Why this archetype died?

why this archetype died?
I don't see ojousamas anywhere nowadays

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Only high test men like ojous, all the plastic in the water has made the average person too faggoty to appreciate them.

This. Ojous are the best.

they've never been anything but jokes and minor villains
i can't think of a single series where a stereotypical ojou sama is actually a main and important character or the girl the protag falls in love with

The blonde drill ohhohohoho died and was replaced by bitchy himecut ojou quite a while ago actually.

>t low test urbanite
A high test man wants a sturdy, strong woman who can pump out plenty of offspring. Rich, spoiled sluts just can’t compete

My wife Beltier in the visual novel.

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Does she end up with the main guy? My memories of that show are pretty fuzzy but that seems like a weird pairing, the other ojouesque blonde cutie is better

Dude if you fuck an oujosama that is irrefutable proof that she loves you and your cock way more than all the money in the world

>Someone in the UQ Holder storytime comments that ojous never win
>Realize that he is right as I can't remember a single anime/manga/LN where that is the case, unless there is a catch
Faggots always talk about how childhood friends/tomboys never win but they have a normal winrate like other archetypes. Ojous are the true victims even though they are the best if done right.
She won?

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They're basically joke rivals in shoujo anime, and joke characters in regular sitcom Anime, Never anything important and didn't survived the test of time. On the other hand the onee sama has an spiritual successor in the class prez of modern yuri, and she could be making a comeback with the resurgence of otome isekai

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>Does she end up with the main guy?
The anime adapted the pink-haired girl route. In the visual novel, each girl has her own romance route.
>the other ojouesque blonde cutie is better
Celia is top tier, but so is Beltier. Both are my favorite girls from the series. The anime didn't really show how awesome Beltier is.

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No, but she's the second most important character and the one with the most development.

What pains me the most, is that some ojousamas are dedicated as fuck
>Met MC as child
>MC leaves a great impression on them
>Ask him to marry him or whats her type of girl
>They separate but ojou remembers
>Grooms herself into the ideal girl for MC because she really wants him to love her
>Never wins

All that effort, all that love, all dedication and sacrifice for nothing

>why this archetype died?
why can't you english

That's because the ojou is a joke, she should've aimed for a Yamato nadeshiko instead

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English its a third rate language anyways, why bother mastering it.

Can we get one where she isnt a joke? And no, Visual novels with the shit ton of routes dont count.

I'm getting a feeling I've seen an ojou that wasn't just a punching bag but maybe it was just a fever dream.

Majority of ojous have the full package though and can actually back up being above the common masses.

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Mimi from Digimon wasn't one.

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>They're basically joke rivals in shoujo anime

What about a shoujo anime where they’re literally the main antagonist? They’re always great.

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I remember how much I liked her in the anime.
What I really hate is when she is honest about her feelings for the MC and chase him unashamedly, yet the MC goes for the passive girl.
Nips are just pussies.

Oriko ojousama.

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Do any mangos exist where ojou wins the bowl?

Isekai stories have plenty of them

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>he watches isekai

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This. This right here is why ojou-sama's can never win. It's the grating laugh refined to its apotheosis by Kuno Kodachi way back the '80s. That laugh is an immense turn-off to any MC.


This is precisely the problem from a writing standpoint. In a Romcom, the characters have to grow to love each other. If one starts off fully committed, it is uninteresting to the reader. In fact, the reader will find it funny if all their preparations blew up in her face.

This reality makes me sad.

If it's a drill ojou, I can only remember Evil Lord, but the manga is still 1 year away from starting her engagement arc

I fucking hate how much damage Rumiko's bullshit has done as a influence to others

I can remember some novels, but the translation will remove all the desuwa and other stuff


She also has drills and wins the bowl

The black hair, small cup size, and lack of upfront dedication to her man results in her only being half ojou. I guess it's the closest thing we'll ever get.

That franchise is shit.

Mob isekai gets one in a few weeks. She becomes super important later, too

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Debatable. She's not even in the harem

That's because she's an LN character. The LN has more heroines which he's probably going to marry.

Then dont make the story about the chase, but about how they play off each other as lovers

You only angry about the recent stuff, Kaguya was top tier romcom right until Miko arc

She won.

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Precure has some very cute ohoho girls, Sakurako Himenoujo is pictured here. This is an edit but I feel it in my soul. Clip of her here on the best Youtube channel ever that catalogs ojou laughs:

And another: youtube.com/watch?v=veKf3wPdXVU

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What about ojojojojo manga? From the same guy as the dragon maid one?

Is it possible to just do her route? I loved her in the anime but don't really care for the other girls.

>i can't think of a single series where a stereotypical ojou sama is actually a main and important character or the girl the protag falls in love with

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Never played the starforce serie.

It's a fucking joke. Not as bad as Komi mind you.

Not him but like MMBN before it they're both great sets of games. Up in the air whether you prefer one or the other but nobody ever shits on them for being bad, just samey and if you're not into the base concept then the series won't win you. But for those that care it's excellent.

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The decline of Komi was soo bad, I ended it dropping, but damn it, it was going soo fucking well, the author seemed to understand on what to focus and how, which friends to make more regular but then, the love triangle happened and it was downhill from there.

Chad MMBN/SF enjoyer.I posted Have you seen the video about the MMBN competitive multiplayer scene? It's cool. youtube.com/watch?v=JtWeNgtpDBo

Plus the acual tourney channel: youtube.com/channel/UC6o0u-M3rQUGIkJvqNVN_Vw

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What happened with the translations?

Of course, it's not an harem series. Her full route is in the 2nd visual novel Walkure Romanze More & More.

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The first game is actually well-written if you're looking for story. I was pretty surprised at how well they portrayed a depressed and reclusive protagonist having to come out of his shell for a kid's game. The second game is pretty bad in comparison, but the third game picks up on gameplay and has some redeeming story elements.
Just goes to show how much of a gem the series was for it to still have a community. I can only hope for a Legacy Collection with online play to get some of my normie friends back into it.

I disliked Komi from its initial premise. It's fucking retarded.

That's boring.

there is
its yuri though
I dont know if picrel is considered a side character

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I'd actually say that everything right up to Valentine's Day was good. It was set up as the ultimate shit show, and became an anticlimax that seemed to persist for the remainder of that arc. Then things got even worse. Then things got even worse than that. My god.

Thank you for the info. I don't know much about VNs so I thought you may have to complete another girl's route to unlock it or something.

Im so happy Heriyama still draws her, considering her games are like 15 years old.

Ojousamas never win because unfortunately they are largely seen as a joke character in a romcom/harem. They're also usually pretty dumb. You may want MC to end up with someone autistic, but not someone who actually doesn't know how to do basic things or looks down on commoners despite being dumb

Even visual novels don't have them anymore. They used to be a token heroine staple but that's faded away

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Sometimes, the ojou-sama wins.

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...a pie.