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More Roof Piece kino today.

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i cant wait, roof piece will be known as the greatest animated arc of all time

Over all, are you satisfied with the roles Kid and Law played in this arc, as well as their outcome in their fight against Big Meme?

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> best girl will never come back


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I am satisfied with nothing Wano delivered.

I feel like if I wasn't satisfied I'd have unrealistic expectations, they defeated a Yonkou, so yes very satisfied.

Law had more stamina revival than luffy in this arc. But Oda did the funny author commentary through him with Kids bull. Kinda cool fight bc of big mom mostly.

Yonko Killer Apoo

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How far will they get?

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I remember reading a story where a kid was so invested in watching the Axolotl on an aquarium to the point he got body jacked by it.

I feel like Law's performance made no sense. He became VERY durable in just a couple of arcs. He went from being unable to touch Doffy to tanking multiple Big Meme hits

>captain buggy
one piece within a week and imu slain about 3 days afterwards.

Enel is capable of carrying the whole crew, and Blackbeard was apparently a fucking beast even before his fruits.

Enel legit has genius level IQ, he lived in bumfuckville in the sky where no advanced technology beyond Dials existed and he still figured out how to build a fucking spaceship with no education or assistance from Blue Sea engineers.

I know it’s memed on a lot but personally I really liked their role in this arc and the fight against Big Mom was cool. Both of them needed a win of that magnitude as far as I’m concerned, they were kinda being framed as the two captains nearest to Luffy in power and drive. Yet they didn’t just beat Big Mom hands down, they sorta won on a technicality and by using some quick thinking. She was beaten in such a way that she can very easily show up again to fight Luffy in a future arc and I won’t necessarily feel like she’s lost that threatening aura

Crocodile proud of his son

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After his power ups Daz Bones will defeat SHITro.

Can we really call Ark Maxim a spaceship? It flies with propellors, suggesting that the moon is within the atmosphere of the One Piece world.

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He still built a flying machine that's powered by electricity. A completely unique invention in the series.


episode looks awful from the preview lmao

they definitely blew their load early

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That’d only happen if One Piece was good.

>One good episode
>The rest are shit
Did you expect anything else?

For coverstory I still think it's going to be Buggy and Alvida on the cover story and he's going to end up allying himself with Judge and falling hilariously upward into replacing Big Mom as a Yonkou. The Blackbeard Pirates were just dealing with the Revolutionaries so for them to protect their own territory, launch an assault on Baltigo and invade a rival Yonkou's territory when most of their Crew is still there is ballsy. Also after two weeks of Oda setting it up we know it can't be Vinsmokes.


I thought that this week was a recap episode or whatever

Would be kino

The BM fight was fucking awful.

One Piece turned me into a waifu shitter

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Law Carried the Raid way too hard.
>Saves Scabards
>Let them in to fight Kaido which makes the momo rescue a cake walk
>Saves Luffy twice + helped him when he got out of Haki
>BTFO Big Mom
>BTFO Bombs
>His hole saved everyone from the fire and drowning.

Roof Piece is a turn-based fight anyway, it might be a slide-show and it won't matter. Next episode which will be good is the CoC chapter adaptation. And it might come sooner than expected, considering we're at 1:1 pacing now.

don't shit out waifus

Guys I think the planetary model seen in Ohara is wrong. The world of One Piece looks like pic related.
Think about it!
The Grand Line goes around the planet by spiraling from the outer rim through the center and looping back the same way on the other side.
The water in reverse mountain does not actually defy gravity. Rather it is place at the edge of the curvature of the inner rim, thus making it look like there is still sky/outer space above you when you look up, but the water appears to gets dragged "up" the mountain when in reality it wants to flow down the center donut hole but is prevented a direct path by the mountain.

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Doesn't his 81million bounty feel like a joke at this point?

>1:1 pacing
Toei’s gonna draw out the last chapter to 3 episodes and you will like it

They'll be fighting on the same side though

I think he became a Warlord pretty early on in his career, so he went years with a frozen bounty. After almost nuking a WG country and taking control of an ancient weapon, disrepsecting the Royal Shichibukai system, and busting out of Impel Down, and apparently forming a new syndicate I'm sure his bounty is at least in the 300 million area

It makes sense considering how secretive he was with his operations.

Check the titles, for the next five episodes it's 1:1. I expect it to keep up for 10 episodes than slow down again and come back for major fights.

>I'm sure his bounty is at least in the 300 million area
If it's actually 300M then that's extremely embarrassing. Outbountied by fucking Sanji
Even Don fucking Chinjao has a bounty over 500M

Is there even any reason for Dragon's further presence in the manga other than flashback exposition?
He's already weaker than Luffy, his organization gets btfo by anyone, in fact it's made up of furries and trannies, he literally fled to tranny island, Sabo probably got fucked up or something and will initiate Marineford 2.0.

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This, when isBonney come back Oda!?

