Draw a boy

>draw a boy
>call it a girl
>Yea Forums will still bang it
you have some explainings to make

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>OP doesn't understand why traps are hot, because he's gay
Go figure.

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That's suppose to look like a boy?

It's exactly because I know that under that appearance, under those clothes she's actually a woman that makes it hot. That's why male traps are gay, people find them attractive because they know it's actually a boy.

I am a boy and I can confirm that I look like that

I never saw a boy look like that, user...


Reverse traps don't look like boys. They look like boys that look like girls.

She's cute so that's ok.

post cunt


You won't quit this thread without sending a pic.

tpbp. And they don't look very manly to begin with.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>Yea Forums will still bang it
you have some explainings to make

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>draw a girl
>call it an eldritch abomination
>Yea Forums will still bang it

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Is there a problem, user?

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That's a reverse reverse trap.

Kino has been "new" longer than "old".


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>draw a cat
>call it a cat
>fine too

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Go back to Yea Forums

Reverse Traps make everything better.

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haha very funny, retar


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Boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys are the Yea Forums strike zone.

user, I would bang just about anything as long as it's cute. I don't care if it's male, female, or even (god forbid) past 14 years of age. I'll go all the way up to 25 in my desperation. I'll never get any, of course, being the fuck-up that I am, but cute is justice and I am a just man.

i like girls with short hair and boys who look like girls

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reverse traps are a patricians fetish

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So they're double secret reverse traps?

The problem is when they don't last long enough.

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>like both boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys
there is something wrong with me

A Trap is a boy that looks like a girl.
A Reverse Trap is a girl that looks like a boy.
A Reverse Reverse Trap is a girl that looks like a boy that looks like a girl.
Reverse Reverse Traps, played straight, are a trap that catches trapfags.

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>they don't last long enough.
A good reverse trap can easily last an the whole night.

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Hanging out at the pool with your reverse trap bro!

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Holy shit that's lewd

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STOP posting the 4th worst hololive


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Okay nigga, sauce me up
I’m phonefagging rn and have exhausted all resources

Just use Saucenao.

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I like androgyny in general, tomboys, tomgirls, they're all fine by me.

You have some taste to get.

Tomboys and Reverse Traps aren't the same thing. Characters often can be both but it isn't required.

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I wish there was some generic tag for "I can't tell and I don't care". Sick of having to parse through tomboy being borderline musclegirls and the femboys just 100% looking like actual women with a dick on.

Also why's it always gotta be so hard to find girls in boxers?

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The nice thing about tomboyish reverse traps is they are often reverse traps without intending to be.

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I've noticed this trend. They ruin everything.

could you give an example of a reverse reverse trap? kinda hard to wrap my head around

I know, I even made this autistic chart a while back to clarify the definition differences.

That's basically what the "Androgynous" tag is for, but it isn't widely used enough.

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Honestly, most of them are really shit characters but I wouldn't say they're all bad

>"Hey, is somebody fucking?"
>"It's just a cat!"
>"... is the cat fucking?"
This is the next level. A little rebus comedy skit is describing these squeals artistically, it's lewder than sound effects.

Don't worry user, I remember that meme too.


I love this dude's lolis

hello please post address and phone number and email

>could you give an example of a reverse reverse trap?
The one I posted is an example, Yukimura from Haganai which is a shitty series that you shouldn't read/watch
Yukimura is introduced as a boy that looks and acts very feminine, which he says gets him bullied and causes other boys to distance themselves from him. He mistakes the MC for a delinquent and so tries to use the MC as a role model to become more "mannish" but is still the most feminine character in a cast of girls. To add to this, one of the girls makes Yukimura dress as a maid, tricking him into thinking of it as a way of training since a "real man" will still be able to be manly when dressed as a girl. The character is pretty obviously the "trap" character to pander to trapfags: Draw a girl but tell you right away that no, it's a boy.
However, halfway through the series it is revealed that Yukimura REALLY is a girl and she has been the entire time, and misunderstood that because of her weird Yakuza family intending her to become the (male) heir. So rather than a typical lazy fake trap where it is explained from the beginning that "this girl is a boy" so that trapfags can go gay over him, it was an actual trap... but a trap for trapfags.
>Ha, you thought this boy that looks like a girl was a boy? Of course it was actually a girl, fag! Gotcha!

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>mfw came like 5 times in less than 30 minutes playing her stage over and over again.

Why yes I love Kino OP, how did you know?

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Brown reverse trap loli extended universe.

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I'm not gay.... BUT

kino kino

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someone say kino?

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