Shingeki no Kyojin

What do you think the other snk projects are? will we see more OVAs? A Bert's ova would be great. It can't be called Lost Boys, it should be called Lost Chad.
What do you want to see for a future ova?

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I want an ova about best nose

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GODHOLT's wife already has an OVA

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God I love mikasa

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And I said BEST, the very bestest best, nose

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First for EreMika love.

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Miki's delivery service

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pure rabu

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Miki or Mimi?

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idk you choose i've read both

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He's so hot

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What's wrong with Mika?

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Godkasa twin

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too much like a real name to me

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>4 posters
Hahahah holy shit just put these threads out of their misery already

It's saturday, the other 80 GODholtchads are with their hot wives

But Mika is apart of her name; Eren would call her Mika.

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KEK. Cope BAsissy twittercuck.

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"i" sounds cuter than "a" to me

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There are no other projects. Dead series.

TOPKEK. Why BAfats coping so hard?

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They'll announce something in 2023

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To each his own.

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This artist is very comfy.

love thEM

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Top EreMika artist for sure.

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AAart vs beruautism eurospic "art" (trash)

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Annie fucked THIS???????

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>samefagging bautism

BAsed BAchad

>this will make Armin jealous and stop spending time with Jean rather than with me

I am completely in love with Mikasa Ackerman!

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The possessiveness of Eren makes Mikasa wet every time.

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She is mine!

fuck off, eren!!!

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What would you do to arumin?

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Kys BAfat

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Feed him to titan Eren

>yes kino is hard to pull off that's why it's kino, if anyone could do it then we'd all just make our own kino instead of getting hyped for other people in a billion dollar industry to make it
There are miles between 'kino' and 'amateur fanfic writing'. Creating kino is hard, but writing a good story shouldn't be hard if you already have it all in your head.
The problem with EHfags is that they didn't have a story in their head. For example, none of them can explain where parallels between Ymir and Historia were supposed to be leading. They just think parallels make the writing smart and they also see golden opportunity to make Historia important via Ymir, this makes serotonin flow into their brain, stimulating it in the same way reading a good story does and giving them the delusion that they came up with something brilliant.

Feed Eren to him

>Annie alive and gets a happy ending with Armin

BA suck and not canon. Fat BAschizo suck Isayama's cock. Why you so retarded, bortshit spammer?

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Eren must be the one who gets off on possessiveness. I mean, if he loves Mikasa, he should love one of her main characteristics before the timeskip.

Hang him like the tranny he is

We had been there with BNHA already.
Man, how much more cinematic this scene would be if Isayama drew it. Say whatever you want about his writing, but he can create the feeling of epicness without making it cheesy.


Most of his limited affection happens pre-ts anyways.

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