>This is a boy

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and that's a good thing

>cute manga full of pure and magical moments
>suddenly, many chapters in, the author's fetish at full blast
I'm not complaining but it always gives me tonal whiplash.

Shotas for heterosexual ass pounding.

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It's a good thing his voice is so grating or I would have been gay.

if misaki kuno's voice does not induce a throbbing erection for you, you're already homosexual


>Inorin's job is literally to breathe into the mic
She sure has it easy.

WAT? She's a boy? Good thing I've dropped it.

It's her brother, who wears his sister's clothes for fun.


WAT? It's her brother? I'm picking this shit up again!

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Yes. Appeared only last episode with questionable chance for reappearance, though.

Hey mangafags, does this girl (boy) ever get together with the dude's otouto (girl)

Ah, yes, I can already imagine the incest.

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MC should get together with him and Chino(girl) should get with the otouto(girl)

>this is a high schooler
Official art btw.

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The boy is 10 while the male MC's sister is like 14.

Even better

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Girls should always go with older guys. So the shota should NTR his sister.


I just realized this is a Leon the Professional reference. Can't believe I didnt't notice while watching the episode.

Picked up!

The perfect age gap

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how far does that go? did you post the best part or does it get lewder

It's implied dude's otouto is a lesbian

It's porn.

I don't get it
miku is homosexual

"Dick got hard - how to fix"
i laughed

This shit is fucking gross. I've fapped to it in a doujin many a time, but why couldn't we just have a cute, wholesome show without this nigger faggot shit? Fucking japs.

>without this nigger faggot
Well, (You) chose to post on this board, and we can't stop you...

what a great movie

So smart
Good on you, user.


Thankfully, he never puts on a dress again, in case any trapfags were starting to get excited. Unless they go full anime original scenes, which they just did with that dress up scene at the end.

Wait until we arrive at all the woke shit. It turns into a fucking political libtard fest. Worse than Kaguya.

.. is shota targeted at males or at females? I still don't know if I'm supposed supposed to self insert as the shota, or if it's made for girls to self insert. It's telling if it's the girl who's mostly presented, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Much like a fine wine, it has many subtle tastes to it

I'm not a shotafag, but...

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She sounds the same in all her roles I couldn't help but think of Klee when he was talking.

Thank you. I worked really hard on it.

i'm a man and enjoy /ss/ doujins because typically the girl is a onee-san / mommy type which i really like

i have never self inserted in any character, from anything, i think only mentally ill spergs self insert

There are several types of shota:

1) Wish-fulfillment. This is for normal guys who had a crush on their teacher in elementary school. The focus is on the girls.
2) Maternal. This is for women who combine maternal instincts with attraction. The focus is on the relationships.
3) Gay. This is for men who want to fuck little boys. The focus is on fucking little boys.

Makes me love Aharen even more.
It means I can flip her over and pretend she's her brother.

Do we have a list of this author fetishes yet

Literally poetic.

As with all fetishes, there are stories that appeal to both. The majority are aimed at guys and do the mommy fantasy for fags who just want to lay there and be taken care of, but the good ones are clearly aimed at women and are about psychotic pedos getting off on manipulating something innocent.

Will we get any Ahren porn?

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I literally didn’t pick up on it being her brother during the episode, what the fuck?
Power of selective hearing/reading I guess

Please. It's was very obvious that it was not the usual Aharen.

Nah I meant I didn’t pick up that it was her brother, my brain literally defaulted to “oh hey that’s her little sister, how cute”

Read the thread.

Aharen is unexpectedly erotic at times.

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Welp, you're gay now.

At all times.

naizuri god

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He'll grow out of this, right?

when he gets an erection?