Someone explain the appeal

someone explain the appeal
I tried watching the anime but eventually just stopped
how is this series still the best selling manga and how is the anime still so popular?

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Best WRITING in all of anime. Most charismatic, colorful, creative and vibrant cast of characters. Peak SOUL.

Try reading the first 100 chapters. If it doesn't feel right still then you don't like something popular. And that's okay. If you don't like the idea of needing to read 100 comic book chapters to see if you like something then don't. Stay away and just forget about one piece. There's a lot of other stuff out there for you to enjoy. Just don't ruin the fun for everyone that does enjoy it and be a little bitch about it.

It's just not for you, then. Accept that and more on to another series that you do like.

It's full of goofy characters but they still fight and get bloody and cry and stuff.

>tried watching the anime
Heres the mistake

You'll understand if you watch it.

Stockholm Syndrome / Sunken Cost Fallacy

Robin and Nami are hot.

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The appeal is pirates but that theme is superficial after a while. It wouldn't make a difference if laughy wanted to become a treasure hunter or the strongest or if the whole one piece world was landlocked because no one acts like pirates.

There is none unless you're a child, a normalfag, or have shit taste. It's the same as any other shounenshit.

I want to fuck Nami

Normalfags 30 years ago wouldn't admit watching cartoons and now look at their current state. They saw watching cartoons including anime as childish. The absolute state of normalfags.

Social pressure. This is leddit the anime, after all.

>how is this series still the best selling manga and how is the anime still so popular?
Great adventure story and best cast of characters. Not even Toei's stretched out shit could ruin it.
>I tried watching the anime
Your first mistake. Either read the colored manga or watch One Pace, which is a fanmade Kai treatment for the anime.

Pretty much this.
After 1000+ episodes I'm in it to the end.
25 minutes every Sunday is a small price to pay.

>because no one acts like pirates
Plenty of people do.
>It wouldn't make a difference if laughy wanted to become a treasure hunter or the strongest
Marines and WG

Because of the story and characters. I'm a big fan of one piece, but I still think the artstyle is and has always been pig ugly.

Everyone knows that the filter that pervented them from getting into one piece initially was the art.
Don't try to lie to yourself, you misremember.

>Plenty of people do.
no naval battles
>Marines and WG

>no naval battles
What does that have to do with pirates doing pirate things? There are naval battles, it's just not focused on.
If they weren't pirates, the Marine and WG wouldn't have reason to fight them.

I got into One Piece just fine with the art.

I remember my first exposure to one piece was the first filler with the dragon and I loved how wacky and different the art style was, so you're wrong.

>someone explain the appeal
the grand line saga.

>What does that have to do with pirates doing pirate things
>What does that have to do
>pirates doing pirate things
>pirate things
Retard. Not that I expected much from a shounen baby.

>all pirates do is have naval battles
>forget the things that make them pirates like pillaging, killing, and drinking
Pot meet kettle.

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When I was younger I tried to get a friend into One Piece and he'd come up with all sorts of shit to not watch it, even when I burned several CDs up to episode 400 and gave them to him
>I don't like boats and pirates, it's boring
>tell him they spend a lot of time on islands though
>It's not even a pirate story then, what's the point?


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Didn't read the threa D.
Post wanokino

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People fell in love with it when they were kids (deservedly) and continue now, because of nostalgia and sunk cost. Same reason why mainline Pokemon games continue selling better and better even though they have become the text book definition of lazy garbage.

>how is this series still the best selling manga
It is not.

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-Art style greatly appeals to me. Vibrant and somewhat cartoonish with gorgeous women who are generally busty and long-legged.
-Very creative use of super powers, which makes fights interesting to watch/read.
-Extremely compelling backstories and character histories. This is one of the few series where people actively look forward to flashback arcs because they're some of the most interesting parts of the series.
-Frequently good humor which balances some of the series more extreme violence.
-Extremely endearing characters with amusing quirks and personality traits who often have tragic backstories.
-Simultaneously, very good at making you hate the villains which makes the moment they're finally defeated that much more satisfying.
-Unique setting of a world of pirates on a giant ocean planet covered in islands with touches of both fantasy and sci-fi sprinkled throughout.
-Touches of looney-tunes style cartoon physics which temper some of the tragedy and justify some of the more extreme recoveries characters can undergo.
-It's been going for over 25 years, so most of the people reading it now have literally grown up with it. When I started reading it they'd just started Water Seven, so I spent a couple months reading through some of the better stories in the series.

It's good. Just avoid the filler by downloading One Pace.

Of all time though, it is. Collectively it's sold more copies than anything else ever.

The journey
To see what one piece actually is
To see what happens with the crew in the end
To see the world government fall

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when does it get kino

>Of all time though, it is.
In total unit sales, that is, artifically inflated by having over 100 volumes. Not in sales per volume, where it's very much average.

Kill yourself, Narutard

Would you rather make something that makes you fifty million dollars once, or something that makes you ten million dollars several hundred times?

