Spy x Family

>he doesnt wear black underwear

Never going to make it.

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what did the anime cover so far

Anya got in to school and the princess in the castle rescue.

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Will I get a cute wife if I become a spook?

why did you make another fucking thread

No you'll probably get buried six feet under.

I saw Damian trending on twitter for some reason so I guess he's not getting punched just yet

what's the point?
to hide all the shit and piss stains?

Do other anons feel like they're just supposed to like this show? This show isn't bad by any means but doesn't feel like it warrants the level of praise it's been receiving so far. I guess the best way to put it is that this show doesn't feel genuine because the emotional moments feel overdone

It makes you feel better to have nice cool underwear

Why does he wear panties?

Next episode

It's a mediocre show, but it's also relatively comfy and there isn't anything with a similar concept being made right now.

Yeah, it feels like it's artificially good.

this is unironically the greatest show of the decade. redditman fags sit the fuck down.

You know if the Forger family all know each other's identities and skills combined as a family they could easily become the 3 most dangerous people alive. You have the worlds best spy, the worlds best assassin, and a fucking mind reader. They could assassinate literally anyone on the planet and get away with it.

I think that eventually Anya's powers will be discovered and the forger family will become a real family forged by a trial by fire. I predict that people from both sides will start gunning for Anya and Loid and Yors will join forces to protect Anya.

It's nothing special so far but it's fun.

falseflagging retard brings up CSM out of nowhere

>artificially good
Is this the latest Yea Forums buzzword

so we can all agree this has the best ED of the season, right?

Why doesn't Loid suspect anything is up with Yor?

It makes sense that Yor doesn't notice anything about Loid because she's dumb, but he's basically shown to be hyper intelligent and proficient at everything except for this one glaring thing.

your gf/wife doesn't turn into a super-soldier when drunk?


Loid has -95 perception when dealing with Yor

what is it then?

It's a pretty typical AOTS contender (unique premise, good production values), so it's not that surprising that it's getting a lot of traction. I feel like no one is pretending it's the greatest show ever, but it's a lighthearted and wholesome watch, and this season is already a pretty lackluster one anyways so it doesn't have much competition.

Mine only has the ability to not exist.

>I base my enjoyment on what others think

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Confessing to Anya. Kissing Anya. Dating Anya. Marrying Anya. Losing virginity to Anya. Impregnating Anya. Raising a family with Anya. Dying next to Anya.

This is all I think about.

I couldn't give any less of a shit what others think of it, I enjoy reading, and now I'm enjoying watching it. Axeman getting his big break, and then getting it enhanced by the anime makes me happy for him.

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We know Damian.

Confessing to Loid. Kissing Loid. Dating Loid. Marrying Loid. Losing virginity to Loid. Being impregnated by Loid. Raising a family with Loid. Dying next to Loid.
This is all I think about.

>Losing virginity to Loid
How can you lose something you no longer have?

Yor is beyond his understanding.

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Yor sex

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real talk, why is she walking like a nun here?

It's going to be okay Fiona

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She's wobbling because she's drunk.

that...that's not how nuns walk user...

Did we get a response from Axeman about the episode yet?

user where do you live, I want to get me some drunk nun action

Damian please, you are six.

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I get that they wanted to expand from the source but I still think they went kinda too over the top with this episode. Also they made Yor's murder fantasy too obviously a murder fantasy


WTF is this half episode long overdone filler?
They could have started the next chapter and left it halfway through.

animeonly pleb here, what did they add?


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They plan on milking this for as long as possible with multiple seasons

it's the same faggot posting it in every spy x family thread.

The "fight" in the manga

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Most of the castle stuff. In the manga they rent out the castle and gather a bunch of WISE agents to make it seem lively, but the actual princess rescue is just pic related

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They can only do two at most. There's not enough manga for more.

I think what you're sensing is fans of the series in the manga who already appreciate the anime even though not much has happened yet. The anime is still early enough on to be unsure of.


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I want family now

oh, wow. that's a lot tighter than what was presented. thanks.

Do you think Yuri was breastfed by Yor?

>There's not enough manga for more.
Not yet.

the hands are in prayer position yo!

Can you rent out a castle at will?

When will Yor die?

ahh, they really milked that

>left it halfway through
Would they even need to do that? The next chapter is fully self contained, it's the kidnapping one. They totally could have fit both in here.

Envision the sex

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Spy x Family is objectively terrible but people pretend it's godtier to fit in or to justify fapping to Anya/Yor,
>spy parts have no tension, don't have anything clever, all villains are cartoonishly evil and are never developed
>slice of life/comedy parts aren't as good as other slice of life or comedy anime, very bland even in this department
>even in the manga the main characters barely develop into anything interesting
>typical unfunny japan humor, no matter how many faces Anya puts on the actual jokes will never make anyone laugh, so it's liked based on cuteness and not on amazing witty writing

Fails to be a good "SPY" anime, isn't that great as a SOL, animation is not great. The current season is just so painfully garbage that it looks like a diamond in the rough in comparison to everything else.

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swish swish swish
pow pow pow
there's atleast 6 strikes.
how many did animu have?

I could easily rape and impregnate this Yor.

>Axeman managed for people of all ages to lust after a man and woman near their 30's
Is this the champion Abe needed?

>Loid tanking Yor's kicks without his arms breaking
Yeah no

Did Studio WIT fire all of its great animators or something?

>all these words
fuck up nigga its 25 mins of fun once a week, stop trying to base your entire life around expecting everything to be AOTD lmao

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Yuri, how many times do we have to tell you that it's your sister? You really need help.