits).


>MC is actually an accomplished human being with a job, wife and child before being isekaied

I can name at least 4 cultivator protags who lost their virginities in an inheritance site.

Name them.

Yang Kai, Keyboard Immortal guy, Yun Che, Mortal's Journey guy

>Mc has feelings female followers but rejects their advances
>Yet he Visits the brothels after said rejection

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>There was a woman two seats away from him.
>Black coat. Black heels. Purple earrings and a black cap on top. Even her hair was pure black and her eyes were purple like the colour of her earrings.
>Yu Jitae frowned the moment he saw her face.
>An idealistic beauty unimaginable from a human was hanging on her face, which was covered by a high-quality face mask.
Bomfriends, did we get mogged?

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Death march? satou is that you?

need to pick this up again if i remember correctly MC nukes the castle right?

The more these "unimaginable beauties" get described the more I see them being a sort of uncanny valley where you just can't associate them with an actual human being

>Draw a fairy.
>Call it an elf.

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Oh xianxialand, you so crazy.

It looked like this one was going there before it just stopped

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You sure it's not just Bom cosplaying again?

He's not even the MC. Why are you trying too hard to fit in?

You're getting jaded through conditioning to the idea by them constantly showing up only to be a pointless drain on the story.

You really just should read all that poetical waxing as "they're hot, and I mean really hot, hotter than all those other chicks".

They're Berserk elves

When does any MC fuck a dragon in those?

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Unlikely apparently this chick is boss enough to escape from the magic PTSDman uses to detect his surroundings. Bom never stuck me as being strong, even if she's good at magic

Fug a fox.

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Why is this onahole tagging along

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There's like Turquoise Pond and CCG, usually if it's a nonhuman heroine it's either a phoenix or a fox.

>tfw you're Lily and you're stuck between multiple predatory lesbian onee-sans
Worst part is she can't stop herself from leaving herself open to getting taken advantage of the moment she's in front of a sexy older woman.

aw boomer.

hello based department?
>yes, based department here

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>get a movie deal for her book
>rips the contract to shreads
>says she will burn the manuscript
>trashtalks all the involved
>throws champagne at another girl
>refuses to elaborate
You can (not) fix her

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Lily's cake fetish is completely out of control.

>Steel is my body and fire is my blood
It's a bit derivative innit?

Steel can handle fire to a certain degree.

There are more foxes as female leads then any other monster in that genre and phoenix is more a name or title. Doing a dragon is vary unlikely (as they are usually male and still monster formed).

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i can fix her

This one needs to be.

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has this series been drop? There's hasn't been a new chapter translated in months!


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Is this how royalty should behave?

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Why does the good stuff get cancelled, elevens have no taste

Why does she look like she has a cloud of vapour coming out of her in a few pannels?

>childhood fiend
>gold digger
Why not both?

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fat people smell bad

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>click on a random isekai chapter

Why isn't this porn?

>imma bone a sword