What's your ">Season 2 never" show?

What's your ">Season 2 never" show?

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kin


Who's Japanese dick do I have to suck to get that done?


Prison School


I want to be wrong.
Yes we got our movie at least, but I still want to see the tabletop game animated And the dwarf mech fight

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I don't know how you faggots like this shit. No Game No Life was literal generic isekai powerfantasy garbage

Grimgar of Cunny and Ass, HOTD (ICET) and a proper Gantz anime, probably rebooting the 2004 shitshow.

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It was trashy, yes, but it's a very specific kind of keikaku dori trashy, sometimes you just want to see a pseudosmart guy plan out some shit, almost lose than turn the tables with a smug laughter

exactly this
it was really fun

RIP Miyu Matsuki :(

And as the LN is done, there is no need for any further promotion.

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>wanting a season 2 of that rubbish
Claymore is dogshit and the skill required to fix the story would be better spent just writing something entirely new

Is the manga worth following or does it go to shit?


>ends right on the most SHIT JUST GOT REAL moment

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Some people complain about a powercreep towards the end but it's pretty fucking solid overall.

Anime stops right before main plot

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>Bloom into You
Atleast the manga is finished.

kore ha zombie desu ka and blood lad

Shiro is hot

Korean Zombie has S2- It would be an S3

that's what i meant (didn't know the op was meant to be taken literally)

The mobage profits was only enough to fund an OVA but it's still awesome. Imagine an entire season of this.

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Here's an answer to all of those questions: read the goddammed manga

Claymore's ending was so fucking bad, how could they fuck up something so simple? im actually relieved that s2 doesn't exist

mondaiji, one of the few fun isekais

these bastards even did a fake preview

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Where the fuck is Bofuri s2

It goes to shit after timeskip. This trope is pretty common.

Houseki No Kuni


Pretty dumb that they only adapted half of it, since most of the storylines only really conclude or show their effect in the second half.

Grand Blue

I want to see Ikki desperado animated...
But it'll never happen

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The rest of the story sucks anyway. The anime already adapted all of it's good parts. I'd like an OVA about Meiko's past, though

Technically S3, but still

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Girls' last tour

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>generic isekai powerfantasy garbage
yeah retard they are popular for a reason, people like them

It is somewhat solid after the time skip, but it gets tiring, *fast*.
The final volume with Theresa managed to get things back up and running and was good and emotional, but it’s uncertain if it made the mess that was the second part worth it.

Also, Raki is unbearable.

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Baccano's ending was perfect though. we even got the OVA if you want to see more of the characters

Air Gear


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at this point I probably should just read the novels

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Tower of God. Even if you don't care about the gookshit webtoon and want Telecom Anim to fork from it, straight up evil to end it here.

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Ruin Explorers
Elven Bride
Detroit Metal City
Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers

If Grimoire of Zero can get an S2 budget...

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>nobody posted pantie and stocking yet
I'm proud
>no spice & wolf
Not proud

It was intelligently written though, has a really fun, interesting setting and the art is gorgeous. In most anime characters win by becoming stronger, transforming or becoming more powerful. These protagonists just have to be clever and figure out how to work the rules of whatever system is put before them. They can lose, they can be defeated, they're not all powerful so the stakes are ever-present.

and i'm 99.9% sure i'm the only one

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>>nobody posted pantie and stocking yet
Illiterate retard, literally second reply.

It's criminal that Rokka no Yuusha didn't get a second season. As stupid as the first season ended up becoming, it deserved and needed a second one.

this got a s2 though, but yeah we will never see a complete anime adaption


Not enough material on the manga yet, they probably don't want to butt into their sales. Same shit happened with Goblin Slayer and we've a got S2 confirmation recently, have faith.

Season 2 absolutely never

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nigga a new spice and wolf anime was announced not long ago, we dont know if its a reboot or anything yet, but hey.

Well, we have spinoff this season at least

Nta but the character are really shallow, the setting is barely explored, the art is gorgeous just because of Madhouse and there is plenty of shit writing. Also it's very boring at parts.

I heard first wasn't liked and was rotoscoped

>Grimgar of Cunny
That sounds interesting, what's the actual title?

Anime or manga Raki? I got as far as the new bioweapons that kilL Isley.

Why? The anime had a perfect ending, unless there's mire content in theanga.

Yeah but the LN goes far beyond