Spy x Family episode 5

What did you think of today's episode of Bondman?

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I liked it.

I don't liked it.

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Why are king glowies always so lazy?

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This anime gets the comedy on point.

I only watch this trash for Yor and her big fat udders and there wasn't enough Yor in this episode. Therefore, this episode was SHIT.

What comedy are you referring to, I've watched it so far and I've yet to laugh a single time

It was ok but then the insert song made it good.

Pretty cringe filler

That's because you are retarded

Nothing was funny this episode in the slightest


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Stop responding to generic bait

Do i watch little anime or was the animation of this episode really good?

I'm worried next episode they will butcher the subs and use a different nickname than Sy-on Boy.

Sy-on Boy is one of multiple ways you could translate Anya's name for Damian. I don't expect them to keep it

So "comedy" is when Anya said she helped clean up the house, and Loid rebutted by saying how she actually didn't do that, and Anya making le funnie meme reaction face
Or is it when they do something quirky in the school entrance exam and the principal acts overdramatically
Tell me where the comedy is faggot I bet you watch The Office and think it's good too

Mediocre just like the rest of Bland x Family. Oh and fuck you all for making me read this boring swill of a manga.

I don't need this fillershit. I wanted to get right to Damian.


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Any niponese here explain why in the opening at the end there is a stomqch written no problem?

She sounds like a man

Damian is cute! CUTE!

I am trans btw

thanks for telling me yourself that your opinion doesnt matter

Anya a shit and I hate her.


I self insert as Anya
Want psychic powers and for Yor and Loid to be my parents

Yes to all the above
You will never fit in.

Congrats you are the target audience

>ep 6 covers chapters 7 and 8
>7 more eps for 15 chapters up to bond arc
They're gonna skip some chapters aren't they? I can see them skipping 10, but they better not skip dodgeball

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filer filer filer it begins

I think it's either referencing how coffee gives loid the shits or how yors food is poison

>parodies the MV
not bad, not bad at all

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Why skip when you can just One Piece it for the next 20 years?

>Spy x Family episode 5
Wait, was mission 006 today or next week? They have to make their mind if they want to follow the manga chapters numeration or going by episodes count.

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gay on boy

Dodgeball is plot relevant, they can't skip.

My god Damian is cuter than in the manga.

>he doesn't know
Get used to it because Yor gets sidelines hard.

reminder that yor has every right to dump loid once she finds out he's been a lying manipulative asshole for all this time
>inb4 she's lying too
she's just hiding her real profession, she's not faking her identity or her whole personality or putting bugs on her spouse
honestly, I feel bad for her


Was this really necessary

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anime secondaries get the bullet

They're going by episode number.

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And yet she will STILL get the most fanart.

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I like the manga design better. He looks odd.

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That's the director at WISE's hq in the West. Sylvia's in Ostania with Loid

I swear I'm so closed to dropping this shit.

Why is he wearing panties?


otakus are horny what else is new?

Sy-on boy is a dumb name anyway.


Yeah, I'd rather commit suicide than think that any of these 'I'm quirky' archetypes are hilarious


The anime's ED reminds me of how much of a hollow shell of a man I am and makes me want to kill myself.
I will never experience the love, wonder, discovery, and contentment that they feel for each other.
I will never bring color to someone's life and them to mine.
I will never fit.

Amazing original scene from anime
I'm surprised

But today was episode 5.

Same, he looks a bit more like an asshole in the manga.

Isn't Axeman an adult straight male writing on Shonen Jump? Why would he base off one of his characters on the asshole from Hana Yori Dango, a shojo manga for femcels?

Have you never watched an anime adaptation before user?

too pretty looking imo

Fantastic, please do.

It's not just otaku's. Every artist male and female alike want to draw her.

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maybe they do what demon slayer did and make movie instead?

sex with sy-on boy

The cruise arc could work as a movie.
And they should just cut the stupid tennis arc altogether

Don't say shit like that Anya

It's a reference to the lyric of the song that talks about the stomach no longer being upset

Don't worry, Yuri will save his sister from the evil spy.

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>not just skipping about the episode after to rewatch happy drunk Yor in all her glory
How can you even say you like her if you didn't enjoy that

And the chapter it adapted was mission 6, the page I posted.

Summer is almost here....

dropped this serie today.

I hope we gets tons of cute fanart after the next episode bros

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I have no idea how you could watch this and think they will skip any chapters

>And they should just cut the stupid tennis arc altogether
>cutting nightfall

Anya, no don't be a slut like your papa.

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Are you ready for the punch user?

