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Mother's Day is upon us. Who are your favorite moms in anime/manga?

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Your mom.

My mom.

his mom

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Fubuki Azuma.

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You're mom.

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How universal is mothers day being tomorrow?/today

Most Arab countries celebrate it on March 21, apparently. Others celebrate it on the second Monday/Sunday of May

My mom is dead

I'm sure she was proud of you, user.

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The mother in the By Spring manga. She supports her son by offering her assets to decent paying men.

Sensei drew Yor mama her pun, not mine

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Nice, i always think that Yor is kind of similar to Chiyo not just from her appearence but also from her willingness and determination to become a good family member

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Mom with the Bravest son

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Snake mama

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Yasuko from Toradora
Aunt Mito from HxH
Rinko Iori from Gundam Build Fighters
Meme from Denpa Onna
Tooe Gaen from Monogatari

The mom from Shonen no abyss.

Lots of cute moms in mecha shows, huh?

I want to make pochi into a mother.

Their mom


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I remember my father showing me a show he used to watch when he was growing up. The mom sacrificed herself in the first episode, I believe.

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Celebrating mothers day, by eating her out in the bathroom.

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he doesn't get to bang his mom in the end does he

can't believe i typed that

No, but there is a 40 or so page doujin that's done in the show's style and fully colored where he does.

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... give

I love Yuko!

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Ah, there's another mom thread right now. That makes sense.

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I finally watched the Galaxy Railway OVA despite have not watched the series because it was a crossover with GE999.
For anyone interested, it sets after the Eternal Fantasy movie but before the Ultimate Journey novel. Both Tetsuro and Maetel are at their peak here with both some badass scene for Tetsuro and a really romantic scene borderline near confession for both of them.
Here's the couple in glorious early 2000 digital animation.

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Man, I miss them. Where did you watch it? I'm still disappointed about the lack of a fourth GE999 movie.

Night. I wonder if the thread will survive?

Best mom

Happy Mother's Day anons

Treat your mom nice today

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What would happen if Yor meets the other Pochi's drawn Moms ?



I watched it on RetroCrush. Good streaming for titles with barely any seeds on catsite.
Maybe when Leiji kicked the bucket for real, there would be a a GE999 remake/reboot. Otherwise, Yamato is too big of a cashcow compared to other Leiji stuff

whats the drive of these regular mom threads?
is it appreciating motherhood?
do you want to have sex with your moms?
or is it just about liking milfs?

>Evil scientist mom and a wholesome loving Dad

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There's not enough moms that retain their chuunibyuo well into their 40's.

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Happy mother's day

>Treat your mom nice today
You have no idea.


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Letting your mom dress up for a fancy dinner on Mother's Day!
pochi fashion optional, but nice

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Hail Mamako!

always appreciate all the aspects to your mother's personality

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