Eren done right

>Eren done right

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An Edgelord?

I like Ragna and all, but Eren wasn't done badly either until the author went and revealed his true motivations right before the end, making the character retroactively crumble.

You can literally post any edgelord-archetype character that is better than Eren, as long as they don't give up halfway through and are canonically cucks

>Gilgamesh's defeat done right

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>eren wasnt done badly.... until he was
Cope, he is a shit character

>I must slay all dragons
This means he becomes a dragon at some point, right?

No, He's a SWORD.

>eren wasnt done badly.... until he was
That's what I said, yeah. If the character had gone to shit early on or halfway through I wouldn't be saying anything, but he worked well enough for like 90% of the manga before the disaster of an ending happened.

The character stands out precisely because it shat the bed just before the finishing line. Shit characters that are shit from the start or for the majority of their lifetime aren't even worth remembering.

>Kaneki done right

he already showed that he'd rather dies than being turned into a filthy Dragon.

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But I don't even know if Ragna can be classified as an Edgelord. Aside from his hatred of dragons he is an extremely tame and nice guy.

Kaneki didn't want to kill all ghouls though.

I wish

Meh, I think it's narratively uninteresting to have the MC kill some demons or in this case, dragons compared to humans like in Eren's case. Makes for a better moral dilemma

Who’s excited for the anime?

what anime

Anime by 2023, studio unknown of as yet. Hopefully its a passion project.

>doom slayer
>goblin slayer
>cheat slayer
>dragon slayer
how many slayers do we need

Until normalfags get bored of that gimmick, so never

Ragna is a dragon reaper though.

I forgive ishida, he had a lot of pressure, working on the manga, anime, visual novel, novel, games, collaborations, etc. I cant believe he still managed to give us a decent ending after all the shitshow with furuta

Where the fuck is Slayer Slayer?

>Reveal his true motivation
What true motivation? He lost his true motivation in the end. The point was that when he reached near omniscience, he just went along with the flow regardless of how much it hurt him or everybody around him.
Even the whole "removes titan curse" shit is secondary to him wrecking avok, he did the rumbling regardless of the outcome. He just knew he would be stopped, accepted his fate and did it anyway.

we need a NEET slayer

Dragons are humans though...
Ragna's (half a panel) moral dilemma was about making sure he's killing scum instead of good people. And he decided they are scum very quickly because there's no point in wasting time thinking about it.
Quick and effective, instead of wasting 5 chapters being in denial about a jew nosed blonde chick betraying his group.

Who can beat Ragna?

The only reason you think that Eren "worked well" is because Isayama kept his motivations as a mystery box and dragged you along until he revealed it, so it gave people the perfect opportunity to headcanon whatever you want into his character.

Dude jobbed to Kamui once and got saved by two asspulls from clawed Kamui.
Gilzea would probably murder him.

out of job since 2019

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Not knowing the studio has me worried, hopefully it wouldn't a CG-fest that would be so bad it would get the manga canned like with Ex-Arm.
Not him, but the cases are honestly different, the dragons are brainwashed to the point where they can't disobey at all unlike the shifters who still have a human will and choice, you can say that the dragons don't have a will of their own and are a husk of who they once even, though nonetheless they are still very well characterised and fleshed out.

But that might not apply to the clan leaders perhaps, after all Crimson rebelled against the dragon god and lost his status as the wings clan king, and the Claws king being the fightfag she is seems like she wants to face the dragon god given the chance.
Well he failed to kill the dragon god in the future timeline so there is that.

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Nah, the timsekip ruined him regardless by making him Sasuke 2.0 and hiding his motivations

Sounds like a schizo talking about women

this guy already pussy out of his dragon crusade

Leo when

so when is the new chapter coming out?
is Artemis finally dead


Hopefully she gets turned into a dragon so our MC can suffer more.

Yeah, I don't know why the official TL went with that when every scanlation I saw had Artemisia, but I don't know jap.

I wonder how far it'll go. There's three scenes I really want to see anime-only reactions to, Crimson's terrorist attack on the capital, turn back time, and ENTER KAMUI.

Do you want 12 or 24 episodes? I honestly don't know where exactly it can stop since its nonstop action other than ENTER Chaddragon or after 9 seconds worht of bloodshed.

I don't know how long it'll go, but I'd expect them to cut off around the teleportation circle and end the season with a hook to the princess arc.

>doom slayer
>goblin slayer

>cheat slayer
it isn't the name of an axed series that triggered isekaifags on japan?

>dragon slayer
If Person = joke.
If Arm = based.

>and got saved by two asspulls from clawed Kamui.
Other way around, it took kamui getting a last minute powerup just to survive a healed and more rested Ragna and both have weapons that augment their strength and enable them to do stronger stuff so the silver comet is just leveling the playing field.

12 episodes would definitely be like said. 24 episodes would have to end at the chapter that comes out next month, the end of the Wings Arc. But honestly, what's more important is the animation quality and choreography. What Studio can even do this justice?

>Isayama kept his motivations as a mystery box
No, he laid breadcrumbs everywhere which led most readers to believe he was fairly straightforward and only appeared distant due to the immense burden of having to genocide the world. Then its revealed at the very end that all those breadcrumbs were red herrings and he's just retarded.

No, it was a last minute plot change. Eren was perfectly fine as a character until this one decision.

Why is Ragna bloodline king-level if he's technically the silver dragon of the wing bloodline?
Early FF game translations used Altema for the spell that later became Ultima. Localizers are very full of themselves and stuff their "localizations" with vague references, this and more news at eleven.

>Why is Ragna bloodline king-level if he's technically the silver dragon of the wing bloodline?
We don't know the full specifics but because he temporarily halted the merger into the bloodline of wings he's become something different (described as being a sword rather than a dragon) yet still inherited the ability to move during the time stop unless Artemesia manually excludes him.

It might come up later, but if in the alternate timeline Artemesia was one of the kings they did kill than he's not a proper member and thus won't die if she does.

We first meet the princess by chapter 17 which it still way to early even with 12 episodes. I think we might get 24 episodes since the anime will come out in 2023 and finish it with the death of wing bloodline and hopefully a future cliffhanger of another bloodline.

>how many slayers do we need
I'd be content with just the one getting new stuff

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>le generic edgy character

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It's been like a year and some change now and I still have no idea the full context of Eren's breakdown because I dropped this shit when we introduced the cowboy anti-scouting division gunners. I just take solace in knowing that the ship was sinking and I got off earlier than most.

Here he is elated that someone appreciated his future self rather than himself. Since it was his future self the one that gotten strong at the cost of everything.

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that's nice, however!

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Fairly sure Manlet's dead too.

Nah, he just lost one of his arms and feet. Slap a couple of prosthetics on him and he'll be daijobu.

Must slay this, must slay that, why don't you go slaying some pussy for a change?

nta and Shin could still be alive, but everything about his final moment screams going out in a blaze of glory since he was already bleeding out then he pushed his body past the brink.

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>it wasn't headcanon there were breadcrumbs!
t.user who bit the hook and got dragged along