ITT: Tropes you despise

ITT: Tropes you despise
>Antagonist/Main Villain is suave, gentlemanly in the beginning. >Turns into a berserk brute in the final battle.

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>Tropes you despise

>characters breathe oxygen
Overused trope.

>character has sex
completely unrealistic, how am i supposed to relate

name ten
name ten

I hate the Talk No Jutsu

>character is stronger than expected
>HE'S FAST!!!1

thank you captain obvious

>Antagonist/Main Villain is suave, gentlemanly in the beginning. >Turns into a berserk brute in the final battle
based trope

>OP starts playing during the final battle

>strongest dude is the skinny lanky boy or the tiny little girl
>no protags can be big and strong in modern anime because trannies and NEETs cannot self insert

>Villain wrecks MC, no contest
>MC trains for two days
>MC is stronger than the villain

>joke character is secretly overpowered

>MC kills himself

What's the problem with that? I mean, in the final battle it makes sense to lose your cool, it's life and death.

This bothers me more now because there are multiple cases where it's the 2nd or 3rd OP that's the best one and might even be more suitable.

>name ten switch
Too hard to remember
>name sex
Kengan ashura
Baki (gay)
I am hero (mc)
Zombie world (china) (mc)
Kaguya (sucks) (mc)
High school of the dead (iirc) (mc)
Black rock shooter (new)
Grimoire of zero (I think) (mc)
Welcome to the NHK (novel) (mc)
Gintama (mc) (gay)

nhk sex?

In the novel mc fucked the schizo girl in his school days.

>villain makes fair points as to why his view point is the correct one
>mc only goes "nu uh"

>Everything is a trope

Eren did nothing wrong
>genocide ending was the only real option

When did gin ever hqve sex???

>manga has animation

Dont remember the episode but it was the episode where every girl had him "take responsibility" after his drunken party to prank him. Forcing him to be a husband at 9 houses at once. One was the madou guy and at the end its jokingly revealed he did fuck him when drunk.

I fucking love that trope. Give me examples. Frieza's the only one off the top off my head.

how would feel if a kid half your age who just gain overpowered powers in the span of a year ruin your decades long plan, while all the while talking about friendship, hardwork, and love even though it was literally handed to him. Hell, who wouldn't be pissed in that scenario


Kino trope. OP has shit taste

>MC goes for the annoying tsundere bitch instead of the homely girl.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck even Satou the schizo hikikomori loser had sex fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and I'm a 45 year old virgin fuck fuck fuck fuck

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Stop being a prude and get an escort i got one at 22 cuz i didnt want to be hubg up on being a virgin shit a good escort is probably better than a regular chick

>Baki (gay)
Baki having intercourse with Kozue is gay?

>MC fight dirty
>This is played as unorthodox and smart
>Meanwhile antagonist never play dirty

Overpowered mc from the start

>Villain is crazy OP
>hero gets fucking bodied
>hero wins because they tried really hard.

One piece I remember being especially guilty of this, but it generally gets a pass from me because the villains/ antagonists generally do win enough that it isn't every fucking time, unless 90% of shonen.

Talking about the series itself

*Unlike 90% of Shonen

Fuck me

>hero wins because they tried really hard.
or because they remember their friends

My favorite version of this is
>MC beats the strong villain by trying harder somewhere in the beginning
>later is revealed that he actually went toe to toe with the strongest of this world yet MC somehow won against him while being a beginner by trying hard

The series is not gay

>based antagonist loses to libtard protag

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maybe if the villain was strong enough to defeat the mc then he would be right

The kaido fight is guilty of this therebis no way luffy should have beat kaido but i will die on a hill to defend the luffy vs lucci fight because it was peak shonen

>I love you
>what did you just say?

Baki is gay and ypur gay for liking it reading it or talking about it in fact this post is gay because i talked about baki but im protected because i said no homo before typing all of this

>He thinks it's because of self insertion and not because of Dragonball

Kino trope desu

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Japanese cold. I hate how a simple cold makes nips turn delirious and unable to remember anything.

Only example from OP I can even think of off the top of my head isn't even anime. Great Mouse Detective

absolute state was a woman...I swear...

Not gay unless you're on the receiving end.

>Main characters power is punching hard
Instant drop

>character has the power to destroy entire planets and stars
>dies to a normal bullet

They need a new director for the fights, i cant believe all the budget goes to make flashy lights and colors with deku punching air, everything turning into minecraft cubes, same with deku and bakugo vs that discount AFO, a bunch of shit that doesnt make sense, doesnt look cool and then the fight its over.

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>everything turning into minecraft cubes
I know this has been a thing for a long time but I've seen this specific design choice being overused so much for the last decade that I'm instantly turned off of any fight scene where this happens. Who was responsible for popularizing this so much that now every "sakuga" fight scene seems to have it.

It was metaphorical idiot.

what the fuck was this shit, it was nonsensical like in overhaul fight

>overexplaining simple concepts in a sports or battle manga
Are the Japanese that fucking retarded to know what a jab or a rebound is?

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desu I preferred the anime's ending to the movie ending. The punchfest was pretty cool and well animated, but I felt like the anime's version flowed better.

But don't you know? An uppercut is a very special technique that takes thousands of hours to perfect and is a real demonstration of the fighter's skill at the craft.

But JIREN is huge?