Kunoichi Tsubaki Hinagiku

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen soon we will be blessed with the absolute cuteness of Hinagiku - the cutest.

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Obligatory Hinagiku posting

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Easiest to abuse

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I want to bully both so badly with my dick

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>I want to bully both so badly with my dick
What did he mean by this

>fish net stockings on a child

Literally WHO is the target audience for this show?

Little girls who want to wear fishnet stockings, obviously.

middle aged men

young girls into ninjas and alternative fashion

If you only have daughters, do you need a babysitter?

Housenka is a bed wetter


man of culture

Finally, me and my dick have been waiting for her since I saw her in the OP


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I withdraw my offer to babysit for your daughters, because you're a jerk.

I precum a lot watching this anime and my underwear gets sticky. How do I fix this

if you ask nicely, maybe Mokuren will help (she has a hard time saying no)

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watch it naked

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Let me blow you while you watch it. Optionally, you can also turn me into a little girl beforehand.

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I want to turn you into Hinagiku so you blow me while I watch it

Very well... I can be Hinagiku. Now whip out your cock.

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Way ahead of you, been bottomless since I entered the thread.
I just don't want to eat another vacation so I can't post nothing

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I want to shove in that open mouth

Why is Yea Forums suddenly full of lolicons?

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I'll start


Duh, little girls, silly!

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So how bout them ninjas?

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pretty cute, I must say

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People have no idea how to ignore bait, tale as old as time

I hate spergs and retards. I love little girls. Simple as.

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Poe's law makes it very difficult to identify bait.

Yeah, pretty cute. I wish this show gets more fan art though.

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My personal rule is if I see something retarded I simply do not engage. Doesn't matter if they're "merely pretending" or not, no good comes from interacting with moronic posts and you're never going to change their mind with some well-written argument.

Airing on the same day as Spy X Reddit is very unfortunate

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Almost as if people acting like Spy x family is the best anime ever made

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How many times does he have to make that post before he realizes it won't stay up?

he kind of had a point if I'm being honest

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Idk but they should try to stop being lolicons and start being normal

100% shitposting

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Kaguya's voice?

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Why does Yamamoto draw them so lewd?

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I just started watching this. I thought this season had nothing but trash not worth watching. But this show is amazing.
Especially Benisumomo! Too cute!

>can't stop hearing Paimon
Gacha games have ruined me.

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Mid-30s fat balding males like me.

Ajisai is extremely molestable.

Ok. I'll wait for a different thread.

I apologize for not staying on topic for a second here but I think it'd be interesting to note that this thread has managed to get more deleted posts than there are actual total replies up at this point.
Let that sink in for a good, slow minute.

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By me.

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I really like the voices in this anime, especially asagao, sazanka and ajisai.

Because they're not actually interested in the show.

haha nice one!

Whoever the target is they're not missing.


Cleaning Ajisai's dirty little feet.

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Tsubaki best girl.

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You all laugh at her now, but one day Hinagiku will have her revenge.

no contest there

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Is it wrong that i love both Benisumomo and Tsubaki equally?

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>ywn go on a morning jog and have sweaty sex in the woods with Tsubaki
Why even live?

Not at all, they're good tummy buddies.

Doesn't seem like either of them would be willing to share, in fact Tsubaki especially seems like someone whose bitch instincts will kick in and abandon everything and everyone who comes between her and her man.

Nothing beats clean feet.

Also Cloverworks will be airing season two of Shadows House next season, you all have seen season one right?

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Y-yeah, I'm, looking forward to the wonderful shitposting.

Dog team, more like midriff team, am I right?

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Im not feeling the high-quality vibes at all. doesnt seem to try to be it either. not sure what the fuck either side is talking about

more like child-bearing hips team
child hips team for short