What would you say is the best executed plot twist in all anime/manga?

What would you say is the best executed plot twist in all anime/manga?

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That time when Aizen killed Kubo irl.

Looks like Lelouch

When it was revealed that Azuki wasn't really a Slider in Ghost Slide.

the "wig scene" in Monster probably, It's not really unexpected but how it ties to the character of Johan and the birth of his Trauma is honestly stellar

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One piece has a couple of great ones with Blackbeard reveal, but I Really like picrel cuz I love twists that are positive and uplifting they are so rare

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Not nearly the best, but thanks to you I'm thinking of Lelouch's Zero Requiem, which was very well done.

aizen soul society probably in terms of execution, plot significance, wtf moment, cool factor, etc. 99% of these fall flat or seen a mile away or fucking stupid, even in bleach, like say ichigo's father. aizen worked perfectly.

>One piece has a couple of great ones with Blackbeard reveal
This reveal was equivalent to that Obito reveal in Naruto and Dabi reveal in MHA. It sucked

Re:Zero had a really fun one, but its up in the air as far whether it'll ever be adapted properly.

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ace dying
no one would expect that with how one piece was written and it drove the entire plot going forward for over a decade

This entire show.

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>le funny train wreck
At least learn to use that image in a proper context fag

and that is?

Code Geass and Steins;Gate, the peak of good endings.

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Don't know if it qualifies as plot twist but the squealer/queerat betrayal in Shinsekai Yori was pretty good

Kircheis dying for Reinhard in LOGH

Mana is the Millennium Earl

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>inb4 Axed Clover mouthbreathers show up

Fucking this. Pure kino

Arc 6, Imo I'd say its worth waiting if you're interested but if you don't give a shit.
Near the beginning of the arc, Subaru is found unconcious and with amnesia, the last thing he remembers being the convenience store. He freaks out and starts getting paranoid of the past Subaru, which he calls (Subaru) and really fucky stuff starts happening. Near the end, its revealed that Subaru was actually bodyswapped with a fake and that the Subaru we've been following was actually (Subaru).
My description is a bit half assed, but its a fun ride.

The second season of Code Geass goes full retard, I have no idea why people think its better than Death Note

Quite possibly because Death Note is irredeemable garbage outside of a couple moments in the first half. Light winning because he convinced a supernatural being who fell in love with a human is objectively retarded writing that only children and nostalgiafags can enjoy.

Shingeki no kyojin, fucking up a 10 year story in the latest chapters was the biggest plot twist ever made

Take your meds. That’s Koro sensei.

user not everything is about SnK

it was for me...

>That's the joke.png

Death Note also went full retard after L died, though.

>smart character written by idiots
It's all just presentation. Especially S;G. The plot is as shallow as it can be. Read a fucking book.

Why did you choose that one and not any other post?

I-I'm sorry, user. I didn't mean to. Please forgive me.

You got it wrong I am not that s;g user, I was curious why didn’t you reply the same thing to every other post itt

Explain what happened to my waifu Beatrice in the Ln user

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Umineko really got me with Kinzo isn't alive and Erika murdering all the people who were playing dead

>Code Geass
>the ending ripoffs gundam wing

The later spoiler had me rolling, Umineko has a lot of flaws, but that scene was fantastic.

Less so than CG

Its as if God himself is trying to keep Betty in despair, I suppose.

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what show

I'm not even an SnKtard, but in terms of presentation at least, "I am the Armored titan and he is the Colossal" wins for me. Nothing in anime or manga tops the fake casualness of that reveal. Making it happen during the slowest part of the chapter/episode where your attention is at its lowest is fucking genius. Completely caught me off guard.

It felt like they were trying too hard to make it look casual especially by having hange talk at the same time. It would've been better and more subtle if it was just Reiner speaking casually.

Reinar and Ymir's conversation over canned herring in the castle was a hell of a lot better

Death Note wasn't that great before L died, either. All the best moments we remember all came from L. Meanwhile, Light's whole plan was
That's an asspull to end all asspulls.

The very end of Panty & Stocking

Not only this moment, but the ENTIRE arc is a monstrous twist

And it hit me like a truck 'cause he was a really, really nice guy

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>music cuts out
I flipped my fucking shit because it was at that exact moment I remembered the tape seals.

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the ending of sayonara zetsubou sensei and literally nothing comes close. the fact that everything was there from the beginning, though the entire anime as well, a solid 5+ years before the ending was ever published is the icing on the cake

Fuck off. R2 is better than R1

The only correct answer

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The twist in itseld is nothing special, quite predictable actually, but man that execution...
Makes me nut every time I hear that jingle in the soundtrack.

Personally, I much preferred it in the manga. It starting out in the corner of a panel where other characters are the main focus and as Reiner goes on, we focus more on him and see Mikasa's reaction to it.

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Yeah that was great as well

It was me DIO XDD

It was super fun to watch with Yea Forums

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This one from Ao Ashi kind of shocked me

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i liked the end of season 2 fight


This was great. If there is something Urobotcher excels at, is his twist

That was good indeed.