ITT: Background Characters

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Not quite sure what it is you want to talk about regarding background characters, but I myself do consider them interesting in terms of an anime's or manga's visual style. It's intriguing when they get an interesting or elaborate design even though they have no name, don't play much of a role and are possibly not even recurring. Yet their designs are often quite expressive and indicative even of a personality.
I assume that these kinds of characters can be creative outlets for key animators and such, instead of having to strictly go with the directors or character designer's templates, which again makes them stand out in their own way and enriches the artstyle of the whole.
Pic related are some "standout background characters" from my favourite anime ...

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... and manga.

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Benkei from Getter Robo spotted in Doremi

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Kazuma as a girl

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Do you have a 3x3 for grass in anime as well?

He has a green one for forests IIRC.

What said.
One part satire (on wilfully obscure 3x3s), but also one part completely serious: Background illustrations do say something significant about the visual style of an anime. Something that often gets overlooked. Maybe an anime uses watercolour backgrounds, maybe it has great detail, or maybe it uses computer generated images. No matter which it is, whether it's good or bad, it does shed a light on the conceptualization of that anime.

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what if good anime forests exist outside your 3x3 thooooooo

I'm far from claiming that my 3x3 is in any way a collection of all "good anime forests", nor do I even state that the forests themselves are particularly great - or meaningful. They just happen to be greenery in background illustrations in my favourite anime, and as such, they make a statement on those anime.
Other anime might have different forrests, maybe better forests per se, but those do not belong on a 3x3 of mine because they have no bearing on my favourite anime.

Wow, you really put a lot of passion into that. Cool.

you added the yakuza guy and not the rocks dude?

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Yes. A much more expressive and unique design.

From this post alone, you really do make like a tree and stick out

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I like this thread

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That's what it means in that screenshot as well

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Interesting thread, and the namefag posting the 3x3's is actually an intriguing user. Yea Forums can still be a cool place from time to time

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What show is this?

What show is bottom right? That's my favorite forest of the ones in this 3x3.

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Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger.

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Come on user, the studio should be easy to figure out by the art style. Step it up.

Scruffy-chan from Bocci, wish we saw her at the forefront for just alil bit.

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Fuck, there was a huge collage of background characters from Hyouka but I lost the image. Like 99% of them were from the festival arc.

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Wish I had the WebM handy.

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Who do you think is the most well known background character?

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and of course they each still got high quality hentai

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I have a fetish for background characters now.