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Episode today, will there be any yuri action again?

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uhhh, user, there's no episode today

I only watch this out of obligation because I watched the 1st season. this anime is godfucking awful

aw shit you right I forgot.
Well my bad, we can simply post yuri pics of Kikka and Hiyori or simply wait for this thread to die

So today's episode doesn't count towards the 12?


Welp, recap episode just gives me more of a reason that season 3 will be in 2023. Aniplex needs to change studios man.

It’s probably more like they bought the timeslot for 13 episodes but only have 12 episodes of content. I don’t think it’s because the studio is behind or anything.

>Introducing all the Ace and Territory cards that have appeared in "Build Divide -#FFFFFFF-" so far!
>We will tell you the charm of these cards that are indispensable to the story!
>Now you can enjoy the anime and the game even more!

seethe more

Can't wait to see Kikka crying for today's episode.

Seems to be more of an in-depth explanation of all the cards being used and tips on how to properly use them in duels interspersed with story bits.

Wait what, why?

>intentionally censoring out Lepardas effects
Oh come on at least show some new cards that haven't been revealed yet if you're going to do a recap.

Is that how anime production works? I thought recaps were usually because a studio has a massive work load. A lot of studios are working on a bunch of productions at once. A third season would be a completely different topic, that would depend more on the publisher's intentions and card sales probably.

They spoiled a bit of the next episode at the end Idol is next

Idol appears in new episode next week

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That Idol bitch is annoying. Why the fuck is she back....

Perhaps she is more important to the story than we think. If she was expendable they could've gotten someone new to shill the cards.


Something interesting about Lepardas lore. He meets Lionel and they both end up going to the Black Divide but Lionel gets caught in a trap and they part ways. In some respects this kind of mirrors the anime as Naomitsu had Lionel, something happened to him, and then he lost Lionel and now is using Lepardas. Maybe it's nothing or maybe it's a subtle nod towards the game lore influencing the anime story.

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Ishtarte's new territory. She is now a mill deck.
Execution Site of the Screaming

[CONT] During your turn, if you have 10 or more cards in your Cemetery, all of your opponent's units get Power -2000.
[AUTO] When your opponent's unit with a total cost of 6 or more attacks, if you have 15 or more cards in your Cemetery, it gets Hit -1 for the rest of the turn.
[AUTO] When your opponent's unit is destroyed, if you have 20 or more cards in your Cemetery, place the foremost card of your opponent's Life Zone into the Cemetery.

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>have to wait another week

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Needs to get fucked by me

No episode? Well that sucks.

Why does anime also have to make friendships so super gay?
Really? Everything else I'm watching this season didn't get delayed.

I'll be the only guy here who thinks Season 1 is better.

Nothing wrong with that. I see it all as one continuous story so I'm not concerned with the idea of s1 being better or worse than s2.

Special edition
>Introducing the ace territory cards that have appeared in "Build Divide -# FFFFFF-" all at once!
>We will tell you the charm of the cards that are indispensable for telling the story!
>Now you can enjoy anime and games even more!

what was the point of opening this thread lmao.

So anyone know how this card game is doing market wise?

I liked this one initially, but I really disliked the whole tag team duel thing. 2 aces got wasted and it doesn't look like they will get more shit later, gameplay was subpar, the personal issue while valid wasn't really interesting to me and took a lot of time from the action.


Seems that some people still think there’s a new ep today. Can’t really blame them since there’s no info on the EN side of things that there would be a special this week.

We don’t know what the sales numbers are looking like.

Is she evil now or just a bitch as always?

I know precise stats are off the table, but does anyone know how well the game is received?

BD BTFO Yugioh in rating

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YGO never recovered after Drains and rush duels filtered a lot of people.

Vrains was still well received despite being dull. Rush is what killed yugioh anime.

>seasonal anime out does year round show on nico nico stream ratings

That just last month rating so cope more

Merchandise sales were still good during sevens. The woman audience will buy anything.

Ratings? I thought it showed viewership. Still a pretty big mogging, tho. The only people left watching sevens are the most mindless of the yugioh consoomers and even they are giving their crap show med ratings.

No idea about sales. I can only talk from Yea Forums interest and the spike drop on fanart compared to prior shows.

>most mindless of the yugioh consoomers
Those actually stayed with master duel.

Long running shows on nico almost never get consistent 90s ratings anyway, unless they're girl toy anime. These rating contests mean almost nothing without seeing any card or merchandies sales.

The steam game? Literallt everyone was playing it a month ago. It must be the most normie played yugioh product in all of yugioh history, wtf.

BD on steam when?

Whether pc or actual tcg game, I mean. Rush filtered them all. Only people who don't mind watching kodomo stayed.

Not surprised. Most yugioh fans won't even acknowledge the existence of 7s and on. Aren't there other card anime airing alongside this season to conpare with? I remember one that was based off some gacha and another one focused on yaoi stuff?

I'd kill to get a BD game. It looks quite fun in the anime.

There are like 6 cardgame anime but only BD and Sevens are there. I guess the rest aren't popular enough to collect data for.

Shadowverse and Homoguard, I think.

Current yugioh is a joke so that doesnt mean a lot.

So, no episode this week? Well fuck. Week's ruined.

Wait extra episode is not on nyaa? Where tf can I watch it now?

Does it have anything new at all besides the preview of next ep?

All the other card games went kodomoshit years ago, so their anime is already in the irrelevance "nobody cares" mode. YGO will be there too if they will continue their current shit for a few more years.

Maybe not western fans but the switch game sold over 125k copies in japan, which is pretty good given what it was. And given they're continuing into a 3rd year of rush duel anime it's probably not considered a real failure by anyone but raging westerners.

It's basically a thinly veiled recap that uses "Ok look, here's a description of this ace card" as an excuse to not consider itself a recap.