What's with this season and hot blonde girls with non-brown eyes that are supposed to be japanese?

What's with this season and hot blonde girls with non-brown eyes that are supposed to be japanese?

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First anime season?

>this season

Both Eiko and Ushio are hapas, though.


Anyone else?


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It's almost like they're anime characters or something.

Japanese people are white.

Eiko's parents are both japanese from kyoto

Only in anime.


This anime show reminds me of Er ist wieder da

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Because japs loves german girls

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It is sending a message to the Japanese population that they NEED R1a, R1b, I1 and I2 seed in their offspring.

Why her legs fat

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Best girl

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fat legs good, powerful

It really has some similarities but Hitler was disappointed with the state of the world especially his country compared to Koumin.

God I love white women so much

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Eiko is for the chinaman and Nigerian mafias

I love women so much it's unreal

Japan considers Kyoto half human

You're thinking of Korea

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Manga version of Eiko

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Japan has been conditioned to think blondes are perfect

Her mom literally has a westerner big nose.

Japanese people hate the look of Japanese people. That's why all underwear models used to, and still are mostly western women.

yeah so? she has a full japanese name and her mom is japanese too living a trad japanese lifestyle

That doesn't need conditioning. Blonde and fair people are the epitome and embodiment of ideal and beauty.

And there was no Nigerian guy in the original.
Eiko didn't have blue eyes either.

They don't know the ugliness of real German women or Anglo women.

Apparently she may be the reincarnation of Kongming's wife, which is why she has yellow hair

>Huang Chengyan once told Zhuge Liang: "I heard you are looking for a wife. I have an ugly daughter with yellow hair and dark skin, but her talent matches yours." Zhuge Liang then married Huang Chengyan's daughter.

Not sure about the dark skin though, maybe they didn't want to make her gyaru

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good genes, healthy diet, blessed by heaven and earth

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this is some major nordic cope

She's haafu. It happens.

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Requests from Westerners

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That's what she gets for wearing a German flag.

t. Australian/American/Pedro/Frog

Westerner, here. I need more.

How? Their reactions are entirely opposites. If Hitler was reincarnated into Italy or Poland he'd blow his brains out from frustration, while Kogemin adapts.

It's to motivate the SEAs, indian, latino etc etc scourge to rape european lasses who visits their country out of misguided "tourism" so their worth falls below what white men accept, thus making them unworthy of the few white true male seeds left. All a ploy to genocide Japan's greatest foe in the long game.
Basically, it's over for us.

Kinda weird innit? in white non majority blonde white countries like continental europe and USA, they're seen as dumb and vapid. But in east asia where there is no blondes, they're instead held on a pedestal.
Not that i mind, as a nord i love the undeserved love from others, no matter where it's from.
Though i'm sure there's more social reasons behind it, as nords are usually blonde, but continentals are not, thus bleach blondes can come from all intellectual levels.

>Need an anime to be noticed

I love her so much bros.

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Black hair and flashy hairstyles don't go together.

Her in her natural state

still cute, still would

Is there more fanart of her in her oni outfit?

The cope is denying the reality. Nordics are the most beautiful people on earth on average, period.

>as a nord i love the undeserved love from others
As a fellow nord, it's not undeserved

No, but they are honorary and potential bleach candidates

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A couple

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You can't refute this.

her hips are unreal

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a massive improvement


>Literally Marin but with blue eyes instead of hot pink contact lenses


Don't care haven't seen that doll show.

Part of the meds heritage come from the nord due to the sea people migration
For the rest you're right

I was thinking wether to choose Desumi or Eiko for this thread and I think that Eiko was the better choice.