Mods are sleep post sneks

Mods are sleep post sneks

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Sneks are just lowborn dragons.
Embrace tradition.

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Nice tongue.

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>stupid dragon had to turn it into a harem series
I hate it

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>not posting the webm

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Who's the better snake wife?

Reminder sneks are cold and having one in your bed is the same as sleeping next to a corpse. Scales a shit unless they belong to a dragon.

this made me really hard

>didn't give it a lick
Faggot mc.

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Made for vore

Jobless snek.

She fucked him to death

How about a naked snek?

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Good thing snake wins.
Also MC apparently died somehow

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Meant to spoiler since it's the last vol

Based mc died from the good snussy

Are we ever getting a season 2 of Monster Girl Doctor?

>LN ended
Probably not

Just being a snek is a lot of work.

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Soft snek

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>best Snek

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Big and soft snek

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mating press the sneks

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>Instantly thought about them getting drunk and Sapphee constricting the hell out of the big boobed maso-weirdo

Oh no boner why

Also where's the naked version?

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>Fat brown cleo-cut Egyptsnek
That's the shit right there

>and one day that will be for you as well.
Spoiler that depressing shit. Please.

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>ywn marry a cute, horny snek girl

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It's okay user, if there were snek girls they wouldn't be interested in us anyway.

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>LN ended
>Probably not
S2 of Hataraku Maou-sama says maybe.

I'm still waiting on the Okaasan Online season 2...

Monster girl doctor had a godlike ost for a otherwise pretty mediocre show. I still want second season

>they wouldn't be interested in us anyway.
Your lack of confidence is why you'd be without a cute snake girl to wrap around you user.


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When the fuck will Darling just marry her?

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Why are the Spiders always the best girls in these series?

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When he doesn't have to marry just her.

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>great legs
>can pull their own weight
>super loving
>aware of their differences from a human and mostly mindful of them
>can make you custom clothes
>will tie you down and blow your mind if you ask, sometimes even if you didn't

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how awful, that poor man


He didn't want to catch her cold.

>tfw no snek gf
I wish that was real.

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Finally a good excuse to post some Albis.

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Regura only draws girls where the monster is on the inside now, sorry not sorry

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Do you guys know about the mountain god?

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Fuck off back to your lair /ss/ fan.

>monster girl series has a snake girl
>she's the best girl and the most likely candidate to marry the MC

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I'M NOT MAD...I just want a sequel to mountain god for that healing sex.

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As expected of snakes!

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I wanted a sequel to Niji no Ori, but here we are.
On the topic of /ss/ and monster girls, I love Iida Pochi's stuff.