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I was just thinking of Zoro. He's the Straw Hats' number 2 (basically) and fights at a YC level, yet he's currently only at 320 million

>Outbountied by fucking Sanji
The third strongest member of a yonko crew and the son of an infamous mad scientist who owns a clone army. Sanji has fine reasons for his bounty.

Just wait until we see the Thunderbird zoan at full force user.
God I can't wait for some real Monkey D Kino

>Straw Hats number 2
That’s Sanji.

>Oda is a flat earther
I wouldn't be surprised given the fan base.

I saw you guys shat on Jinbe vs. Who's Who last thread. Don't know how when it's no different from your average CP9 battle in Enies Lobby, an arc Jinbe wasn't around for.

It’s just worldbuilding. People’s parents barely matter in one piece. Some people get autistic about this and say “you shouldn’t talk about parents in one piece because the story is about found family”, but forget that establishing characters as bad parents helps solidify the found family angle.

what is more kino

run piece or roof piece

He's breaking 1B after this arc though.

Wedding Cake Piece

A captain of a pirate crew, particularly one that's been told to be foreboding and powerful, being lesser than that of another pirate crew's #3 is embarrassing. Sanji's bounty is fine for what he is (in fact it's massively undervalued), but Crocodile after spending 2 years in the NW should EASILY be north of 500M if we're to believe he's as strong as the pre-TS memery spoke of him being.

Even Jinbei's 438M is frankly undervalued for him

It’s actually Usopp

Well yeah. Hancock got hers after one campaign and the WG swiftly sent an invite.
Meanwhile, Crocodile is bullying a Paradise island, steals the rain because he can't seem to fight without his DF, and tried to rely on a fable like an ancient weapon which wouldn't have won him the world anyway. He did hurt Luffy pretty badly but as far as warlords go he's a huge cope.
Not sure who's a bigger cringelord, Moria or Crocodile. At least Moria admits to getting his life and spirit broken.

Im a Sanjifag and it’s fucking obvious that Zoro is number 2.

I mean yeah he has been called the most dangerous man in the world by the world government and he does lead the biggest force directly opposing them. I think his motivations for doing so will probably be very important to the series

Maybe Croc is just more of a jobber than we were led to believe.

You are a retard, Zoro, Sanji and co. get their bounties inflated for being part of SH crew.


Crocodile is based only because he acted like an absolute spastic during Marineford.

I'm happy they actually made use of Law's devil fruit instead of just writing him out of the story

where do i go to read raws free, trying to practice the language

Yeah but I feel like the gap between the two of them has finally lessened. Before Wano Sanji was severely lacking behind Zoro. Now that Sanji has blue fire and adamantium bones with regen he feels more like an equal. He's still number 3 though but maybe he'll eventually share a number 2 spot with Zoro.

I liked the outcome, but it was fucking cheap. They got random powerups out the ass, and bullshit stamina. It made BM look worse than it made them look good

> Zoro, Sanji and co. get their bounties inflated for being part of SH crew
And what does that have to do with Crocodile's bounty being extremely low for someone apparently so strong?
If anything that's a clear showcase that his true value can't even beat out SH inflation, which I find implausible.

He'll easily be north of 400-500M if Oda keeps his character consistent.

*are fucking powerlevels

Nice. I can't wait!

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I think Zoro will always be number 2 just because he entered the story early. As far as strength, He’ll always be at least a fraction of a percent stronger than Sanji

But muh CoC user!
Zorofags should be embarassed a cook is almost as strong as him.

Clash Piece.

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What will her bounty be as a Straw Hat?

>every powerful character scales with bounties, with a few under or over-inflated
>yet user claims they aren't a soft gauge for a character's powerlevels because it would upset his world view about one piece being free from numeric villain scaling


Moria waltzed into a Yonkou territory and when his friend was in danger despite how hard he got his shit (and chin) kicked in by the last time he challenged one. He's based.

Kaido wanted to be Joyboy and failed now fully confirmed

With how much bigger yamato's yamatos are in the anime, I'm looking forward to THAT scene with momonosuke

>I think Zoro will always be number 2 just because he entered the story early.
By that logic Nami would be the #3 and she isn't.
Zoro's the number 2 because he takes on the higher ranked opponent than Sanji, simple as

It's implied that reaching a billion bounty is a testament to strength. Other than that, I agree.

I really didn't like Gecko Moria at all when I first read Thriller Bark. He was just too much of a creep for me. But now I love him. Despite everything he may have said he's a man who loves his crew and would move heaven and earth for them.
He isn't too dissimilar to Luffy, he just went through too much pain

>dragon flame susano

i don't get this move AT ALL

of all the cool things a dragon could do this is not one

>attacks Whitebeard
>attacks doflamingo
>saves Ace
>attacks Mihawk
>attacks Akainu
>saves Luffy twice
>helps Whitebeard pirates

>needing a lookout when you have a Sniper
Perona would be better served as the crew's stress reliever.

