Kaguya 262 spoilers

Kaguya is back but at what cost ?

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Why did Chika put her daughter up for human experimentation?

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That's all for now

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Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

so what's this manga about

Thanks, user! The last page looks a bit ominous, is Prez internally monologuing about leaving?


Here's your (You)

Realizing how much Aka uses posing software ruined the manga for me, now I can't unsee them being puppets.


I love Hayasaka.

Please let this be the last volume, just bow out with 9 fine comedy chapters and 1 romance chapter I beg I don't want the previous kino ruined by whatever else you can think up Aka.

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I'd actually accept a little more. It depends on how much of summer break Shirogane's seminars take up. The student council only disbands after the break, not before. I've got my fingers crossed for this to end on elections and a final farewell to the old student council.

Is this hack seriously going to spend the entire last volume on LDR drama?

>back to status quo
Thank god. When the first image leaked I worried Kaguya was still missing.

Weiner samurai game!
Just what are you doing?

Are you so sure this is the last volume? People have been declaring, "Just ten more chapters" since last year. I think this shit will continue past summer break, at least til the StuCo officially disbands.

>Prez going to America

Yes, I miss his early art when he didn't depend on it as much. Even if the anatomy wasn't the best, it was more fluid.

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>it's a nothing happens chapter
Bring the serious drama back.

>posing software

>he thinks it's the last volume

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Maybe the leaker didn't post the fun gags. Honestly, I want drama too, but it needs to be good drama, and right now Aka needs to wash the shit taste out from the bad drama.

>literally no problems anymore
>kaguya with her infinite money still not able to go to the US with prez
>they are still not spending every second of the day fucking each other despite Prez leaving soon and they already fucking canon
KEK aka is a fucking retard where my otterchads at? NTR long distance drama is back on the manu

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Strap on senpai, we are in the IshiMiko era.

MikaGuya and HayaPrez soon!

Eg look at

The characters are always in the same position and spot, the only thing that changes are the hands and the angle they are drawn.

Compare to this page, which I picked at random. You can feel Ishigami getting closer to Prez.

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IshiMiko isn't finished yet, of course not.

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If we're lucky and Aka finally drops these drama nothing chapters then the next few volumes might make for some interesting threads. I for one am looking forward to summer break chapters.

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Reminder Kaguya's mom was a literal whore who was paid to pleasure an old man.

>miko's issues
>prez' mum
>ishigami's insecurities

The drama train doesn't stop

Miko's issues and Ishigami's insecurities are inseparably tied together. I'm sure they'll get resolved in some big reveal.

I want a Miko x Prez chapter that ends with Ishigami depressed because Prez understands Miko more than he does. I want utterly broken Ishigami.

Also insect and swimming training.

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I actually think people would be happy with that. Most of reddit ships hayaprez and Mikado is a lovable guy that you want to root for him.

Well, the issue isn't drama itself, it's anticlimactic half-assed drama that tears apart at the seams and lands in a pile of garbage. Aka did drama very well in a few arcs. I think the Shinomiya trashfire was just a really bad idea that Aka refused to accept as a terrible idea, because he wanted his epic fairy tale reference + title drop, and he let it fuck up the character dynamics, flow, and coherence of his manga while being unable to even pull it off. If he sticks to more low key drama, I think he'll be able to manage.

Final ramen emperor, Our Personas part 2, first year summer, and so on too.

Does Aka even care about the manga enough to do all of those? That feels like 50 more chapters minimum.

Oh come on, be fair to Aka: those were always intended as teasers for something that was never going to come.
Or so I always saw it, as a sort of meta joke.

Everything since the confession has been pretty weak, I won’t drop it cus in like to read manga but I wish this one would hurry up and get it over with

The whole point of that gimmick is that Prez doesn't understand what she is thinking and how he can't handle her

It could have been just a joke if he didn't used the still to be continued line.

But Ishigami doesn't have to know, does he?

He delivered on the foreshadowing from before so it's not impossible

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HayaFuji? Bait
IshiMiko? GOD bait

I hate the man but Aka really out did himself. The seethe will be legendary.

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Fuji x Ishi is still on the cards?

No, but FujiPrez is

Big if true. I would forgive him if he turned on the twitter and discord fags with the final chapter.

Cast him.

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He already knows everything about Miko since middle school. That is why Miko is so sexually frustrated is because he knows and doesn't ravage her on the spot.

Yes some things are better left unknown

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Ishigami with contact lenses, hat, and time travel.

I'd like it

Neither is.

I mean, if you just want a depressive episode over nothing, then it's as good a reason as any. However, I think that'd be redundant with Looks Down already being a chapter.

Why oh why can't IshiGuya be real

Keanu Reeves.