How many episodes in is this shit supposed to get good?

How many episodes in is this shit supposed to get good?

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It becomes good after 11 episodes.
Then it becomes shit again 2 episodes later.
Repeat the process for 2 more times, and you have Utena.

When he puts his dirty penis--the one he shoved up Touga's butt--in Utena-sama

Honestly I thought the first 13 episodes were incredibly boring.
The next batch, Black Rose arc, even if its supposedly filler to a lot of people, is pretty good.
The final stretch is fucking great. "Do you hear it? If you have not lost all hope, then listen to the sound that echoes at the end of the world!"
That sequence never got boring to me.
Genuinely keep watching. Its a ride.


By the end of the Student Council arc, it just takes that long to properly establish the characters and Ikuhara-isms, narratively as much as in terms of understanding what the show is doing with its cinematic syntax. From Black Rose onwards it's a relentless escalation and by the time Akio takes center stage, every episode is an all-timer.


im sorry user, you aren't intelligent enough

Should one watch this or Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight first? I'm aware the latter is inspired by Ikuhara's style but I just want to know the best experience.

dozen episodes or so
or like 20-25 minutes into the movie

the opening of the movie is some of the most kino shit in cinema

I've heard that there is no good translation of Utena and that English onlies shouldn't bother watching, is this true?
This combined with utena fans admitting there's large periods of boredom is lowering my expectations considerably

you should watch utena and then not watch that copycat shit. if you wanna watch something similar to utena afterward watch star driver or melody of oblivion

1 this is the greatest anime of all time

the subs are perfectly fine. the show deviates between comedy and trippy cool shit. some people don't like the comedy parts. its all great through

Episode 1

sort of?
I actually really like the English dubbing, in part because of the literal translation that I'd hate in other shows. It makes a lot of the characters sound like they're reading off a script and helps lend to the kind of stage-play aesthetic a lot of Utena has.
Now, I know that's not the intention and if you don't like the stilted delivery that's fine, but I personally think it works here

people on Yea Forums watch dubs?!?

The only bad thing about Utena is that nothing else will measure up to it ever again.

Ep 01

At the risk of sounding dramatic, Adolescence was one of those incredibly rare moments when I was just smitten and knew, right when I was watching, that this is one of the greatest things ever put to film.

It started interesting and got boring and repetitive so best to stop now

Where is her hand left hand going ??

Utena first
But it's good

wasn't there some copypasta about someones stream of consciousness reaction to realizing utena was getting fucked calling her utena-sama?

I found it boring all the way to the halfway point which is when I dropped it.

The prince must meet the princess


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thats the one! didn't even realize the dirty penis up touga's butt was from the same thing

mega fucking based

student council and black rose suck, it gets good in the final arc
black rose is basically the student council arc all over again but contrived with gay schemers that function as plot devices
i watched it passively while eating dinner

Don't Piss Me Off. First Arc Was Already Phenomenal Thanks 2 A Brilliant Balance Of Character Interactions, Absurdist Comedic Sketches, Stablishment Of Reoccurring Symbology, Brilliant Usage Of The Episodic Format, References 2 European Architecture&Sculpture, Heathersesque School Affairs, Tons Of Foreshadowing And Mystique Through Endless Wrist-Glamorous Shots. If U Have An Issue With The Repetition, This Show Is Just Not 4 U, As Be-Papas Finds The Spirit Of The Tale In This Aspect (Think Of It As A 10-Mile Long Rosary Of Mirrors Reflecting The Moon). Granted, The First Arc Is The Lightest And Most HighSchoolish, But Still Righteously Enjoyable And An Ideal, Well-Paced SetUp For The Multi-Climactic Thrill-Ride Of Yr LIFE!
>Implying The Face-Cracking Elevator Confessions & The Anomalous Chronic Mystery Backdrop Isn't Worth Experiencing
I Can't With U PPL
I Am Number One Authority In UtenaFaggotry And They Are All Wrong.
They Made A Point In Exposing That Bisexual Men Are Demons.
Something Tells Me They Wanted 2 Test The Public, Just Like This.

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Establishment! Hehe :3

lmao you said all facts

You could've just said the characters are good.

>I Am Number One Authority In UtenaFaggotry And They Are All Wrong.
Post the Utena tattoo


how many are you in?

why do you type like a homestuck fan?

It only gets good for Nanami episodes.

what did nanami's egg symbolize?

