Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Side of Dimensions

This movie ruled. And it had the best version of Tea.

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Aigami was boring. Yugi vs Kaiba should have finished properly.


KaibaGOD carried it hard, still great movie

This, Aigami almost singlehandedly ruined the whole thing, which was carried hard by Kaiba in the first place.

Fun nostalgia movie for the anniversary. Shame Arc-V had to suffer for it.

Yugi vs Kaiba was awesome though.

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DSOD Kaiba is god-like cool.

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I just realised the movie ends with the opposite of this scene

Tea looks like an unironic slut in that movie

Why should I watch Yugioh anyway

Why is she so perfect bros?

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Why is he so perfect bros?

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>Aigami was boring
He's a movie villain. Movie villains suck. Name me one movie villain that was actually good, from a movie based of a long running series. As far as they go he was on the better side

Kahn from Star Trek, but that isn't anime.

Always found normal Yugi's design more appealing than Yami Yugi's so it's nice to see Yugi looking really cool in this movie.

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>great hair
>Card Autism
>Always puts up a fight until the end
>You might belive he is delusional but he just sees the world difirentely and can back up his beliefs
>Can stop guns/Kidnapings by trowing cards
>will endanger his whole legacy for a salty runback in the afterlife

Literally the Ubermech

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I walked out of the theater when they brought Atem back.


Khan was already in TOS before Wrath of Khan though.

Vincent from Cowboy Bebop is actually better than Vicious from the main series

I was excited for that 2 hour runtime but it really was stretched by the need for another movie doomsday enemy. It delivered the goods of Kaiba going wild, Yugi getting new threads and his dueling due, and finally cracking how to make Duel Monsters games work in a movie format, but no production committee's going to greenlight a movie about that.

The shopping mall getup was, a thing, yeah

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Spent a little too much time on the new characters no one gives a shit about but it was still superb. Kaiba was great

You missed
>Complete mastery on any subject he touches from chess to computers

Post links, faggot.

No shit, Sherlock; it was a movie about Kaiba after all.

She has an unusually erotic aura that I'd never felt with any other character before.

We all agree that if the duel was not interrupted, Kaiba would have defeated Yugi, right?

Character with a "Greed" archetype deck when?
Potentially too goofy and useless but it's a waste not to try something fun with the monsters it has

He has a huge advantage

It had some nice parts but it was bogged down by all that dimension crap that just sounded like nonsense, not to mention Aigami's monsters looked like shit and his transformation was even worse.

>Shit duels
>Shit villain
>Paper-thin story
>Kaiba autism because memes, except now he's the main character and it's even more annoying.
>At least it's visually stunning
It's great if you're a Kaiba fan, and you're a Kaiba fan because you appreciate how over the top he can be. But other than that, it was pretty bad.

How did Shadi have a body that could be killed if he was a spirit that was inside the tablet. I'm still confused

I wish Kaiba and Yugi duel was longer

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>Field completely empty with one facedown poly he couldn't use
He was fucked

*pulls out Obelisk out of the floor*

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is there a relase of the movie without dubtitles?

Wouldn’t have done shit since his life points was literally a second away from reaching 0
Also, Kaiba was able to summon Obelisk against Aigami only because they were at the same location where Obelisk was last used by Atem, he wouldn’t and couldn’t summon Obelisk against Yugi

Did Kaiba die at the end?

>with Kaiba related stuff
>or ygo at all

>no tributes

So in the last 5 minutes? Might as well have stuck around.

Funny thing is, apparently part of the reason that the movie was so stuffed full of stuff was because early drafts actually had sole focus on Kaiba, and integrating Yugi into it bloated the original draft to three and a half hours. Trying to crop all that content down to two and a half hours probably broke some stuff.

Nah, he was fucked. Movie showed all the cards Kaiba had in his opening hand, and tracking out all the cards played meant his facedown was Polymerization set as a bluff.

Kaiba summoning Obelisk and fucking him up was cool though.

Normal Yugi is the best duelist with a whole show of build up and while I like Kaiba, his stupid wankfest of a movie having him beat Yugi would have been too much. He can go win against Yami a billion times though I don't care.

Vicious >>>>>>>>>>>> Vincent

They're obviously fucking.

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I like how God is at his beck and call because in reality God is a character man invented and he is to be commanded and written by Man not the other way around. Typical Scorpio.

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No because he is wearing a special suit that prevents him from dying.

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it was great mostly because Kaiba is such a charismatic psycho, but as someone who plays the cardgame the duels themselves felt pretty flat
what's the best duel in the anime/manga? I rewatched Yugi VS Atem recently and it was pretty good

Anchor Bay offered replacement discs at the time, I think some of those went to market but there is no indication that they are corrected. The NAC fansubs exist but that doesn't solve the disc question.

If we're speaking mechanically, discounting gimmicks, you'll probably like Atem vs Kaiba, maybe Atem vs Mai. The one you mentioned is in the peak tbqh too. Pegasus vs Yugi AND Atem is great even without the gimmicks too imo.

If you pay attention is very clear Kaiba 100% lost

Really? From a pure card game perspective I thought Kaiba vs Yugi in DSOD was one of the best duels in the franchise.

Sequel confirmed.

How can you watch DM and not be a Kaiba fan?

>Implying DM isn't a Joey show

No it's called being the devil.

Duelist Kingdom was the Joey show. Battle City was the Kaiba show. Waking the Dragons was the Atem show. Shadow RPG was the Bakura show.

Season 3 sucked aside from Yugi vs Kaiba.

Battle City was literally the Joey show. He's the MC and gets most of the arc for himself

I feel like we watched two different shows.

I read the manga

Kaiba is too busy flexing in between every scene of season 2. It's his tournament and he's the one who has (and uses) a god card. As if that wasn't enough, he received one of the greatest redesigns of all time. It's absolutely the Kaiba show.

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Most of it is Joey going through his arc while Kaiba gets most of the highs. So the Joey show featuring God Tier Kaiba