Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Since we gotten a Boruto time travel arc already, do you think there would be a Next Generation RtN arc as well?

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What does RtN mean?

>menma and bitchnata as mom and dad
>hokage sakura
would be kino

Wtf this shit is still going?

It's cuck shit

Yes, seething?

Road to Ninja.
It was a movie about Naruto and Sakura caught by Tobi's Limited Tsukyomi where things are mostly polar opposite.
NaruSaku faction in SP had quite a involvement in it btw.

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Inuzuka and Hyuuga women fucks dogs.

Which shit?

I see no Otsutsuki


>menma and bitchnata as mom and dad
How would they look like as couple?
I'm guessing Namikaze Menma would try to be serious but caves in whenever Bitchnata's dick flattening session happens. Bitchnata's outfit would be similar normal adult Hinata's but without layer of clothes.
Kids would take Hyuuga surname and Boruto would have a black hair and Byakugan. Himawari would have Byakugan too but she'd be blonde and having her father's attitude.

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Why the fuck was that god replaced with a musical note string?

Sakura would be Hokage in Boruto Road to Ninja universe.

What about Sarada and playboy Sasuke?

Menma would be off atoning like Canon Sasuke, yet RtN Boruto would still white-knight his dad not being around unlike the original Boruto.

Meanwhile, Himawari would be the one with daddy issues.

Sarada would probably want to join the Akatsuki PMC and work with uncle Itachi. Boruto would just be genin Naruto with the byakugan.

Who or what would be the bad guy in RtN Boruto? Kara probably isn't evil like Akatsuki was. The Otsutsuki clan probably isn't bad there either, unless their motives are just different.

>Who or what would be the bad guy in RtN Boruto?
Obito and that Salamander guy from Rain. High tech Samurai might also play a role.

Sumire. She is a villainess demon lady Boruto wants to fix.

RtN Hinata is so superior to her shit original version
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>Hey, Boruto! Remember that one guy who keeps stealing my chakra and beat me up everytime I fight him?
>You don't remember him?? I mean he uses fucking fishing rod that can steal chakra! How many guys can do that shit?!
>No, I am not drunk!! There really is such a guy! Ask your sand spook friend and Shukaku! They will confirm it too!
>Doesn't ring a fucking bell?! We went back in time to chase him and meet your dad when he was a kid!! I even met my wife there when she wasn't even legal!!! Also you team up with your dad to kill him and me and Jiraiya also help you guys...
>You know what, maybe I am really drunk...

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Based opinion

>fillershiki is filler even in the RtN universe

I want to romantically smooch Deidara's hand mouths.

We all need a slutty yandere girl that brighten our life.

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>I want to romantically smooch Deidara

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bitchnata was a tsundere if anything

Remember when Obito had Trouble with Kakashi the moment he could not rely on Kamui despite all the other hax he had

Sakura would be the one too neglectful and busy for Sasuke whereas Playboy Sasuke would be constantly horny and always looking to dick her down even in her office when she's busy which she gives in to so he would stop pestering her

He just rails her over the Hokage table and then leaves after he's done

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She literally threaten to kill Sakura if she ever gets closer to Menma.

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Please understand user, he doesn't really want to kill him. It was all part of his 4D chess plan to get Kakashi to stab his heart just like Rin to free him from Madara. At the end of the day, he wants to bring Kakashi to his dreamworld where they both get a Rin that love them. Truly the coolest guy.

An annoyed Sakura getting her brains fucked out by Charasuke would be kino especially if she's sucking him off while wearing the Hokage garb. Charasuke would truly be getting back at Konoha in the best way possible.

It'd be like if Sasuke forced Tsunade to kneel and suck his cock

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She probably says that to her Sakura all the time. Doubt she means it.

¡Esto es el fin, Kimimaro!

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Sarada will have many half-siblings

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Would RtN Kawaki simp for Menma or simp for Hokage Sakura? Or would it be completely reverse and he ends up hating either one of them with a passion?

Kawaki would be a nice boy with a normal background that doesn’t care about Menma/Sakura.


If everyone is reversed in RtN the world should turn out very different from the current Boruto timeline
Boruto probaly doesn't even exist there

>Natuto if Sakura was the MC

Not everyone is completely reversed. Minato and Kushina acted similar to their original counterparts.

That being said, they would be alive as well.


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Even just one person with enough authority to make important decisions or a important enough role in history being reversed would change a lot


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No one cares

Every time they show a flashback that person gets murdered.

I called it

Demons fear Infront god.

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Great, now the Lee bloodline ends with Metal.

The path to Mizukage is getting clearer, Buntanbros.

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Code's Kara: 0 named character kills.

Funato: 2 named character kills.

Mangabros, we can't allow this to go on.

I think the series will continue to be complete shit.

based Buntan, a Mizukage marrying the Hokage would secure a good alliance!

At least Buntan’s childhood flashback happened years ago and she’s basically locked in for a 3rd arc.

Buntan is becoming the most punished character in Boruto.

Sarada will bring peace to the ninja world by fucking Buntan and Shinki and whoever the next Tsuchikage & Raikage will be

Salad will heal her! Unless Kishimoto kills her off...

>Sasuke's daughter fulfills his and Naruto's dream of a united and peaceful ninja world
>by being a massive slut

kino sharkwife

based uchihawife

Sarada's harem will grow

>Code arc adaption is such a long way from now due to the snail's pace of the manga that the anime has to generate interest by killing off characters for shock value.
Kek. I wonder how much the extended cast will be left until Ada appears.

I swear Ikada is gonna pull a Nagato and revive everyone who died in this arc.

Hopefully they can do it in a more satisfying way


>NaruSaku faction in SP had quite a involvement in it btw
>made the best version of Hinata
>doubled down on Sakura being an ungrateful bitch like literally that gag from early Naruto where she shits on him for being an orphan right to Sasuke's face but ten times worse
They did an awful job then.

Buntan is going to die against Shizuma. They'll give each other a fatal strike.

>a more satisfying way

Did you get this live on television? If so, are you able to confirm if she actually dies in this episode?