Love Live!

Best episode so far!

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love setsuna

We need a spinoff of a spinoff.

Still the best chuuni idol than Yoshiko in my opinion.
Who are the voices of the Kurobane sisters anyway?

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Why are so many idols also Chuuni

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cute smuggy

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same energy

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She's so tiny

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who's this handsome cutie?

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Kasumi is so lucky!

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Nana-chan finally came out to her parents. Do they know she's an idol, too?

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Imagine how amazing the threesome sex will be.

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Sidetails just aren't fair. Also last one.

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Cute Ran's sister.


breed setsuna


Don't trust her

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Was hiding her boobs part of hiding her power level?

I really like Niji anime artstyle. I don't know how to describe it, but it's less "shiny". Shioriko and Ai are the most improved compared to their in-game countarpart.

I much prefer it to the OG shiny lip artstyle. Now that season two has a bump in budget all of the characters have been looking extra on-model.

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I want to have unprotected sex with this bunny

I'm an anime-only fag but she might just be my favourite lovelive character, there's just something about her that speaks to me.

Only Yu can ahahaha lol xds

Pinching pomu's little hands.

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Yeah they're supposed to be lower in quality but they actually looks good.

I can fix Lanzhu

>Posting his retarded spam when the thread is about to get archived

>Bandorifag is at it again
Why is that faggot so obsessed with our thread? It's not our fault that no one gives a rat's ass about his shitty K-On ripoff apart from /vg/

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Why is Saki in Liella now?

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im 2 weeks behind...just not feeling this season, probably my least favorite love live season ever

Wait until you see the last one

i dunno...azuna includes all my least favorite nijis which is why i havent been watching

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I want to like it, I really do, I like the girls and the songs, but the whole thing's just so empty

you can`t fix your life

Mod-kun, he's at it again

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Thoughts on the new song?
I was honestly expecting some cooler song from azuna since they literally has the best singers in the whole franchise, but this isn't bad too

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that's just AZUNA for you. they just don't have the chemistry to make any stand out songs

AZUNA's been slotted as the Printemps/Cyaron equivalent genre-wise. It's a shame because the group itself has the best girls and strong singers all around so they could have really shined with a different genre. Why they made AZUNA the Smile group when none of them are are Smile (Ayumi is Pure and Setsuna + Shizuku are Cool) when they could have just had two Cool subunits is beyond me.

Cute RubyMaru daughter.

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Anything to say about Shizuku Osaka's butt?
I really enjoy this week episode :)

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I hope they realize this soon enough. None of the songs are bad but they could do so much more

Cute YouRuby daughter. Stinkymaru's genes don't make blue eyes or fluffier hair.

You're right.

Shut the fuck up, retard

Tell somebody who gives a shit

We were discussing LL science babies.

>Mia looks like Leon Kennedy and is a tomboy like Claire Redfield
So this is the power of Redfield bloodline

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I'm 3 weeks behind. Actually having more fun catching up with 22/7.

>Making another narrative for his idolshit autism

Cute Koume's sister.

Whoever's mentioning other idolshits here definitely has shit taste for everything

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