What's the current state of Shonen Jump right now?

What's the current state of Shonen Jump right now?

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Overrun by Jump+

Pretty healthy, it has P6, Akane and a few other good new series in it.

Not great. It's got a couple new series to keep it afloat and it has gas in the tank for a couple more years but here's the realistic state right now

-My Hero Academia is on its final Arc
-Mashle is in it's final arc
-Black Clover is currently in a 3 month hiatus before starting its final arc
-Dr. Stone has very recently ended.
-Chainsaw Man Part 2 will be published on Jump+ ( where Spy x Family, Kaiju No.8 are published)
-Ayakashi Triangle has also shifted to Jump +.
-Jump has failed to produce new hits in the past 3 years apart from Mashle, Blue Box and Sakamoto Days,
-Worst of all, it also had 3 huge established authors flop (Kishimoto, Shimabukuro and Tamura) so combine that with how within the next 2-3 years it's gonna lose Mashle (which just came in), MHA, BC and maybe JJK, while no new series shows any promise to rise above 100k sales, it's a dangerous time

Jump+ is doing great though

black CHADver is the only proper work of literature currently in Jump

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Like half the magazine is axe bait. We're just waiting for the next big thing TM

>makes lame attempt at self deprecating
>does bad acting with random outbursts during shitty """jokes"""
>only consumes the most normalfaggot media
>kneels to shonenfags when they shit on your video instead of defending your opinions
>admits you only said certain things in the past to seem cool
>melodramatic nearly crying bitch voice for no reason
>unironically uses the term deconstruction for many anime
>shills my hero and gets a lot of info on manga/anime wrong

He shilled Chainsawman the most in the vid

even the fucking clovertard youtuber had better takes LMFAO

>thinks ES is going to be pretty big, even though volume sales haven’t grown much (not sure about this, but are they declining?)
>excited about Mashle, even though it’s clear from the rankings and the latest group cover that Jump doesn’t give a fuck about it anymore
>is shocked about PS, even though most of us saw it coming from the bad rankings
Yeah, this guy is clueless.

Eyepatch Wolf seems to hate it

oh noooo!!! how will i cope.

Someone should show him "The right way to make Jump", just so he takes TOCs seriously. It's such part he's cus fags got made at him for it.

I can't fucking right

almost everything currently in the magazine is ending within a year or is axebait

We’re slowly seeing the end of the long running Shonen Battle Manga era in favor of smaller more grounded stories.
>One Piece
In decline
Allegedly ending soon
>Chainsaw Man
Off to Jump+
Going strong but the end is definitely in sight
>Black Clover
Togashi will die before we get another chapter

It’ll be up to Jump’s rookies to carry the magazine into the future

newfags should be banned from commenting

Feels like his video should be called "state of mainstream Jump", given what few fucks he gives to lesser series like Roboco and UU.

Shut the fuck up about eceleb shit

Roboco is for trannies

Shueisha betting on the jump+

The jump no longer produces hits, the last big hit dates from the end of 2018 (CSM)
and I can't imagine Mashle, UU, Yozakura or even sakamoto selling 300k in the first week even with an anime adaptation

It's a new era for WSJ; but certainly not a welcoming one.

Chainsawman is the bigger trannybait retard

Shonen Jump is for babies

TORtanic culture ruined the internet

Literally obsessed.

I'm sorry, I meant to say based Shugomaru is trannybait.

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WSJ is serious business

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I wonder what the author will make out of the tranny's behaviour in the last chapters.

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You can really feel how Jump feels about Mashle from how it's grouped with UU and Yozakura.

He's not wrong

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Dont care, didnt ask. Still sells 100k+

MHA, BC, Sakamoto
Mashle, UU, Yozakura, ES
BB, WW, Roboco, Akane
Ayashimon, Doron, Shugomaru, Earthchild


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MHA is ending before BC. Literally read the current chapters and everyone is getting their respective final battles.

Removing BC because of a hiatus with a set start and finish is stupid. Did you remove JJK when it had a month long hiatus?

It all comes across as desperate coping and attempts at victory laps from the resident anti-bc idiot

>8 months

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They might as well remove Mashle as well as it's also entering it's final arc. Honestly, with how weak the plot is, it's most likely going to end before BC does

>MHA is ending before BC
You’re a retard. Black Clover is already in its final arc, MHA has another arc or two to go

I will add BC back in 3 months

MHA will be nearly finished by the time BC gets off hiatus

Same as always

>MHA has another arc or two to go
MHA has like 3 fights left, which should be resolved in less than 30 chapters
it's ending this year

Knowing Tabata's writing pattern, there's like 7 plot points Tabata set up in the past to revisit in the final arc. At best, it's going to be under 100-200 chapters before it ends.

As much as you want your series to last Herofag, MHA is ending in under 50 chapters. Unlike Hori, Tabata actually planned his series from start to finish.

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has if they give kawaguchi a better editor, red hood would live longer.

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Too bad if Kawaguchi comes back, he'll probably get Shinigami Taguchi again.

Makes sense since it's approaching endgame (so it makes less sense to keep promoting it) and the successive low rankings (readers knowing it's getting stale and it losing favor). Pretty big fall in prestige though, given it has at least double the sales per new volume of everything else in that tier.
Wonder if BB or SD may eclipse BC by the time that ends in two or so years.

>over-reliance on cliche
>living in the shadow of its former glory (dragon ball)
>forcefully maintain the status quo by gatekeeping new ideas

At least they are not mass producing genetic isekai manga.

Will they be able carry the next generation? (ES probably doesn't belong unless Matsui can bring it back with the Kyoto arc and onwards).

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Holy fuck, kill yourself

They'd need anime adaptations, just saying

I loved that response. At least someone over on that hellsite has some semblance of a brain.

earthchild is going to save the magazine

Where's BC?

>amazing manga environment
Lol what the fuck is this guy talkig about? Jump is a terrible manga environment, causing artists to jump ship to Plus.

Weebs doom and gloom about the end of Shonen Jump -- just like weebs have done since the inception of the magazine.

Roboco is a tranny Manga, I'm glad that anituber doesn't care about it

Dying. When one piece ends it will pretty be dead, and i expect the magazine to completely shift all titles to jump plus in 8 years.

Where is this from?

he's right on the money with this one

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