1 chapter per month with a chance of Hiatuses

>1 chapter per month with a chance of Hiatuses


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>1 chapter (10-20 pagse) every 6 months with a guarantee of hiatuses

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its two chapters a month but she takes regular breaks. this long one just seems like bad timing

Does it get better? I got bored after the crossdresser arc

you mean the male crossdresser. School crossdresser arc is the peak moment

yeah that one, does it get better?

One Piece has this exact problem nowadays.

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oh boo fucking hooooooooooo
>made in abyss

probably enough money to stop being serious about work

No idea. Stopped reading after that since i want to read the entire thing in one go


>Girlfriend ?

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Better than one chapter every two months but the TL version only comes out once per year because the TL only does the tank volumes.

I will never have a cute girl cosplaying as succubus in top of you

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mostly setup. inui sisters and amane are back though

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>Relationship ?

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How the hell this guy is still get paid.

he doesn't

Probably just living off the royalties for the anime

he's at the point where he doesn't need anymore money.


Made a lot more from manga sales I'd bet.
Plus you know his wife is pretty rich too.

Oda's age is just catching up with him, let's hope he learns to pace himself better and doesn't become another Togashi.

Jesus I had heard about this HxH hiatus meme but this is actually ridiculous. Big fucking F

He has 2 best selling manga that run/ran in the most popular manga magazine, each of them got an anime adaptation (the second one got 2 adaptations), and he's married to another mangaka who has one of the most popular magical girl mangas whose English dub was the introduction to anime for girls to many foreigners across the world.

He 100% owns hxh?

>introduction to anime for girls
Everyone lied and pretended they only watched Dragonball, but really every dude watched Sailor Moon too.


Theres no other RomCom girl that is more beautiful and attractive than Marin.

Change my mind. You cant

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This chart is never not funny.

Chihaya from Chihayafuru?

Those Brooklyn accents haunt my dreams.

Your mom.

No one must know my secret

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>Yea Forums can't fathom a monthly manga schedule
Wait until you learn about quarterly manga.

for me it was mars

Personally I'm hoping for HxH to upgrade itself to an annual schedule.

Monthly manga has 35 - 40 pages
2 weekly manga has 20 - 25 pages
Weekly manga has 10 - 15 pages

Sono Bisque is 2 weekly manga

You know how his wife is the mangaka for sailor moon? Well, do you also know that his wife apparently came from a rich household? Yeah, neither of her has to really work once they stopped giving a fuck

There are no page guarantees for monthly manga. 4koma manga are often 13 pages or less per month (Hidamari Sketch recently averages 4-6 pages on a less than monthly schedule). Others are ~20, others are 30, some are 70 I've seen. I've seen quarterly manga be ~20 pages to 40+ pages as well.

Hinamatsuri was consistent 35 to 40 pages from beginning to the end

It happens every single time a series blows up. It's like the authors refuse to take advantage of the massive new audience they just got.

It's probably burn-out coupled with getting a writer's block.

The same sailor moon mangaka wife that destroyed his fucking back by amazon pressing him?

if that's what really happened we'd all have done the same.

Mother fuck it's been half decade since the last hunter x hunter.

Tsuredashite!(You can smile!)


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still no new chapter after this one?

There are no similar finished romcom manga like this


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two more weeks

Just create a Marin tulpa and be done with it, goddamn nigga. Real women can't even come close and there's zero logic behind expecting anyone as good as her to actually exist. Take the fantasy for what it is or get creative with your coping.

I need a bigger dose

>TL still somehow behind


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My brain is too normal? literal? autistic? for that. Even when I dream, my dreams are boring everyday life. The only exciting thing that happens in them is sometimes I get in a car accident and die.


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Explain the manga to me. I heard that there is no relationship development between Gojo and Marin but in the anime she admits (to the viewer she loves him) Also apparently the loli bait and the booba are not key characters.

Everyone is side disposable character except Gojo and Mari.
>no relationship
Both are in crush to each other. romcoms always do that until the very end of the manga.

Don't care post demon Marin

well I'm ok with that as long as they are destined to be together, it's stupid and pointless otherwise