Well we all have our own preferences I suppose. Anything else your watching this season? I've got this and Summertime rendering

His design at the beginning of the manga is different from how he looks now. The anime is using that design


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Yes, but then in the credits they call the next episode mission 6.

It is inevitable

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The power of male tsundere cannot be stopped

>filler on the 4th episode


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This is Anya's manga buddy. There will be multiple episodes of just Anya at school doing silly stuff.

They're the best chapters though

Wait a shot in the butt really DID give her autism?!!?!?

Yes, because it's episode 6. What part of this is confusing? The manga numbers them by chapter, the anime numbers them by episode.

Cute tsundere.

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As opposed to the yumejoshis drawing all the Loid fanart who aren't horny at all.

Learn how to count retard

Good. they actually improved from the chapter, also drunk yor is always additional points

I've glimpsed through the chapters. There's really nothing that they can skip. They might cramp 11 to 13 in an episode by cutting some part of Yuri's SS work, but that's that. Wonder how they're going to do it

>needing all this filler
>when they have more manga content than they could ever cover in one season
For what fucking purpose?

Yumejos need to step up their game
I want my half-naked Loid fanarts and I want them now

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This is the Nip tag.

It was action packed filler so it's okay. the first half of episode 3 where they just showed the house and rooms around made me want to kill myself.


when will Loid bust out his pipe?

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What a figure. Hot damn.

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To show cool Loid.

The Loid fangirls are more daddy fetishist who self-insert as Anya but they keep quiet because they know it's "problematic"

What are the chances of NTR ending?

I like chapters where Sylvia gets any screentime

Both Fiona and Yuri will get NTR'd

Are any translations to the LN up?

The first image refers to today episode and is named No. 006. The second image refers to next episode as mission 6. You get the problem?

And I will save EVERY ONE

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i am going to impregnate sharena


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I hope they can develop at some point and not just be gag characters :(
They deserve a replacement Yor and Loid

>shojo manga for femcels
I should fucking hope the target demographic of 9 to 16 year old girls are celibate, christ user.

As a filthy secondary Ill ask;
Have they done the bit where Twilight and Thorn Princess are tasked to eliminate each other yet or is that Final Destination?

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On Tumblr there's one.

ZAMN! SHE'S 27?!

The Yuri arc starts at the end of 10 and ends at 14, so probably 2 episodes for all of that. Yuri is definitely on this 12-ep set tho

They don't follow the same numbers, just call them chapter and episode instead of mission.

What's the point of tracking someone's underwear color? Also don't normal people have all sorts of different color underwear? Are there people that wear the same color underwear 24/7

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Love AU stuff

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The mangaka confirmed that the final boss is Donovan though

No and it will probably be a long ways off from where we currently are.

even worse, they will split the Bond arc in two and leave the resolution in 2nd cour

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Yoru-chan marrying me would not be considered NTR. I am saving her from a fake family and giving her a real one.

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The more successful the manga is, the further away that scenario is pushed back.

imagine the hatesex

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I havent kept up with scans just the physicals but has yor gotten any more focus due to the waifu war between her and fiona?

Both Yor and Loid only own black pantsu

me, my wife and her son absolutely loved this episode

Twilight vs Thorn Princess is such an obvious thing that I almost think it won't happen because it's so obvious

>more focus
>due to the waifu war

Everybody talks about Loid and Yor but how will Damian react when he finds out the girl he liked only tried to become his friend to get close to his dad?

The boat arc is focused on her assassin job.

>They deserve a replacement Yor and Loid
>Meanwhile Yuri is the male Yor and Fiona is the female Loid.
They'd be ending with their worst nightmare which is fucking hilarious.

No. The tennis arc was fun for the conclusion alone


There was a whole boat arc that focused on her assassination stuff but that's not getting adapted any time this or next cour

>Yuri is the male Yor
Yor is not a brocon

The female audience found this information very useful

We got a whole arc of her and 27 pages of murder

>when they have more manga content than they could ever cover in one season
Technically yes, but they can't adapt too far. I'd also imagine the director did not want to cut the school stuff next week in half

He'll have to find some way to take out his anger on her

Sadly not with this pace

They just lost the perfect end for the second cour

>For what fucking purpose?
To keep us away from boring school shit for longer.

Try if it works.

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I hope they choose to sacrifice their job at the end or something like that for Anya and they live happily ever after.

That is the kind of stuff that won't happen until close to the end of the manga and we are very very far away from that happening. Anya only recently got one of her 8 gym badges

is that within the first 6 volumes cause it's been awhile and i havent read past that

This is from chapter 61, he still looks different to me.

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