One Punch Man

How have you been liking Garou's rendition in the manga so far?

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at this point murata should just stop and hand the manga over to smurf...

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did he actually draw this? holy kino, i hope he fully committs

One had a better build up for the clash with Saitama, but Garu comes out more two-dimensional, Murata version better describes Garou's unaware duality.

The last chapter with Saitama trolling Garou was still on point.

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>more useless OPM threads

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>Garu comes out more two-dimensional
Please tell me you're kidding
>Murata version better describes Garou's unaware duality.
Being a total joke with no real motive describes his unaware duality?
>The last chapter with Saitama trolling Garou was still on point.
For fanfiction standards, yeah.

>Murata version better describes Garou's unaware duality.
Muratas version doesn't do anything better. If there was something that was supposed to come across it was ruined by all the slapstick comedy shit

Based, he did it

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>Incoming seething at Smurf posts in 3, 2, 1...

how did murata draw it

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Tracing + copying

>approved by Murata
Follow soon

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Giving him a pose that allows the eye on his chest to stand out more is a nice touch

Garou is okay, but his arc is way too long. Atleast, we're at the endgame now

Gonna post the Volume 25 Bonus Chapters

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it already got translated.

I bought a volume yesterday

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..And why did we need to see Saitama butt naked again? They could've just had it be him brushing his hair and noticing it was falling off. I really don't think the shower part was really necessary.



What a disaster

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Surely it can’t get worse?

Murata used to follow him but then he posted too much futa porn


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it's like a PPG episode

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>shits on the manga constantly
>gets licensed to make a figure
How does he do it?

Any new redraws in this volume?

from the 5-6 seasons. The OG s1-4 girls comedy never got this tiring.

is this an alternate cover?

Being a chad allows you to do that

Hate it. Has his backstory with Count Devil been shown in the manga yet, though?

>Shits relentlessly on the manga
>Somehow Murata approves of him still
Holy shit I fucking kneel


Actually not that bad, what the hell?
Not a fan of his art most of the time. Always hit or miss for me.

>Shadow Ring

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TGSmurf has been a complete asshole, even though he ripped off Murata's style

Both left and right look like garbage

post what you think is good.

What we have already, it looks much better than that shit design on the right and that tryhard shit on the left

The absolute state of Murataspics

Smelling my own farts

Makes sense. Shonentards are idiots.

>dude just drown the picture in black ink lmao
Smurf a shit.

Also reminder that Murata picked up sculpting, just to mog Smurfedditor's pathetic attempt.

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hmmm how do you get your licence approved bros?
Does it mean smurf is making money out of this?

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You can ask this about so many scenes in the Manga, or any manga in general. The answer is because they can, and Murata is a coomer, and knows most of his readerbase is too.

There's no "mogging" if Muratard is involved. He's so devoid of any talent, even a beginner would mog him.
Want to see what real mogging looks like? Just look at this comparison At this point, I would rather pay TGS to do a faithful redraw of the WC

I never actually read OPM and I wonder if I should read the WC or manga first

Garou’s the same character he’s always been, but better fleshed out and as a result more sympathetic by default in the manga. His dream to make a better world for the outcasts, his inspirational impact on the ugly kid, his relationships are way better written in the manga, with ONE giving it all proper attention.
I don’t really like Saitama’s rendition though, he’s effin’ goofy to the point of annoying.

It's okay.

they know what they're doing

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it always best to start with the original work.
Reac wc first, then manga (the murata art) then anime season 1

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Insane to think that Muratadrones will convince themselves this adaptation would have been inferior to boring shit we’re actually getting.

Cute dress.