Spy x family : new episode and best selling manga

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Someone post the news on Becky and Damian

Built for rape correction

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Great, you baited CSMfags.

Anime Loid didn't dodge nearly enough if you ask me. In the manga he seemed to genuinely be in danger.
Anime Loid got that upskirt view at least.

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>best selling manga
Not for long, don't get too cocky Reddit x Family tards. Once Chainsaw Man gets animated it will be over

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>this bitch won't be watching both

Cici kakui

come on man, I'm a CSM-fan OG (been here since the first chapter) and even I think this is pathetic. You can enjoy both you know

I don't watch anime/read manga besides CSM. My main board is Yea Forums and I only come here for the occasional csm threads

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a lot of animation this episode. So this is where the budget for ep 3 went

I mean, it's a fine choice. But I'd suggest broadening your horizons. If you care enough to check sales analytics, why not watch an episode or two of some other shows, or read a different manga's pilot?

Wow a Yea Forumsirgin trying to instigate a pointless and retarded fanbase war, color me shocked.

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They should have made him dodge more, Yor intoxicated can't exactly control her strength all that well, so a punch like that should have completely fucked him up no?

the absolute state of csmfags

based 70 strength keeping him alive from max out Yor

I think it's the reverse. Yor's strength is not concentrated while drunk so she's actually weaker.

Seeing that, I'm pretty confident that we're in good hands for the boat arc. Was a little worried.

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Why is this show so popular?

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Has there been any word on how much of the plot has been planned out? Or is this written more chapter to chapter?

Damian Desmond - Fujiwara Natsumi

Becky Blackbell - Katou Emiri

Emile Elman - Sato Hana

Ewen Egeberg - Okamura Haruka

All my fault.

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pelvis status?

MADE for Big Damian Cock

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Will they adapt the apology chapter?

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ahhhhhh stronk badass women with dead eyes, soo cool. i love not-mikasa!!

Man Spy x Family really is not that great. If you've seen more than 5 comedy anime all the gags and bantz kinda suck in comparison to the good ones. It's not even as 'le wholesome' as generic shit like Demon Slayer so even in that aspect it's weak. Also every antagonist is one-dimensional like a power rangers villain. No idea why it's overpraised

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In the fan book the author said Damian's dad is the final boss

Some suspect he's got powers like Anya

It's artificially good. If I'm being honest I don't like that too much.

There are not five comedy anime better than SxF

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His csm bait failed so now he tries with Kimetsu. It's just sad.

I have a lot of fun with it but to be honest it's kind of like forced fun? Like they're just writing something they know you'll enjoy

Where watch without retard crunch payment?

Can't wait for CSM to air so the shitposters focus on it

Definitely after next episode.

>Also every antagonist is one-dimensional like a power rangers villain.
yep, you missed the point of the show.
Next time, when you want to judge a show, try to consider what it is that its trying to tell ("the intent"), and if you consider it then SXF is ticking all the right boxes (and that's what makes it good)

Stop watching anime that sexualizes kids!


That's too bad user, have fun with the other 5.

>Writing something you know people will enjoy for your comedy/action manga is "forced"

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Is that something to be proud of you moron?

It's fun and different

Do you think there are complex intelligence operations like Operation Strix going on in the real world?

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Most people who watch anime are 20-30 somethings who have no family or hope for one. It has all the action required to be "hype", and all the family antics to hook those of us who still dream of settling down.

This anime was more serious than I thought it would be. I just assumed it to be some sort of episodic comedy show.

Right now I just consider Yor's strength as comedy powered. I know eventually it becomes impossible to brush off but if the anime runs long enough that will just be future me problem.

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>New episode (that was peak kino)
>CSMfags and AoTroons spamming seetheposts
Like clockwork.

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How long do we think this manga will go on? What will the ending be?
>200 chapters
>Yoid family with a dozen children maybe more

Eh, I could have done without a good chunk of this filler. I did like how they did Anya and Franky.

No one gives a SHIT about RedditxFamily, stop spamming

Jesus fucking christ that was a lot more quality animation than i expected from this chapter in the story.

No idea, I personally would like it to stick around for as long as possible so long as the quality is maintained.

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Endo will milk it and make Meitantei Conan looks like a fucking essay

I see that manga buyers in the West are as retarded than in Japan and only care about mainstream shonen.


Filler is good, 1 chapter per episode please!

>I'm the mama AND the papa now

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I just watched the first three episodes of Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou and I enjoyed them more than BoringxFamily.

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Such perversion has no place on Yea Forums

Yor is for ___

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Anime Loid sure is a tank

Loid will divorce Yor bu Anya will start a happy family with Damian

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Her brother!

So when a manga or anime gets popular, it's reddit now? Is that how it works here?



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