Hololive official manga released

Made by Goblin Slayer illustrator

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animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-05-06/goblin-slayer-manga-artist-launches-hololive-virtual-youtuber-fantasy-manga/.185394#:~:text=The manga's "chapter 0" launched,avatars provided by the company.

Dark times, ahead.

oh no


Do they get raped by goblins?

Hololive getting raped

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I fucking hate faux 2DPD e-whores

Today a manga.
Tomorrow, an Yea Forumsnime.

Sisters, we are coming.

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I love 2D because they're not real women

Vtuber fans absolutely disgust me

now we need an official videogame too so we can piss off Yea Forums

is this the continuation of the one that got cancelled because the hentai artist bitched about wanting to be paid way more?

Bright times ahead

I thought chapter 1 already released a long time ago and then nothing?

vtubers are just like the girls in every romcom. We pick our best girl and follow her story.

Except we don't watch it to see who will win in the end and laugh at the losers. We watch who will fuck up someday and laugh the losers who followed them.

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that's the spirit

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Fuck off, /vt/.
I lost a friend from the simp disease. He's become incapable doing anything else. And my youtube feed is now 80% vtubers because of his autism. I like Marine the most, I miss Coco.

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If an anime gets announced, Yea Forums will and I repeat WILL have a nervous breakdown, one that will go down in this board’s history. Also fox friend technically has appeared in a show before, twice actually

They should

>Dark times, ahead.
This is not canon anything, Hololive got the idea right that the "lore" is just for fun and not meant to be taken seriously. The lore is just an excuse to make merch to sell. The Vtubers are basically actresses/comedians/singers as their real role and anything else is just acting jobs.

You're over exaggerating, like 90% of Yea Forums already follow a vtuber so it'll be business as usual.

Holochads we won!

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fuck. it's over
the end times

Oh yeah baby I'm ready for this

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i swear to fucking god if i have to see gobbed shit when looking for mio stuff

Damn and they say that your waifu can never be real...

They already got their own board but they still plague /jp/ with generals. This will also happen to Yea Forums.

So you are saying tha any hololive manga and anime would just be them fucking around SoL style?

At least it's not anime adaptation. Just look at this thread quality, man.

>like 90% of Yea Forums already follow a vtuber so it'll be business as usual.
Please, do not mix up Yea Forumsnons with your kind, just because I read Japanese comics for children doesn't mean I'm the ultimate simp for bugs hiding behind pixels.

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Vtuberfags are formerly known on Yea Forums as moefags. Notice how moe threads became slower and slower while vtuber threads became more and more popular. Coincidence? Nope. They're the same group of people, vtubers getting an anime will just be a homecoming.

>I'm a tranny therefore everyone else is as well.

Kill yourselves, election tourists.

Funny you mentioned that, Yea Forums's "I want to be a little girl" joke had a lot of influence in creating that subculture.

The moefags are returning in large numbers whether you like it or not, it's inevitable.

>So you are saying tha any hololive manga and anime would just be them fucking around SoL style?
There would be zero implications on the actual streaming. They might make content that can sell books, manga or even games, but in the end the streaming is the source.

In normal shows the script comes first and the actresses try to play along. Hololive basically twisted this around.



Dilate and kill yourself underage tranny. E-celeb worshipping has always been looked down until bugs and jews came up with 2d filters for e-whores so they could prey on retards like you.
It's always been a psyop just like "traps aren't gay"

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Terrifying. The more I think about it the more sense it makes .
Shouldn't you be donating to your 3DP whore that's hiding behind pixels, moeblob?

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And the worst part about it is we are now one step closer to having a full fledged e-celeb board. People making stealth threads or hijacking legitimate posts to make e-celeb discussion throughout the boards shot up dramatically in the weeks following /vt/‘s creation.

>/incel/ will become a reality
Holy shit

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The only hobolives I know

Hiro will never make this because it'll become kiwifarms on steroids.

oh nyo

It's inevitable, as people grow old all we'll be left with are young retards that grew up with mediocrity worshipping culture, eventually donating all your money to some bimbo that isn't even good at vidyas but does nothing but play vidyas all day will be the norm.

Janitors are deleting off-topic threads but protecting election tourists inside legitimate threads. They are the real cancer killing Yea Forums.

Mods, I've never asked for much before so now I'm begging you. Do not let 'them' get a foothold on this board

Don't project your filth on to the rest of us, scum.

>can't into report

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Vtubers are the worst parts of 2D and 3D combined, like 2D girls you can never have them and like 3D girls they're getting fucked by someone else every day.

the eceleb board would solve so many Yea Forums issues but jannies instead made more videogames boards nobody asked for

Isn't all of this just Yea Forums?

Not reading unless Rushia's in it

I hate it and I hate everyone in this thread.

Even me?

SEAmonkeys are already migrating to this site ever since the creation of /vt/
saw a pic rel of a facebook post with screenshot of /vt/ thread as the pic

Does that mean we'll get less vtubers in Goblin Slayer itself?

>Goblin Slayer illustrator
We get to see hololive characters get raped?

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Even yourself?

Oh for fucks sake it's not enough holofags shitted up /jp/ until it was nearly dead, got their own containment board where they continued to dump on any vtuber that wasn't part of their black company now I'll have to see them here too.
Making me seriously consider using filters for the first time.

That's why I always feel amusement whatever one is discovered about having a bf and shit, simps deserve to suffer.

I really don't like that Korone model. The mouth is so uncanny.

There is literally zero difference between this and VA cults that were a thing in anime for decades. Only people crying about it are shonen babies. Nothing will change. Vtuber anime will become a common thing and they will always have dedicated trolls just like idol or yuri shows but that's it.

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Only by japanese goblins.

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They are already yuri raping each other like every month.

Ayame is without a doubt the sexiest holo.

Fuck off paypig


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I wish it was year 2000 again. Take me back.

Seriously, when are we getting /incel/ - internet celebrities?

You weren’t even born in the year 2000.

yeah in june, this is old news

animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-05-06/goblin-slayer-manga-artist-launches-hololive-virtual-youtuber-fantasy-manga/.185394#:~:text=The manga's "chapter 0" launched,avatars provided by the company.

Moeshitters are trannies and 3dpb simps. Please make a /shounen/ board.

Never gave them SC cope more.

I'm from the 90s

What is SC?

That would be great. All you underage retards would finally stop shitting up Yea Forums.

>There is literally zero difference
If one has been a thing for a decade and the other one not then it can't be LITERALLY the same you illiterate monkey. God I hate zoomers so much, why do you use the term literal when you don't even understand the concept of figurative language, kill yourself.

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Why did I hear Terranort's voice?

I fucking hate this shit. How can I cope ?

Hiro is a nip jew who can't speak english and has never taken a look at this website besides that time he pretended to be le cute bunny boy if he thinks /incel/ would make him money he will make it.

I really like Hololive

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Yea Forums is already half xehanort

Nice non argument. Keep crying.

Guy born before 2000 here that watches actual videos on youtube, the fucks a vtuber?

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>if he thinks /incel/ would make him money he will make it
All it would get him is lawsuits and he knows it.


Given their fetish for the WoW playing bald man...yes.

Simp Cash

Dont give us away you fool.

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>They havent been here for years before vtubers got big
SEAmonkeys are ever present boogeyman what are you even on about?

Yes you drooling retarded mongoloid, that's called an insult, hopefully this is enough information to spark something inside your pea brain.

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