I'd rather keep my dignity and artistic integrity than milk my own work for over 100 volumes for no good reason.

It's 4th all-time when you look at average sales per volume, only beat by Dragonball, Demon Slayer, and Slam Dunk

Kek. You're outright ignoring Devilman which is easily beating all of them. And why is that? Because you're useing Wikipedia as a source and that one only lists shit by unit sales instead of per-volume in the first place.
Congrats, brainlet.

Oh, and:
Wikipedia openly admits that the number it lists for Wanpiss isn't its sales in the first place, but its circulation. So you're comparing apples with oranges.

>for no good reason.
Not for no good reason, the series set up a ton of mysteries and most of them are not yet solved. We still haven't met Dr. Vegapunk. We still don't know the abilities of all of Shanks crew. We still don't know what the One Piece actually is or what was so funny about the island Rogers named it Laugh Tale. That's just off the top of my head, there's like fifty other things. We were promised the Grand Fleet would return for the biggest war ever, and they haven't yet. I want to know who Imu is and who he ordered them to kill. Was it Luffy? Was it Vivi? We still don't know what happened with Sabo, is he dead? We still don't know Luffy's dad Dragon yet, or Blackbeard's secret, or what Doflamingo's eyes look like, or Crocodile's secret. OP has some incredible world-building. Will Enel come back now that he basically rules a robot army on the moon? Are we going to find out how all these different weird races were created? Will all these different strange themed islands be explained?

I don't know about apples and oranges friend, but you seem to have a monopoly on sour grapes.

>Not for no good reason
Yes, for no good reason.
>set up a ton of mysteries
Oda chose to do that, again, for no good reason. None of them matter. You're witnessing the JJ Abrams of manga.

you're right bro I did happen to miss Devilman, One Piece is 5th all-time in per volume sales, obviously not the best per volume but far from the average

It’s made for children and you’re not a child. Good job.

Are you denying that Wikipedia outright states that its One Piece numbers, unlike numbers for many other manga in that list, are not verified sales?
Are you denying that according to Oricon, the most recent One Piece voolumes do not even sell half of their print?
Are you denying that for most of its runtime, there weren't even any third-party-verified sales numbers released for One Piece?

Well you're using basically the most unflattering image of the series to represent it, so if that's what you feel it is, no wonder.

Yeah you're right, they changed last year from sales to circulation which inflated it's total by about 15 million copies.

>One Piece is 5th all-time in per volume sales
Nope. It's not.
But, again, you see what you want to see. You want to believe that it sold 4.8M per volume on average, when that is merely what was printed of each volume on average. You ignore that for each new volume released, the total on Wikipedia is raised by at least 3M, when it doesn't actually sell 1.5M.
It's highly likely that things like JJK, Sailor Moon, Death Note and many others in the same league (all of which actually sold way more of their print than One Piece ever did) have all sold better per volume.

>they changed last year from sales to circulation
No, they did not, liar.
There IS no official sales number for One Piece. And you can go back in that pages history to see that it's always been circulation.
>which inflated it's total by about 15 million copies.
What inflated the total by 15M is that it released 5 volumes with a print of 3M each.

The rule of thumb is watch/read up to the Arlong arc. If you still don't like it by that arc, don't bother with the rest
>how is this series still the best selling manga and how is the anime still so popular?
Both of these are because the fanbase grew to a point that even people leaving wouldn't really hurt it's popularity

That doesn't exist. I dropped Naruto when I stopped liking it and it was like 200 chapters into the second part. That's a lot of time, but I dropped it because I didn't like it. Sunk cost fallacy doesn't exist, you keep up with something because part of you likes it or something about it intrigues you. If one is truly bored of something, they just stop engaging with it

Here, just to prove how full of shit you are, pisstard. Earliest version from 2021. Relevant parts marked in red.

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Who gives a shit? Did a pirate run over your dog and fuck your mom or something? What fucking difference do the numbers make? I'm sure there are series you like which sold like shit and got cancelled. By your metric, One Piece is objectively better than what you like. If that's not your metric, then quit shitting up the thread sperging the fuck out about the numbers.

Holy shit.

One Piece is one of the maybe 2 manga series that have come out in the last 20 years that will be historically significant.

>Who gives a shit?
You do. As you are demonstrating right now.
You pathetic little pisstards love to go on and on about "muh sales" until someone corrects you on your bullshit and points out your lies. Then you turn 180 degrees and start to cry that sales don't matter anyway. It's YOUR fucking metric that I'm using to show how pathetic you trolls are.

It won't be. KnY has already dwarfed it in terms of significance as a sales phenomenon, while countless other shounen have outdone it in terms of being influential for the genre.
One Piece is older than 20 years, by the way.

BASED. This fucking guy is damn retard and got exposed hard.

Blatant autistic samefagging. One Piece shits on your whole life and none of your spergery will make you less retarded or your life any less sad.