I feel like Oda will keep their final powerlevels about equal so that no one is seething at the end of the series.
Luffy will be undeniably number 1
Zoro and Sanji will be relative equals and share the number 2 spot
Yamato will be 3

Why didn’t law use his awakening against doffy?

What form will Kaido be defeated in: human, beast, or hybrid?

>Yamato will be 3
Thought you were slick didn't you.
She isn't joining.

Luffy = Captain
Zoro = First Mate
Nami = Quartermaster
Usopp = Vice Captain
Sanji = Yamato’s future sex slave

81 was his STARTING bounty. It's higher than what sanji got for beating jabra in enies lobby. Don't forget that you bounty goes up if you decline a warlord position so he true bounty would probably have been a bit higher

The odd thing is that if he can generate that much fire why not just condense it and fire an ultra powerful beam of flame and just obliterate Luffy?

Although they got the coloring on Luffy wrong and erased the 2nd head on Kaido, I prefer the blue flaming dragon from that spic rendition more than red, personally.

Shut the fuck up its even cooler than anything other faggy dragons do.

>Yamato will be 3
Ha, caught you. Red-handed.

You have the image?

They aren't equal and if Oda settled on that, he'd be shitting on Zoro who does nothing but train, and Zorofags would be pissed.

I don’t know if I like the red fire or the blue fire better. However I appreciate that you can see the smaller real form of Kaido inside that’s a good touch

Ya from last thread.

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Have you never heard of a spotter? Snipers have to focus on aiming the guns.

Nami is the only S Tier female character in One Piece.

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It's not as impressive when you can just generate electricity out of nothing but it's still an big achievement

Yeah that looks pretty cool but you can't see Kaido in the forehead

Pretty cool.

Yeah now that I look at them side by side I do like this coloration better. The other one is still quite nice though

Ya they colored over it. They also got Luffy's color scheme completely wrong. But I like the concept in general better, because it fits the Azure dragon motif

Sanji did all his training when he was younger. It will be revealed that Zeff was on Rock's crew and was a top tier fighter and taught Sanji secret training techniques that give him massive results without having to train often.

this is fucking shit because you cant even see the most important part of the transformation - in this version he might as well have just turned into blue flames like marco and got bigger

Luffy, Zoro, and Yamato have ACoC
Sanji doesn’t and therefore is weaker than them
Your headcanon is irrelevant

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>The Rocks are just a top hits compilation of all the older characters
Not sure if that would be gay or kino

Chapter 1000/episode 1015 would've been so much cooler with Sanji standing there with the rest of them

>yamato slightly more than boa

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CoC isn't that important. The power of SCIENCE can surpass it.

Nami’s the best but Robin and Vivi are S tier too

>CoC isn't that important.

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Sanji is a commander of an emperor's crew dawg. Unless your about to argue croc should have a higher bounty than Queen or Smoothie.

The French love One Piece.

Why the fuck is Yamato grouped in this? That's like grouping in Kid.

>Luffy, Sanji, and Yams all get their power from their very spirits
>Sanji is a godless atheist relying on basedence
Yep, sounds about right

Pirate Warriors 5 is going to be so much fun with all the Wano powerups.

I think it’s fine if he does because after Wano you know everyone is getting an upgrade in their bounties

Haki > anything else and ACoC is the strongest Haki

My argument is that for someone who has been hyped and spoken about so much by Oda himself, there is absolutely no reason for him to be so weak and insignificant a threat to the WG, that his bounty isn't at least over 500M
Like said, Sanji's is massively undervalued too.

Fucking forgot about the filter, Sanjifags win this time

Depends on how higher is your ambition.

Why do you think?

Haki is a form of power used by humans, and so is science. There's no reason they can't be equal. Spirit=Intelligence.

This series is dying
>2020: Top of Shonen
>2021: Raped by Demon Slayer and forced into the number 2 spot for the first time in 2 decades
>2022: Falls all the way down to number 4, losing to a title that isn’t even still running

One Piece will be cancelled within the next 2 years

Why does Kaido still give the same "huh, we'll also see what this can do" stare instead of being genuinely terrified?

>Haki > anything else
Kaido, nobody is buying it anymore after you transformed. You were just butthurt Luffy was tanking your strongest hits.

The Strawhats don’t have commanders though


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If you compare the final panels of the last three chapters, Kaido still looks interested while Luffy has lost his smile and looks more and more desperate.
Maybe he's about to lose Gear Fifth for now, maybe Gear Fifth can get a little more fucked up, or maybe Luffy's just going to get his ass kicked again
We'll see

>the only person that desires Kaido to die and for this fight to be over more than the reads, is Kaido himself
Really well done meta-commentary here by Oda

Haki >>>>>>> SHITence

One Piece will alway be in the front half of Shonen Jump until it ends.

I guess you want her to be the world's strongest woman after Linlin, but that'd probably still rank her bottom top 10 overall.

The raid won’t even be over in the next 2 years