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The Croce Incident (3)

Chapter 70

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Don't feel sorry for him

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I wonder if there's going to be some kind of twist or if this is just some straight background.
Don't tell me


SFOR was the name of the NATO stabilization forces in Bosnia not Kosovo and that was a NATO mission as I said so they wouldn't have the UN patches

Am I being too pedantic? Maybe, but this is my territory

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Maybe they rented the trucks.


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>Why do you fight
>Lol, Lmao

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They're best friends now

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So cute

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now I'm sad

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Oh no


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Yeah he's pretty drunk

Surely this can only end well

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Clean thoughts chum


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its going to happen soon, isn't it

And that's it for today
An unbelievable wave of dread and anxiety is washing over me for some reason. Must be nothing though. Hope they have a great vacation!

Since there's no doubt now that this is just a cute, vacation, slice of life volume where nothing too bad will happen, tell me, when was the last time you went on a vacation with your family? Do you regularly go every year?
I have not been on vacation with anyone from my family for about 7 years. Hopefully this year

Thank you for reading
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Thanks, OP.
Yeah it was 2007 or 2008 when we had a vacation with all of us together when we went to Italy. Good trip.

What a cute family trip.
I haven't been on a trip with my family in over a decade. We're not really vacation trip people.
Thanks OP

I've gotta say, I usually hate flashbacks but this one is expertly done. The events themselves are mundane but it's the knowledge of the inevitable that is gut wrenching.
However I also think we will see Dante setting up his ambush, so we'll have some warning
>Do you regularly go every year?
We used to before everyone got old enough not to have the entire summer free. And after the plague hit we haven't at all

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Oh no...
Thanks again for the dump
>when was the last time you went on a vacation with your family?
We've never been on a vacation before. We never really had the money for it

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Thanks for the dump like always OP.


Thanks OP.
The last time I went in vacation wity my family was almost 20 years ago to visit their home country, we never really had the money for it so that time was an exception

>So cute
The hair though...

Is the moral of this manga that people with hime cuts should be killed?

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If you can even call that monstrosity a hime-cut

Well then what do you call it? Low cut bangs? I'm not a hair expert

Just fuck me up -cut

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Thanks for dumping, I think the last family holiday I went on was in 2016.

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Henrietta doing something when?

Why is the board so fast

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I'm guessing because of new anime episodes and manga chapters being released.

You mean Henrietta jobbing more again?

wow he's LITERALLY just evil Jose

What a piece of shit Jose is
See? He's LITERALLY Giacomo

>All Sicilians do
she's not gonna be involved with Padania, is she?

Cute, Enrica and Sophia getting along together through the power of FIFA!
Truly adorable


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v cute inspection of the car's tyres
Thanks again OP! I'm looking forward to the nice cute vacation SOL chapter very much
Last time I went on vacation with my family was three years ago, we visited Cambodia and Vietnam. We go fairly regularly, and this year, we're going to Italy! I will see all the sights featured in Gunslinger Girl quiet handily, including Venice; so maybe I'll be able to judge the autistic charts irl

>All Sicilians do
But I thought Padania were the right wing terrorists?

>They're going to Taormina
>their summer house is literally in Sicily
>and Giovanni Croce has the gall to complain about Jean's choice of wife

If you decide to keep following these threads during summer and Ika Musume please feel free to share some pictures you take, especially if they're sights from the manga

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I will do my best to try and recreate the exact shots, if I'm able!