Rose of Versailles? It's pretty hit or miss


I personally got really into it about 15 episodes in and binged in a couple of days after having dragged my feet with the start of the show for a while. However I wouldn't say that I didn't think those early episodes were good, just that the rest of the show was better and I also don't feel like my opinion of the show will in any way be indicative of yours, so feel free to drop the show and watch something else if it isn't your thing. It is rather experimental and referential after all. It just straight up isn't made to be for everybody

But Why, When There Is A Lot More 2 It Than Just That. Student Council Arc Doesn't Deepen On Them Much, Regardless. Just A Taste.
Tattoos R Scary ;__; Post Urs Tho, I'm Sure It Looks GR8

Am i autistic if i watched the whole series (not the film though) and didn't see any lesbian undertones in their relationship? Seemed to me like normal female friendship, the do this gay shit all the time but that doesn't make it a romantic or sexual relationship

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You are autistic

I can show you dozens of pictures of Utena flirting with boys
show me homoerotic scenes of her and Himemiya (from the show not the film)

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The fact that your caveat is literally not to include the sequel and ending of the series is retarded and autistic

not my fault if you can't read
>Am i autistic if i watched the whole series (not the film though)

Watch the film retard

nah, i saw a gif of the car transformation and so that's a hard no for me, the original series had a good ending.

>Don't finish the series
>"Hey these characters don't have a relationship that everyone says they do prove me wrong but don't use material I haven't watched"


Yuri is not the purest form of love for nothing.

I did finish the original, SHE DIED and everyone moved on, for me it was a complete ending with Himemiya starting a new life.

The film doesn't replace the show, they're complementary and the whole point of it is to visually crystalize everything the show was saying in the first place.

You are retarded because Adolesence is the actual ending of the series. You haven't finished it and your only argument against it is that you didn't understand the ending of the series at all which is Himemiya clearly going to look for Utena as Utena actually isn't dead.

Imagine consuming 37 episodes of an anime you didn't understand and refuse to actually watch the ending. Peak autism

She could have been Aki's princess but she chose to sacrifice herself to save a friend. She lost. Everyone moved on.

Himemiya didn't move on, hence the movie. She left the school to look for Utena

...Did you turn off the show after Utena "died"? This is the only way you didn't see Himemiya leave the school swearing she'll find Utena.

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I Would Be Lying If I Said I Didn't Notice Any Gay Vibes. Everything From The Most Superficial, Obvious Shit (Anthy Being Her "Rose Bride"), To Utena's Background Story Where She Showcases A Visceral Desire To Be A Protective Figure To Anthy Is Indicative Of. . . Something. OFC She Is Not A Lesbian, And There's The Badminton Scene Which Many Use To Imply That There Wasn't A Single Bit Of Romance Between The Two; But That's All Too Vague To Me.
The Sword-Pulling Sequence Clearly Has Sexual Connotations, Or At Least Romantic Ones, And The Fact That In The Third Arc They Swap Roles Is Something That I Can't Help But Interpret As Top/Verse/Bottom Euphemism. They Also Kiss In The Second Ending Lmfao, And There Was Clearly Sexual Tension When They Discussed Cantarella Cookies (The Red Spinning Rose, Symbol For Passion&Desire Throughout The Entire Show).
There Are Other Sweet Causalities Between Them That Are Sapphic: When They Hold Hands In "Qualifications Of A Duelist" (And There's The Fact That Utena Mirrors Mikage, Which Is Probably Why She Felt So Insecure Near Him -- The Possibility That She Could Never Revolutionize The World And Would Remain Chasing Fake Idealizations Of Her Self And Past Instead Of Living Truthfully Was Terrifying2Her).
The Climax Of The Entire Anime Is Himemiya Coming Out [Of A Casket]. They Hold Hands In The Last Shot Of The Show, In An Episode Called "Someday, Together We Will Shine". I Sensed Heteronormative Criticism And A Commentary On Preparing To Leave And Join One's True World, Which Is All Abt Surpassing The Attachment To Societal Ideas Like Gender Roles, Even In Homosexual Couples, Bcuz Utena Pretending To Be "The Man" Was Her Fatal Mistake In The Student Council Saga.
But For The Purpose Of This Post I'm Being Reductive, Only Tumblrinas Would Pretend That's The Focal Point Of The Story.
From Episode 30 to 33, Anthy Seems Particularly Uncomfortable Around Them As Their Relationship Progresses.


You're wasting time with this one. He's not going to watch the movie, his entire perception of the series would be challenged if he did watch it

And She Did!

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