Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

Why does Yuamu try so hard to act suggestive? Yudias duels a flatwoods monster this episode. Zwijo also finally shows himself.

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Luke when

He already grew up, it wouldn't be the same.

Man, the current state of the Yugioh Anime and its threads is pathetic. Even its contemporaries like Digimon has more discussion going on. Not to mention Pokémon that completely obliterates these shitty threads in activity. I'll give you an extra IP for pity because I'm sure you'll need it later.

Everyone from the SEVENS cast is already dead user. But thankfully, we still have his and Haruka's descendants to enjoy.

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This season started on a tutorial phase and there isn't much to discuss. Only Zwijo can save this series at the moment.

This flatwoods monster woman has the same VA as cathy's.

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I can understand comparing us to Digimon, which somehow manages to keep its threads alive in three different boards. But doing so with Pokémon is playing dirty. It's like trying to start a fight between an ant and a boot.

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Darkness Road
Field Spell Card
[EFFECT] While this card is face-up in the Field Zone, all face-up Level 5 or higher DARK Spellcaster monsters on the field gain 400 ATK and lose 1500 DEF.

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Thanks for letting us live rent free in your mind, user. I hope you enjoy Go Rush.

I hope never.

They could always tell us what happened to yuga in space. Or at least parts of it. Maybe they're saving that for a space travel arc.

When is Barrel Dragon coming to Rush Duel?

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Literally 1 month ago.

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Based as fuck

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God the things I would do to her

He already looks sort of like a scummy tricky asshole. But he also reminds me of jack with his blonde hair and purple eyes.

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He seems like a great antagonist, hope he lives up to it. I've liked the rest of his villain group so far(Kawai Tell more than Chupataro)

Do we have the episode 7 summary yet?

Haven't seen any summary for episode 7 but we know the next antagonist plays some kind of dian keto looking girl. Assuming they aren't going for regular non duel episodes then they should be dueling whoever plays that next.

So is Rush Duel fun? Does it solve the archetype problem yugioh has? Does it solve the extra deck spam problem?

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The only extra deck summoning method it has is traditional fusion. So it can't have extra deck spam to begin with.

All I have to yeah is FUCK YSAY CUNNY CYAUM

Wait are talking about yudias or some unseen character? Or maybe they're a part of the anti space alien earth defense force.

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Another no duel episode. Go Rush is really shitting the bed hard. Fuck this new series

>Feeling his immaturity, Yudias asks Yuhi to give him a special training in Rush Duel. Yuhi who trains Yudias by making full use of special training mecha and special training CD. Yudias solves problems one after another. At first glance, the special training seemed to be going well, but the special training mechanism began to run out of control ...

Actually, I don't mind this kind of approach. It would have been nice to have some kind of no duel episodes during something like vrains or gx sometimes.

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It's too early for these kind of episodes here, not enough characters introduced to make them interesting.

Besides Vrains had them sometimes I think.

The no duel episodes in vrains were recaps and exposition in the purest form. 5D'S and Arc-V also had some of these.

Let's assume they're trying to end these first 12 episodes with dueling with zwijo. Then episodes 8 and 9 would probably be this mimi clone and her dog or the other human. Episode 10 would be another non duel episode, and 11 and 12 would be about confronting zwijo. They could be experimenting or it could be production problems with the anime. Neither would be surprising because card game anime seem to be in a perpetual hole.

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Sevens had such a good cast.. It should have lasted longer, what were ((they)) thinking

Go Rush could've just been a new set characters for Sevens S3.

Sex with Yuamu.

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I want to say they have a greater story to tell just by how they just left everything hanging with the sevens road lore and otes. Though who could possibly say?

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They really should have continued Sevens story with the cast and all. There was still a lot of room to grow but for some reason, they decided to cut sevens short. Maybe they got bored of the cast?

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Not yugioh. Fake shit.

it had another 25 episodes at best.

All we know is that it lost 8 episodes to Covid. Konvoy Sagawa and Hire Yureiko Duels were a given.

What's her real name?

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She's the Flatwoods monster.

I thought the flatwoods monster had a well known voice actor?

That's the new girl? what a downgrade from romin

What if that's her human form. We'll find out today.

At least she doesn't look like she came from the 90s as Romin did

Yuhi's hair antenna hasn't activated all 3 times he has met her, so nah.

>implying that was a bad thing

You sure? Some of her designs element seem like an attempt to have a modernized sailor v.

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yeah, she's full human. Just a creepy dork girl.

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I remember there being a Japanese poll in SEVENS for the best and most favorite duel. Did we ever get a result?

But she has the M pin. The Flatwoods monster's name begins with a M.

It's a double M. It can easily be just for Maho Meeg-chan.

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Luke Vs Yuga R2 won. Although I'm not sure if they also counted the final arcs duels. I imagine, Yuga Vs Romin's cousin R3 and Yugoha Vs Luke would have also made it there. Especially the latter since it was amazing.

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Episode 7: モンスター種族言えるかな? – Monsutā Shuzoku Ieru ka na?
(Can You Name All the Monster Types?)
Feeling that he’s still not good enough, Yudias asked Yuhi for a special Rush Duel training session. Yuhi used the Special Training Mecha and the Special Training CD to train Yudias. Yudias was able to answer every question, and his training seemed to be going well, but then the Special Training Mecha went out of control…

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Garbage show

How many fucking tutorials do we fucking need?

>1st place Option 8 Episodes 51~52 Yuga Ohdo vs Luke 825 votes
>2nd place Option 4 Episodes 25~26 Yuga Ohdo vs Nail Saionji 710 votes
>3rd place Option 10 Episodes 66~67 Yuga Ohdo vs The Lukeman 487 votes
>4th place Option 1 Episode 1 Yuga Ohdo vs Otes (Hologram) 372 votes
>5th place Option 7 Episode 49 Romin Kirishima vs Roa Kirishima 193 votes
>6th place Option 9 Episode 58 Yuga Ohdo vs Yuo 82 votes
>7th place Option 5 Episode 27 Luke vs Luke (Phantom)
>8th place Option 3 Episodes 12~13 Yuga Ohdo vs Roa Kirishima 64 votes
>9th place Option 6 Episode 48 Asana Mutsuba vs Tiger 50 votes
>10th place Option 2 Episode 4 Yuga Ohdo vs Gakuto Sogetsu 42 votes

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Luke reminds me of Ash. An absolute retard when it comes to anything that isn't Dueling/Battling

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Can they really acknowledge the existence of stuff like divine beast or cyberse or any of the fusion types?

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They'll probably reference this.

There's a good selection of monsters but I'm not really sure you can describe some of these monster types to any real distinction. like cyberse and some of the fusion stuff can literally be anything.

I don't think they are going to touch on the Fusion hybrid Types yet.